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    I've seen a bunch of movies lately but haven't had time to post.

    Paranormal Activity is a super low budget horror/suspense movie (way more suspense than horror). Seriously, they made it for $11,000! It is about a couple who live together and are trying to capture on film some of the spooky things that are going on in their house.

    It's a pretty slow moving film, but there are enough spooks and creepy happenings to keep you involved and the movie feels like you are watching home movies. I'd give it a solid B ... maybe a B+ since they made the movie so cheap! Goes to show you don't need a huge budget to make a big impact!

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    Re: Paranormal Activity

    I saw it and I would actually give it an F. I was shocked at how poor and very boring this movie really was considering the hype they pushed around the thing. I wouldnt waste your dollars on this one

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    If you did not already know, this movie is about a couple who believe the new home they live in might be haunted. The boyfriend buys a camera to record themselves at night why they sleep, to see if their suspicions are true. That is it.

    Let me also say, you should NOT watch the trailer for the film if you think you want to see it. If you are into ghost movies, and being freaked out, just go see this movie cold turkey and enjoy the experience.

    I got back at 3AM in the morning last night from a sold out Orlando midnight screening of this movie. This movie is one of the freakiest experiences I have ever had in a movie. When the movie was over, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and there were girls in the theater CRYING from this movie. It is so well done, and so believable that you just get sucked into it. I am not going to say anything else about this movie, but if you enjoy being scared check out this film as it slowly expands over the next couple weeks. Also, go to this website to "demand" it comes to a town near you .


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