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This November, Genoa City is full of "romance and revenge," reveals Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner.

- Victor forces Adam and Nick to work together at Newman Enterprises, causing tensions to rise. Adam pokes at Nick to see how far he can push him before he finally breaks, while Nick gives Adam "menial" tasks to see if he can get Adam to quit. This will be a pressure cooker storyline.

- Sharon continues to be Nick's Achilles heel. She and Adam have many things in common, such as the bad choices they've made in the past and the secrets they've kept. Adam tells Sharon he had sex with Rafe. Because Adam exposes himself, Sharon lets her guard down too and reveals some of her own secrets. Adam takes advantage of Sharon's vulnerability and it pushes all of Nick's buttons.

- Chance is stabbed when he intervenes in a robbery. Chloe's world shifts when she learns he's fighting for his life in the hospital. She really cares about him. Nina begins to see Chloe in a new light when she sees how genuine and deep Chloe's feelings are for Chance.

- New problems are on the horizon for Billy and Mac. Billy buys Restless Style from Phyllis and he uses the magazine to do a terrible expose on Victor. It goes against everything Mac believes in. She and Billy struggle over their values when it becomes evident that they're more different than they ever realized. Later, Billy publishes an online hatchet job against Victoria and it pushes his relationship with Mac to the breaking point. Can their relationship ever be repaired?

- Cane and Lily have been kept physically apart because of her illness and her trust issues with Cane, but they will make love in November for the first time in a very long time. Their love story will continue to blossom as they make huge plans for the future.