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    the source SNS

    Sharon gives birth but passes out before seeing the baby. Adam gives it to Ashley. The doctor tells Sharon that her baby died during labor.

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    Yeah, like we couldn't see that one coming a mile away!! I predicted this outcome, minus Adam, weeks and weeks ago. So predictable. Why else even have them both pregnant at the same time?

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    got this from Daytime Royalty

    Trade Secret!

    Last week, Ashley finally committed herself to a psych hospital for treatment. "She had convinced herself that she had killed Nikki, and then Ashley saw Nikki very much alive and that freaked her out," explains Eileen Davidson. "She already feels guilty for sending Victor into cardiac arrest, and then what's going on with Colleen just sent Ashley over the edge. She's too tired to fight anymore."

    Meanwhile, Adam is terrified that Ashley will realize she's not pregnant anymore and he comes up with a new scheme to cover the truth. Unfortunately, his plan includes an innocent and unsuspecting Sharon!

    While Ashley is getting settled in to her new room, Sharon begins having contractions. "She thinks she's just having early contractions, but not going into labor," explains Sharon Case. "The contractions start getting more intense. They're coming on a regular basis and are just a few minutes apart. She's been through this before, so she knows that she's going into full-blown labor. So she gets worried."

    Adam calls Dr. Taylor and has him come to the hospital. "Adam is juggling about 12 balls in the air, and they're all about to come crashing down at the same time. He believes in being in the right place at the right time in order to cover your tail," says Michael Muhney.

    Ashley is examined by Dr. Taylor and he convinces her that her baby is perfectly healthy. Later, a nurse shows up and asks Dr. Taylor to look after another patient who has gone into labor. "Ashley has no idea that this other woman is Sharon," says Davidson. "She urges Dr. Taylor to go help her. After he leaves, Ashley is comforted by Adam. He always seems to be there when she needs him the most."

    Sharon's water breaks. "She feels better that a doctor happens to be there, but she starts to get upset because she doesn't want to have her baby in this hospital," sighs Case. "The baby is coming early, which isn't a good sign, and Sharon has had problems with delivery before. She wants to be in a regular hospital in case something goes wrong."

    As Dr. Taylor tries to call an ambulance, Adam tells him that Ashley thinks she's going into labor as well. "Stress is probably bringing it on, but who knows? The mind is a very amazing thing," observes Davidson. "I think Ashley's subconscious is trying to figure out if this baby is real or not, so it's time to prove it. She could've accepted that it was a hysterical pregnancy, but no one is telling her that. I think she's slowly trying to convince herself that there's no baby."

    Adam, who saw Sharon in labor, tells Dr. Taylor to deliver Sharon's baby himself. "Adam then sets off a fire alarm and a patient escapes," explains Muhney.

    Adam goes back to Ashley and tells her that the hospital is in lockdown. "She tells Adam that he has to deliver her baby," Davidson explain. "He finds Dr. Taylor's bag in the room, so he gives her some medication and she masses out."

    Meanwhile, Dr. Taylor looks after a worried Sharon. "She gets upset that she can't be moved," explains Case. "The doctor says everything will be fine because he's delivered lots of babies before. But Sharon is concerned."

    Finally, the baby (a little girl) is delivered and Sharon names her Faith. "Sharon is completely exhausted and a little delirious, so she passes out," explains Case.

    Down the hall, Ashley wakes up and Adam tells her that she had the baby -- but a nurse came in and took the infant away. "She's starting to realize that something is wrong and she's going, 'There's no baby. I know there's no baby.' She gets up and Adam asks where she's going and she says, 'I'm going to see if I had a baby.' Before she can leave, he says, 'I'll go get the baby.'"

    Adam runs over to Sharon's room where Dr. Taylor is holding baby Faith in his arms. "In all the chaos, Adam takes Sharon's baby," says Muhney. "Dr. Taylor is outraged, but there's nothing he can do since Adam is blackmailing him. Adam is really flying by the seat of his pants when it comes to scheming."

    Adam takes the newborn to Ashley's room and lays the baby in her arms. "Lo and behold, there's her daughter," sighs Davidson. "So now Ashley's convinced that she gave birth. There's no doubt in her mind."

    Unconscious, Sharon is rushed to Genoa City Memorial and asks for her baby as soon as she wakes up. "That's when she's told the baby died," says Case. "Obviously, she gets very upset. It's devastating for her, although this is not the same as when Cassie died. She was a child that Sharon had raised for many years, so losing Cassie is much different than losing Faith. But still, this baby meant a lot to her because it was Nick's and also Cassie's prophecy."

    Dr. Taylor tells Sharon that her dead infant had deformities. "I think that's why she ends up accepting the death, but it's still very painful for her," says Case.

    Nick goes to the hospital and realizes something is wrong as soon as she sees Sharon. "It's really hard for her to tell him because she didn't want him to deal with the loss of another child," notes Case. "He lost Cassie, Summer almost died and then this."

    The grieving parents ask to see their daughter. "Dr. Taylor tells him they shouldn't do that because of the deformities," says Case. "The doctor suggests they do the cremation right away and Sharon agrees without ever seeing her baby."

    Meanwhile, Adam and Dr. Taylor work to keep Ashley from being examined by another doctor. Explains Muhney, "It's going to be quite an emotional roller-coaster ride."


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