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Thread: Old Timer....have some questions

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    Post Old Timer....have some questions

    I haven't watched GH in over a year, and I finally started watching it again yesterday. Can anyone tell me who the wierd kid with the big eyes, and talks like he's from the dark ages is? He seemed to really like Sam.

    And what the heck has happened to Sam? When I stopped watching, she wasn't a $itch.

    And does Lucky know about Jason being the father?

    Are Emily and Nickolas still together?

    Any other big news I should know about?


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    1. That weird kid is Damian "The Jackal" Spinelli, computer guru and grasshopper to Jason "Stone Cold" Morgan. He is annoying at first but you'll grow to love him and you'll eventually learn his strange way of talking.
    2. Sam: where do we begin? she slept with her step-father to get even with her mom for whatever reason I forget, when Jason saw Ric and Sam in the act he was devastated and turned to Liz who was going through a marital crisis of her own, that night of passion led to baby Jake, Sam finds out about the child and as they say "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned "
    3. Liz lead Lucky into believing Jake is his child for the baby's safety. Which I find bogus since Lucky is becoming more unstable by the minute.
    4. Emily & Nic are back together, but he must be drinking the same water as Lucky because he is starting to act weird too!
    5. In other news: Sonny has a new girlfriend who he seems to be sharing with his stepfather (ew!) Sonny's lawyer Diane is a force not to be reckoned with. She is smart and savvy and I pray that they keep her single...a man will only drag this great character down. Alan Q. Died but he is back as a ghost (don't ask) Oh, and Carly has probably been married like a 100 times since you last watched.

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    Re: Old Timer....have some questions

    That's quite a wrap nat! Don't forget about the big mob war about to take place and all the "unexpected" deaths (none of whom we'd like to see!). Oh, Tracy is locked up in Shadybrook (thanks to Daddy Q) until her hubby (Luke [as in Spencer]) returns to free her.


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