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Adam spills his guts.

Billy plots revenge.

Jana is on the case!

J.T. goes on the attack.

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JT attacks Deacon.

Adam confesses to Sharon.

Billy uses his newfound power to take revenge on Victor.

Jana discovers a clue about Ryder that may lead to the truth.

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Jana uncovers a secret about Ryder

JT punches Deacon

Adam shares another secret with Sharon

Billy moves ahead with his plan to make Victor pay

Ryder remembers his childhood with Daisy

Daisy arrives in Genoa City

Spoilers for down the road: November Sweeps

Daisy imbeds herself in the lives of multiple Genoans

Adam and Nick battle it out at Newman Enterprises

Nick tries to get Adam to quit by assigning him the most degrading and trivial jobs

Adam pushes Nick's buttons every way he can

Adam discovers how effectively he can use Nick's feelings for Sharon against Nick

Victor and Nikki leave Genoa City for an extended vacation

Sharon finds herself growing closer to Adam

Adam tells Sharon the truth about his relationship with Rafe

A trusting Sharon shares some of her own secrets with her new friend

Chloe is terrified when Chance is knifed on the job

Nina is impressed when it becomes apparent that Chloe has real feelings for Chance

Chance's injury puts him in mortal peril

Phillip gets closer to his family

Billy publishes a tell-all about Victor Newman in Restless Style

Mac disapproves of Billy's vendetta, Billy is hurt that Mac doesn't understand him

Billy moves on to the next Newman on his list, Victoria

Mac and Billy's future is jeopardized by Billy's need to see the Newmans be held responsible for their actions

Cane and Lily make love again for the first time since their estrangement and her cancer

Lily and Cane look forward to their future together

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Adam reveals his inner turmoil. Billy makes plans to get even with Victor. Jana begins sleuthing on a new case. J.T. becomes aggressive. Jana unearths a clue about Ryder which COULD reveal the truth about Kevin's mysterious "brother." Adam makes a startling confession to Sharon. Adam confides to Sharon that he hit the sheets with Rafe. Sharon then reveals some of her innermost thoughts to Adam. Billy prepares to publish a revealing - and unflattering - article about Victor in Restless Style magazine. J.T. attacks Deacon.