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Thread: All Hail, Great Leader!

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    Post Re: All Hail, Great Leader!

    Public or private school, don't we care, just a little bit,
    that our children are being encouraged to sing the praises of a political figure?
    It was Black History Month?
    How about a song about Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King?
    This story just smacks of the whirlwind, "we're so high on Obama" craze, that swept the nation.
    Can we be done with that now?

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    Re: All Hail, Great Leader!

    So here may be an interesting thought. I read Cat's post in this thread and wondered about the respect that should be given to the the person who is the POTUS. Even using POTUS instead of President of the United States may be disrespectful (???) but I will use it below as it is much easier to type... no disrespect meant.

    Cats has a very good point (as usual ). There was once a time when respect was given to the POTUS once elected because the POTUS was, indeed, elected, and now the leader of our country and, essentially, the free world.

    This is no longer true. In fact I don't think it has been true for a long time... in my memory it certainly wasn't true for Clinton... G"W"B... and also for Obama.

    Why is this? My first memory of politics was as a young child (sub-10-yrs old) seeing my mother watching the Watergate hearings and hearing that Nixon... the POTUS... was a bad man. As such, I don't believe I've EVER thought that the POTUS should be respected... just because he was/is POTUS.

    My husband recently asked me if I respected the position of POTUS... and I was sort of surprised. Am I supposed to respect the position? Because I really never have. I respect what the POTUS "does"... not what the POTUS says. But I don't automatically respect the POTUS because he/she is the POTUS. Should I? I'm really asking the question... and welcome any comments.

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    H-m-m-m-m... I've thought about this for a while... and I do have respect for the office of the presidency. Aside from any president in particular. I think you have to separate your feelings about any one president (such as George W. Bush ) from the office itself. They are two different things, it seems to me.

    Cats- ICAM with you- we've REALLY come to this- where kids can't even mention the president's name in a song without WWIII breaking loose?!?

    Of course... we should lay the blame for this right where it belongs- at the feet of rightwingers and the rightwing media of heat- who have made it Job 1 for the last thirty-odd years to not just disagree with their opponents- but to destroy them. Seriously- when did all this start to change? Because if you read anything about politics even a few decades ago... even when differing parties blasted each other in Congress... they would still eat dinner together at night, golf together on week-ends, and party together! That just doesn't happen today. And the reason is that one party has decided that their goal is to DESTROY the other... and not just respectfully disagree with them. The Rush Limbaughs, the Sean Hannity's, the Ann Coulters, the Michael Savages, ets, are all about demonizing, degrading and destroying the opposing party... and they have brought down the level of discourse and civility in this country right to the gutter.
    You can disagree with or dislike a particular politician...or a president, without demonizing his party or person. But the rightwing these days doesn't believe that.
    And in their pursuit of the total destruction of their opponents... they've also severely damaged the respect people used to have for institutions and offices. Including the presidency.
    Some people blame it on Watergate and Nixon... but I don't. Democrats (and Republicans!) may have rightfully wanted to remove a president from office who shamefully abused his power and broke the law... but they didn't try to DESTROY him or his party in the process.
    No- that SOP came much later... when Rush Limbaugh discovered that he could make millions by destroying our political process.


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