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Thread: Rumors for fall

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitelily View Post
    Billie would be a good match for E.j why would sami destroy her family when that is all she ever wanted.
    Hogan is a hack. Sami would never destroy her family. She would never ever do that. She has always been faithful to her love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gavinsnana View Post
    I love Sami and Lucas together, but I also like Sami and EJ together, they have good chemistry. The fact that EJ raped Sami doesn't really bother me because Sami raped Austin and almost married him. I don't see the difference. I think the storyline would be more interesting if EJ and Sami were together. Alot of potential there. Now, if they make Lucas a DiMera, that could be very interesting with EJ and Lucas being brothers and wanting the same woman!
    I definitely see a difference between what Sami did to Austin and what EJ did to Sami. When Sami raped Austin it was written like a more potent form of getting someone drunk and taking advantage of them. Austin thought he was making love to Carrie and enjoyed the entire thing until he woke up the next day. Physically, he enjoyed the experience as it happened, it was only afterward he objected. What EJ did to Sami was violent. She was not aroused and did not enjoy the "experience" the way Austin did. She was scared and crying. The vague memories Austin has of his night with Sami are at least physically pleasant; because they are memories of making love to Carrie. Sami has horrid memories of what EJ did to her. I understand why some may not draw this distiction, but I most definitely do.

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    there are several "reasons" why the Catholic church would grant an annullment, just b/c a marriage is consumated and the couple has children together does not mean they cannot get one. If they go this route, I doubt they would get too much into legal reasons for an annullment b/c it's days and they'll do what they want but if Sami was in love w/ EJ on the day she married Lucas that would be a reason. Maybe Lucas is the one who wants the annullment if that's the case!

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    WHY WHY WHY would someone in the next generation getting married remove a vendetta???? What if neither the Bradys or DiMera's had off spring???? What about Stepheno siblings?? would one of them or their offspring work? What about Shawn he has siblings, would his niece or nephew's work marrying a DiMera??
    This does not make sense, and who made up the only way to end the vendetta? the cheating husband? the shamed nun?
    Please someone who understands explain.


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