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Thread: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 9

    She was asleep. Mouth slightly open, the side of her face flattened against her arm, wholly ungraceful in the moment, asleep.

    But more appealing than ever, came the discomforting thought.

    What the hell was happening to him?

    He was actually beginning to enjoy being around her.

    Too much.

    People. Suddenly he wanted a crowd of people. Then maybe he could manage to tear his eyes away from her, he thought as he pulled himself to his feet and walked toward her.

    “Sheridan,” he spoke softly. “We should…”

    “Forget it, Officer,” she mumbled. Hiding her face in the crease of her sun-tanned arm. “Move. You’re blocking my sun,” she muttered as his shadow loomed tall over her.

    “Sheridan…listen to me,” he snapped in exasperation. “We’ve been out here for hours, you’re getting burned, and it’s hot as hell…” his voice sounded rough to his own ears as she stretched lazily against the chaise.

    “Do my back,” she murmured sleepily.

    “Wh---“ Luis floundered.

    Was she out of her damn mind?!?!

    “Sunscreen, Dummy,” she grumbled. “Or is that too much for the big, bad policeman to handle?” she asked not-so-innocently. Biting her lip to keep from laughing when he snatched the bottle of sunscreen from her hand.

    Was HE out HIS damn mind, he wondered as he squeezed a generous amount of sunscreen into his hands, rubbing them together before lowering them to her naked skin.

    She jerked at the first touch of his hands on her, her heart speeding up in her chest, and her breath catching in her throat.

    “You okay?”

    “Just a little cold,” she said, realizing it was a lie seconds after the words left her mouth. Sure, the initial touch of the lotion on her back had been cool, but now…

    Her skin burned wherever he touched it.

    Luis’s brow furrowed in concentration as his massaged and kneaded her shoulders and back. Truth be told…forgetting ALL about the sunscreen as she relaxed beneath his ministrations.

    Oh God, Sheridan thought, taking a shaky breath as his fingers brushed the hair at the nape of her neck away.

    The man was deliberately torturing her!

    “Shh,” his breath hissed against her ear as he leaned forward. “Still not finished,” he said as his fingers swept her sides.

    She couldn’t control the moan that stole past her lips. Her blue eyes shot open when she realized…

    The bastard was laughing at her!

    “…the likes of me…remember?” he teased cruelly as he removed his hands from her body, standing up and grinning down at her when she rolled onto her back to glare at him.

    Her fingers searched futilely for her discarded bikini top. “Where the hell…what did you do with it?” she growled.

    “That little thing?” he shrugged his shoulders. “Haven’t seen it.”

    She had her arms crossed over her chest as she backed him toward the pool. “Where is it, Luis? I know you…damn you,” she swore when she spotted the tiny scrap of blue material a few feet away.

    Floating in the pool, of course.

    The grin still hadn’t left Luis’s face. Even after getting the dunking of his life. Droplets of water cascaded down his face, into his eyes, as he zeroed in on the EXTREMELY pissed young heiress currently treading water to retrieve the garment.

    Weeks of living with the brat had awakened his dormant childish tendencies, and he cut her off, snatching the top before her hands closed on it.

    If looks could kill…

    But Ms. Crane didn’t rely on looks.

    Words worked just fine, too.

    “I’m going to kill you!”

    “Try it,” he challenged as he closed in on her, backing her into a corner.

    Her blue eyes flashed dangerously at him when her back bit into the wall. “Give it to me,” she snapped as he dangled the top just out of her reach.

    Luis’s dark eyes glinted at her devilishly as he transferred the scrap to his other hand and positioned it behind his back. “I’m not giving you anything,” he said, his eyes darkening as his thighs brushed against hers. Against his better judgment, he moved in even closer. “You’re going to have to take it.”

    Sheridan worried her bottom lip between her teeth. That was EXACTLY what she was afraid of, she thought as her arm darted forward, around his waist. Reaching. Grabbing at air.

    Luis’s eyes slammed shut of their own volition.

    Each movement she made brought them closer together.

    His hand shot out, stilling hers, and the annoyance in her blue eyes quickly fled as sensations flooded her body.

    Chest to chest. The softness of her breasts were crushed against the hardness of his chest, and she couldn’t formulate a single sensible thought.

    Her lips parted on a gasp as his hand at the small of her back urged her closer, and one of his legs slid between hers. Her fingers dug into his strong shoulders as her legs reflexively wrapped around his waist, and she moaned as the movement brought their lower bodies crashing together.

    A droplet of water clung to her top lip, and he swiped his thumb across her lip, collecting the bead. Blue eyes changed colors before him, becoming smoky, darkening and deepening until he felt like he was drowning, and he couldn’t contain himself, couldn’t control the movement of his hips against hers, groaning as he felt her response.

    Her breath came in short little pants as she rubbed her body sensuously against his, and her arms clasped behind his neck. She was losing all sense of control over her body’s reaction to him, spiraling out of control, fear combined with desire as she buried her face into his shoulder.

    His lips brushed against her shoulder, and his fingers combed the hair at the nape of her neck in a touch so gentle, so tender…

    It was almost caring.

    And that thought stopped her heart.

    They couldn’t…they couldn’t do this. They couldn’t hold each other like this. They couldn’t be close like this. They couldn’t care for each other.

    Caring always led to hurt in her experience, and she’d been hurt enough already in her short lifetime.

    Luis’s hands stilled their movements when he felt her tense against him, and his arms felt empty as she left them, hurriedly tying the blue top back in place. He itched to touch her, make her meet his eyes, but he knew her well enough at this point to know pushing her rarely got results. And he needed to regain his senses. Cool down. He couldn’t throw away his career. Not for ANYONE. So he resisted going after her as she rushed from the pool, pushing past the maid blindly in her efforts to get away from him. Probably running to Daddy, he couldn’t help the bitter thought as she disappeared within the Mansion. He cursed his body’s response to her, his inability to keep her at arm’s distance, as he rest his arms against the pool side and waited.

    Going after her would HAVE to wait.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 10

    Goosebumps pebbled Sheridan's flesh as she stepped inside the Mansion, closing and locking the French doors behind her.

    It wouldn't take Luis long to find and try another entrance she was sure, but she felt minimally better knowing she had done her part to annoy the hell out of him, if only for a few seconds.

    Droplets of water coursed down her neck, traveling down her exposed back and just about every part of her, and she knew Father would be livid at her for not bothering to towel herself dry. But she hadn't exactly had the chance.

    She had been too hell-bent on running away.

    From Luis.

    WHAT had happened in that pool?

    She pushed the disturbing thoughts about what had been ABOUT to happen had she not come to her senses away and started walking in the general direction of Father's library, rubbing her arms briskly to ward off some of the chill.

    One of the new maids scurried out of the open library door, her slightly spooked expression morphing into a reproachful scowl.

    Sheridan could hear her silent words as clearly as if they'd been shouted. That look could only translate into one thing. ''re dripping all over that dreadfully expensive, inhumanely ugly Persian rug.'

    The maid's eyes narrowed, and she bustled past Sheridan with a shake of her mousy brown head when Sheridan couldn't contain her amused chuckle at her own silly addition to the woman's internal thoughts.

    Sheridan raised a hand to rap her knuckles against the door, pausing mid- motion.

    Father hated it when she interrupted his meetings.

    She hugged her arms around her waist, wandering across the hall and coming to a stop in front of the ornate mirror hung above a fragrant arrangement of fresh flowers.

    Was the mirror Father's or Julian's idea, she wondered.

    A pair of deep blue eyes stared back at her, following her every movement, and when she lifted trembling fingers to touch the lips she'd wanted him to kiss so badly, the owner of those deep blue eyes mirrored her actions.

    Sheridan's eyes fluttered shut as she imagined the feel of his mouth caressing hers, and a consuming ache coursed through her.

    Remembering Luis's reaction to her only made the ache resonate more deeply.

    When she opened her eyes, she was stunned by the undeniable purple tint of desire reflecting from them, and the flush creeping warmly up her chest and neck.


    This wasn't happening!

    She struggled to slow her erratic breathing and heart rates, gasping and whirling around quickly when Julian's face suddenly joined hers in the mirror, his dark eyes strangely troubled.

    "Sheridan.I don't think you should."

    "Yes, Julian. I am aware that I'm probably making a dreadful mess, but if I had to spend a moment longer in that infuriatingly stubborn and bossy ass's presence.I would have.I would have screamed," Sheridan's tirade against her brother died on her lips as she realized she may have spoken too quickly.

    Not to mention.her word choice left something to be desired.

    "I'm sorry, Julian. I didn't mean didn't dese.I hate being babysat!" she cried, crossing her arms back over her chest and stalking past Julian.

    Something was obviously bothering him, but the muscles of their relationship were old and tired sinews, shriveled from misuse, and she didn't feel like wasting her energy arguing with her lush of a brother.

    Her father smiled at her-his frown at her state of undress only a momentary flicker--from behind his desk, the elegant fingers of one hand wrapped around a brand-new cigar while he reached forward with his free hand to disconnect the phone.

    "Am I interrupting, Father?"

    "No," Alistair answered her. "I'm glad to see you. You, on the other hand, look less than pleased."

    Sheridan told herself she was only imagining the hollowness of his timbre, and she forced a smile of relief onto her face as she stepped further into the shadowed room. "Father, the bodyguard isn't working out. I'd feel much more comfortable if."

    "Sheridan, Dear." Alistair interrupted her. "If Pilar's son is fired, another man will take his place. I know you enjoy your independence, but is it really that much of a hindrance when you take your well-being into consideration? You're my only daughter, Sheridan. I want you to be safe, and Pilar's son seems to be the most capable man available for the job. Give it some more time. If you still feel the same way in a couple of weeks, approach me again. The drug cartel may not even be an issue by then, and you'll have your cherished freedom again."

    Sheridan sighed in resignation. Hopefully, Father was right, and the drug cartel would be captured and punished before she went berserk and tore Luis limb from limb. Or worse. "I'm sorry for inconveniencing you, Father."

    "You're never an inconvenience, Dear," Alistair's voice was velvety smooth, and his smile was equally as polished as he beckoned her forward.

    Sheridan joined him, looking outside the window at his back.

    At the far end of the grounds was a construction site.

    Scaffolds and glinting panes of glass, and men diligently working to erect the newest addition to the Crane estate-a greenhouse.

    "The foreman says construction is progressing according to plan, but he needs someone to sign off on some last minute changes. Do you think you can handle it, Sheridan? I have a meeting with the Governor, and I couldn't reschedule on such short notice," Alistair explained. "Julian could do the job, but I thought I'd ask you first."

    Sheridan smiled, basking in the warm feelings her father's words had created. Her. She was her father's first choice. "Don't worry, Daddy. I'll take care of it. You won't have to reschedule your meeting," she said, leaning forward to press a kiss to Alistair's strong jaw.

    "Thank you, Dear. I knew I could count on you."

    Sheridan left her father and the library, taking the servants' exit from the Mansion. Her happy mood over her father's acceptance and trust was dispelled only by her displeasure and surprise over seeing Luis emerge from the pool several feet away.

    "Sheridan! Sheridan, where do you think you're going?"

    She ignored him, the image of his sun-bronzed, water-slick chest already burned into her memory despite the protesting voice inside her head that warned her that continuing to let this THING that existed between them linger would only lead to trouble.

    It was better to let the terrible attraction she felt for Luis Lopez- Fitzgerald die a slow death.

    She WILLED it to die a slow death.

    His feet pounded dully against the grass as he jogged to catch up with her, and she groaned softly when she felt his fingers close around her wrist and pull her around.

    "Let go of me," she muttered, mouth drawn into a tight line and incensed blue eyes flashing.

    Luis's brown eyes glittered down at her with anger and irritation. "No. I go where you go. I'm with you until this whole mess is over. One way or another. And I'll be damned if I let you die on my watch."

    "Fine," Sheridan gritted out, yanking her wrist free from his grip and stalking forward. "You can come, but I don't appreciate you manhandling me. I don't want you to touch me."

    Luis resisted the urge to curse her maddening, obstinate as a mule, ways, and ignored her request, order, whatever the hell it was, grasping at her hand and trying to pull her to a halt. "Sheridan.don't.don't run from me."

    "I'm not running from you, you idiot," she rolled her blue eyes at him as they neared the skeleton of the future greenhouse. "The foreman needed a signature. I'm taking care of it. Did you actually think that.that 'incident' at the pool had any effect on me? You give yourself too much credit, Officer," she said, steeling herself to the cruel sting of her own voice as she delivered her next words. Steeling herself to the unexpected flash of hurt in his deep brown eyes. "You're not good enough for me."

    Luis's hands dropped to his sides, and the hurt in his dark eyes was quickly replaced with white-hot anger. How dare she? "Nobody's ever good enough for the coldest bitch in town." Luis watched in horror as those vivid blue eyes dulled, filling with tears as his words cut her to the core. "Sheridan.Dammit," he swore as she whirled around, trying to regain her composure. "Sheridan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

    "No need to lie now, Luis. You're not sorry. We both know you're not," she managed in a choked voice. "I guess I deserved it. I mean it's true. Isn't it, Luis? I AM a bitch. Hell. **I** even know that much. What I don't know is.why do you even bother? Do you REALLY care if I live or die, or am I another job to you? Tell me, Luis. Tell me," she demanded.

    "Sheridan." Luis reached a tentative hand out to her.

    Voices-voices of men working, lifting and maneuvering heavy panes of glass, started to sound louder.

    The hair on the back of Luis's neck stood up, and his brown eyes left Sheridan's face, traveling upward.

    One of the workers stumbled, losing his footing and jarring his grip on the pane of glass.

    Luis heart twisted as the man's mouth opened in a silent scream of terror, and the glass seemed to hang in mid-air for several seconds before it started its descent.

    And Sheridan was directly in its path.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 11

    The screams barely had time to cut through Sheridan's consciousness before Luis's solid body barreled into her.

    Her back hit the ground hard, so hard her teeth were jarred, almost resulting in her biting her own tongue, poised to spew more venom against Luis.

    Luis's body covered her from head to toe like a shield, and when her hips rose to buck his heavy weight off of her, he grabbed her wrists and pinned her down with his lower body. "Dammit, Sheridan," he hissed into her ear, his voice deadly serious.

    Something told her this wasn't just another touchy-feely session of one- upmanship where they tried to see how far they could push each other. Just as quickly as little warning signals started exploding all over her entire body, they sputtered and died with the sound of shattering glass.

    Luis's eyes were dark and unreadable, and Sheridan sucked in a deep breath of air as one hand left her wrist to stroke her cheek gently. His lips were moving, and words were being spoken, but she was suspended in a state of shock and arousal that made it difficult, impossible to hear what was being said. "Sheridan.did you hear me? Are you okay? Are you sure you're not hurt?" Luis's voice finally broke through the fog, and she nearly whimpered at the loss of delicious, tingling contact when he rolled off of her and held out a helping hand.

    "Wh-what happened?" she stammered, her cheeks still flaring with heat, refusing the hand Luis offered and struggling to sit up on her own.

    Luis's mouth set in a grim line as he dropped his hand back to his side, and he stood up, his deep brown eyes canvassing the grounds around them, suddenly filled with milling construction workers.

    Sheridan stood on wobbly feet, brushing away the blades of green grass pressed against her skin, and her blue eyes widened as they landed on the shards of glass surrounding them. "Luis, you saved."

    Luis cut her off abruptly, avoiding her touch of concern against his brow where a thin trickle of crimson slipped down the side of his face. "I wouldn't have had to save you if you weren't so damned stubborn."

    Sheridan's eyes flashed with anger. "Are you implying this is my fault, Luis? That just because you can't order me around like a child.I'm not a child."

    "I think your behavior speaks for itself," Luis gritted out between clenched teeth. "If you'd stayed with me like you were supposed to."

    "This wouldn't have happened?" Sheridan scoffed, rolling her eyes at the sheer ridicule of it all. "It was an accident, Luis. I hardly think the poor man was trying to kill me, but if you think so, by all means, go question him." She laughed mockingly when his jaw flinched. She knew he was hesitant to do as she'd suggested because he didn't want to leave her alone. "Go on. I promise I won't run away like a bad little girl," she sneered.

    "I'll stay with her, Luis," a breathless voice said behind her.

    Sheridan tamped down the arguments rising in her throat when she saw real concern and worry in Ivy's blue-green eyes. She grasped Ivy's hand in her own, and all traces of attitude left her voice and her demeanor as she spoke. "I'm okay, Ivy. Nothing happened."

    Ivy laughed shortly, incredulously, and gave Sheridan's hand a firm squeeze. "We saw it all from the Solarium, Sheridan."

    Sheridan looked past Ivy and discovered Julian was half of the 'we' Ivy had mentioned.

    Julian fidgeted in discomfort, escaping her level gaze as he walked toward the throng of anxious construction workers. He took one of the men aside, and they looked to be in deep conversation.

    Sheridan noticed Luis, distracted from his questioning of the rest of the men, watching her brother and the unidentified man with curiosity that bordered on suspicion.

    ".If it weren't for should be thanking him for acting so quickly, Sheridan. A second later, and." Ivy trailed off, unable to finish the thought.

    Touched by Ivy's concern, Sheridan pulled Ivy into a warm embrace. "Luis's ego hardly needs stroked," Sheridan muttered, eliciting a laugh from Ivy's lips. "I'm not going to give him the satisfaction," she declared.

    "I can vouch for that," Luis cut in, startling Sheridan.

    Sheridan whirled around and glared at him, peeved at his ability to creep up on her without making a sound.

    Luis's dark eyes smoldered with anger, and he drew his arms tight against his chest as he met her glare. "She's given me nothing but hell since day one. She's stubborn, ungrateful, and careless with her own life and the lives of the people around her."

    Ivy's mouth twisted into a grimace as she sensed the explosion building within the young woman beside her, and she hastily excused herself, tromping across the grounds and grabbing Julian's arm to pull him with her on her way.

    Sheridan ignored the blatantly curious stares of the men around them and crossed her own arms about her middle, crowding in so close to Luis she could feel the heat of his anger rising from his skin. "Stubborn? Stubborn!? Kettle, also known as Mr. My Way or the Highway," she practically growled.

    Luis remained silent, uncrossing his arms and standing tall, a knowing smirk on his lips as her tirade all but stalled as her blue eyes did a quick perusal of his bare chest and her mouth hung slightly open. "And ungrateful," he reminded her, "Let's not forget careless."

    "And you're just the epitome of all that's good and wonderful," Sheridan snarled in response, finally getting her tongue back in working order.

    "No," Luis began, leaning in and letting his lips brush against her earlobe as he spoke.

    Sheridan's eyes fluttered closed as his hot breath caressed her skin, and no matter how hard she tried to stop herself, the sensation made her shiver. Just a tiny shiver. So tiny, she.well, she hoped to God Luis didn't notice it, or. Her hands rose to his chest, and she weakly and ineffectually tried to push him away.

    Luis's hands lifted and closed around her wrists, and he grinned wickedly at her when she put in her requisite struggle, bringing them into maddeningly closer contact. "But I haven't had any complaints either."

    Sheridan was achingly aware of every inch of his body that touched hers, and she was also damned close to giving in.

    In the interest of making him eat his words, of course.

    "But none of that matters," Luis's hands closed over her wrists again, his thumbs tracing the delicate veins just beneath the surface of her warm skin.

    "What?" Sheridan mentally flailed herself for that single word coming out sounding so.Marilyn Monroe.

    "I'm not good enough for you," Luis reminded her.

    Smart Ass, Sheridan thought with a scowl. "You.You.Luis!" she shrieked, her blue eyes wide with outrage when she tugged her wrists from his hands and made an astounding discovery.

    Luis tossed her handcuff-linked arms around his neck and swept her, practically kicking and screaming and wholly furious, into his arms.

    Catcalls and whistles went up around them, and Sheridan's icy death stare didn't even make an impression on the overpaid offenders. "Luis! Let me down. Take these damn things off," she demanded of deaf ears.

    "I go where you go," Luis said, hefting her up higher in his arms and tightening his grip. "Since you fail to understand such a simple concept, and insist on being more trouble than you're worth.this is what you've reduced me to."

    Sheridan squirmed in his firm hold, blue eyes flashing fire. "Consider yourself fired. Father will have you off these grounds and out of the force by."

    "I have to give those drug-dealing thugs credit," Luis said cheekily. "Kidnapping and holding you for ransom would be a slow, painful death. With a hit, at least they don't have to listen to you harping about this, that, everything under the moon."

    Sheridan's jaw set stubbornly, and she focused on a spot that wasn't his laughing, infuriating, gorgeous brown eyes. Not his long, dark lashes curved against his cheeks. Not the bronzed skin that looked soft to the touch. Not his luscious mouth."UGH!" she screamed one more time for good measure, and to release a tad of frustration. "I hate you!"

    "You know you love me," Luis goaded her as the cottage loomed into view.

    Torturing the Princess was the highlight of his LONG day.

    And the cuffs weren't coming off anytime soon.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 12

    "For the last time, Luis.LET.ME.DOWN," Sheridan growled, struggling in his arms yet again as they paused outside the cottage door.

    Luis couldn't help but let a little grin of appreciation pass over his lips as he held onto her tightly with one arm while his free hand searched the pockets of his swim trunks for his key to the cottage. From all her histrionics crossing the Crane grounds to reach the cottage, he'd suspected she would have worn herself out by now. But.she was still going strong. Her pigheadedness was infuriating and admirable at the same time.

    "I'm telling you, Luis, if you don't let me down now I'm going to scream," Sheridan huffed angrily, her blue eyes shooting daggers at Luis as he leaned heavily into the door to push it open, pressing their bodies damnably closer if that were possible. "You don't believe me, do you? You don't believe I'll do it. I will," she threatened. "And I won't stop until you.Good. You're NOT as unreasonable as I thought," Sheridan muttered like a spoiled child, thrusting her handcuffed wrists underneath his nose and waiting impatiently for their removal.

    Luis kept a firm grip on the cuffs encircling her wrists as he closed and locked the door they'd just entered. His lips twisted into a wicked smirk as he watched realization dawn in Sheridan's blazing blue eyes, and he braced himself, wholly expecting her to make good on her threat as soon as he tossed her over his shoulder effortlessly.

    "Luis.Luis.WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Sheridan shrieked as the world suddenly turned upside down, and she felt all the blood rush to her head. Her cuffed hands dangled uselessly before her, and without any leverage, she could do no more than swat ineffectually at Luis's muscled back. "HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" she screamed as Luis carried her through her own living room like a sack of potatoes.

    "Go ahead and scream yourself'll be doing me a favor," Luis told her in a bored tone, wincing as one of her kicking feet connected with a pretty little novelty of a lamp en route to her bedroom and sent it crashing to the floor. "Break whatever you want while you're at it, too. I'm sure Daddy can replace it for you, and you won't even have to lift a finger."

    "Luis, let me down," Sheridan demanded again, pushing frantically at his smooth skin as each step he took jarred her teeth. Her blue eyes widened in astonishment, and her scream of protest sputtered in her throat and died when she felt his strong hands grip her behind her knees. "What are you doing." Oh god, she thought as her heart hammered against her rib cage. As if she didn't have enough fodder for her overactive imagination already. The object of her unwanted fantasies had her tossed over his shoulder like a damned caveman, both of them were barely clothed, and her bed practically dominated the entire room. "Luis!"

    "To answer your question, Princess," Luis gave her a sly grin, "I'm doing something that'll make us both feel better. A little tension relief."

    Sheridan's blue eyes grew round as saucers, and she didn't dare breathe when she found herself flat on her back across the middle of her bed with Luis's wonderfully heavy weight on top of her.

    Luis's knee slid between Sheridan's thighs, and he made no attempt to hide the frank approval in his gaze as his deep brown eyes swept across the blue bikini-clad body trembling beneath him. Where his skin touched hers, sparks flared, and Luis was positive he could feel the temperature of the blood in the veins of the delicate wrists he'd captured above her water tousled blond head escalating with each passing second.

    Sheridan whimpered as Luis shifted them higher on her bed, his knee rising up and making the briefest of contact with her lower body, making her blue eyes flutter shut helplessly as she felt her breathing start to spiral out of control. She could feel Luis's fingers trailing feather-light up and down the length of her arm, and his warm breath ruffled the damp curls across her forehead. When she gathered enough courage to open her eyes again, she was ready for anything. She was on the verge of begging for a release from the tension that'd been building between them, like it or not, since day one, and she wanted nothing more than to forget all about the ugliness she'd worked so hard to keep between them. She wanted to brush her fingers across his brow, soothing away the sting of the tiny wound that served as a reminder of how much she was beginning to need his presence in her life. And the way he was looking at her.

    It was like a veil was being lifted from her blue eyes, and Luis couldn't look away. He felt one silky thigh brush against his lower leg, and his hand raised instinctively to her face. He brushed the fleshy pad of his thumb across her pouty bottom lip, his dark eyes growing even darker with the unhesitant parting of her mouth. Mesmerized by the unusual openness of her eyes, the shadow of her pink tongue moistening her lips in anticipation of his touch, and the feeling of her so close, his head began to lower.until his dark eyes caught their reflection in the mirror.

    They were beautiful together, lying against the pale yellow covers, and that only made things harder.

    He was a cop about to cross the line.

    For a Crane, no less.

    It just couldn't happen, and he was going to have to make that clear in no uncertain terms.

    "Luis?" Sheridan whispered uncertainly as something changed in those dark eyes of his, and her heart called on her mind to quickly resurrect all its safe, protective walls and start rebuilding themselves quickly, brick by brick, as he slid a hand beneath her back, lifting her flush against him again.

    Luis pushed away the lingering regret he felt at the re-emerging distrust in Sheridan's piercing blue eyes and donned his best superior smirk. "You know I really hate to do this." he sighed, unlocking one of the cuffs around her wrists and sliding it around the headboard at their side, "but I'll feel a lot better knowing you won't get your stubborn debutante ass killed within the next couple of hours."

    Sheridan's blue eyes snapped upward, to his face, when the lock clicked back in place, and she found herself unable to move from the bed. She lunged toward Luis in a rage, blue eyes flashing dangerously. "Luis," Sheridan spat warningly. "Luis, you can't.YOU CAN'T DO THIS. DAMN YOU! YOU PIECE OF.I HATE YOU! HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HEEEEEEELLLLL.oomph."

    Luis punched in the familiar digits to the Harmony P.D. as soon as he'd determined the makeshift gag was firmly in place, and Sheridan wasn't going anywhere. Marty came on the line, asking him to hold while he transferred Luis's call to Sam, and Luis grinned as he held his hand over the receiver, unable to resist torturing her a little more while he had the chance.

    Despite her voice being muffled by the red silk scarf stuffed into her mouth by one dead Harmony cop, Sheridan continued to hurl more than a few obscenities in Luis's direction. When she got her hands on him.

    "That's it. That's one way to get rid of all that tension. Keep screaming. Get it all out. You'll feel much better.," Luis assured her with deviously sparkling dark eyes, chuckling at her fiery mood and inability to do anything to help herself. She was completely at his mercy for as long as he wanted her to be. Life didn't get any better. God- willing, she'd wear herself out before she had the chance to exact revenge against him. "Hello? Sam. Listen.we need to have a talk about this assignment. Yeah, she's fine. Actually, she can't come to the phone right now." Luis covered the mouthpiece with his hand so Sam couldn't hear his bratty charge's muffled curses against males in general-it definitely wasn't pretty. "Sam, I have something I want you to check out.I'm not sure today's accident was purely accidental if you know what I mean.I think Old Man Crane's got his hand in this."

    Father? Father couldn't possibly have had anything to do with what happened, Sheridan thought stubbornly, freezing as the thought invaded her consciousness.

    Luis was ridiculous for even thinking it.

    Wasn't he?

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 13

    "Just as I expected," Luis shook his dark head in disgust. "Crane's alibi is airtight."

    Sheridan's blue eyes sparkled triumphantly at him. The gag in her mouth prevented her from giving him the smart-ass smirk he so deserved.

    "That's right, Sam," Luis agreed, his lips twisted into a wry grin as he glanced at Sheridan on the bed. "Everyone knows Crane has half the dirty- dealing politicians in this state in his back pocket. Even Governor Graham." He chuckled when Sheridan jerked at her restraints, the metal cuffs scraping and scuffing the finished wood of the headboard. "Just a 'Lucy' rerun, Sam. She just doesn't know how to stay out of trouble. Thank Grace for the invitation, but I think we'll pass and spend a quiet evening here. Besides.where Sheridan goes, TROUBLE follows." Luis laughed out loud at the murderous rage glinting in Sheridan's blue eyes. "You know that Lucy. She's a laugh a minute. Thanks, Sam. I'll check in later. Bye."

    Sheridan kicked her feet out angrily when Luis loomed closer, and Luis grinned when she flopped back against the bed's pillows and glared at him after failing to make contact, his body just out of reach.

    "You know, Princess.if you promise not to bite my hand off, I'll un-gag you," Luis teased. "Do you think you can control yourself?"

    Sheridan rolled her blue eyes at him in impatience and turned her damp blond head to the side, not caring to look at his infuriatingly smug face or dancing brown eyes a second longer than she had to. The heat of his body, so close behind her, made her flinch, and she felt her nerves jump when he closed his long, warm fingers around the sore flesh around her wrists, gently disengaging the locks that bound her. The mattress shifted beneath the addition of his heavy male weight, and unbalanced, she fell back against him slightly in surprise, her stunned silence when he gently removed the scarf from her mouth lasting only a few milliseconds. Her mouth opened and closed while she tried to decide which insult to hurl his way first.

    Luis saved himself the headache by cupping a lightning quick hand over her mouth. "A simple 'thank you' would suffice." He back hit the mattress forcefully seconds later, courtesy of her helpful, ladylike shove, and he winced slightly as he cradled his 'injured' hand to his chest. "I thought we biting!" A small smile played upon his lips as his mind's eye recalled the fire in her blue eyes and her stubborn refusal to give even so much as an inch. The woman was going to be the death of him, whether it be through murder at her pretty, smooth hands or a self-inflicted gun shot wound, borne of frustration. She was driving him crazy in a thousand more ways than one. He pulled one of the pillows from the head of the bed, fragrant with her lingering perfume, and rolled it beneath his head, deciding to give her adequate time to finish throwing her temper tantrum. He let himself relax when he distinctly heard the furious clang and bang of pots and pans in the kitchen. As long as she kept up that racket, she was safe. She was still annoying the hell out of him, but he knew she wasn't going anywhere.

    The shadows spilling across bedroom gradually grew longer, and the decibel level of the noise emanating from the kitchen eventually reached a humane level.

    One dark brow arched high on Luis's forehead when he heard the approach of hesitant footsteps, but he kept his eyes closed, feigning sleep. One eye popped open, followed by the other one, when he heard her heavy, irritable sigh. "Miss me, Princess?"

    "Hardly," Sheridan replied snottily. "It seems my fantasies weren't true, after all. You're still here," she grumbled in disgust, moving from the doorway and stalking to the closet. "Why is that?" she asked, pulling a tee-shirt over her head roughly.

    The muscles in Luis's jaw clenched as he watched her fingers pull and tug the bikini strings at the back of her neck then slip underneath the soft cotton material to release the ties at her back. He showed no outward reaction when the tiny scrap of material landed in his lap, but his eyes burned black and dangerous when Sheridan stepped out of the skimpy bottoms, flashing him an evil smile. "Don't play with fire, if you don't want to get burned," he warned with a low hiss, slithering off the edge of the bed, and advancing on her predatorily.

    "You wouldn't dare," Sheridan spoke haughtily, his past actions making her secure in her convictions as she whirled around, intent on searching her closet for a fresh set of clothes to wear to dinner at the main house. Her voice left her throat in a strangled gasp when she felt Luis's strong arms wrap tightly around her waist and haul her against his hard, unyielding body. His lips caressing her neck set off a firestorm of conflicted emotions within her, and she trembled at his low whisper.

    "Would I?"

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 14

    “Would I?” Luis repeated, something dangerous lurking in his tone.

    Sheridan involuntarily shivered as she felt the slight nipping sensation of his teeth at the graceful curve of her neck, unwittingly playing right into Luis’s hands.

    Keeping an iron grip around her waist with his left arm, Luis lifted his right hand to her face, dragging his knuckles across her cheekbone, along the line of her jaw, and down the curve of her neck, finally cupping her shoulder. “Are you really so sure anymore?” he whispered huskily into her ear, bathing the delicate shell with his warm breath.

    The swatch of red fabric fell from Sheridan’s fingers, fluttering to the ground below and settling into a graceless heap. She wanted to lash out at him for his unwanted advances, but the breathy moan that escaped her lips when his able fingers tantalizingly brushed the side of her breast directly contradicted that thought.

    “Are you so sure you WANT me to stop?” Luis murmured against her pulse point, his voice echoing his own inner thoughts. His left arm relaxed around her waist, the hand simply resting there, tracing teasing circles above her navel through the barrier of her tee-shirt. He smiled wolfishly when he felt her unconsciously relax in his arms, accepting his touch.

    Sheridan’s smaller ivory hands covered Luis’s hands, their fingers lacing together as she directed his hands to her hips and leaned her tousled blond head back against the hard pillow of his shoulder. She was incapable of forming words, her breath stolen by the intensity of feeling crackling between them. Her right hand left Luis’s hand, and her arm snaked around his neck from behind, urging his face, his mouth closer to hers. She could feel her heart pounding relentlessly against her ribcage as Luis’s fingers crept across the smooth exposed skin of her thigh, traveling upward and inching the white material higher. Oxygen escaped her lips in soft pants as she sought his lips with her own, twisting in his arms until she could look him in the eyes, quickly looking away. Sadness pulled at the corners of her mouth as she studied her fingers’ fluttering motions across his exposed collarbone.

    Luis touched his thumb to her lowered chin and swept his arms around her waist, molding their hips together with a gentle push to the small of her back. “Don’t ruin a good time, Princess, with serious thoughts.” He captured the hand tracing nervous patterns across his breastbone with his own, coaxing it around his neck as he pressed their bodies more intimately together, reveling in the heat licking at his limbs.

    “Wouldn’t want the job to be a total bust, right?” Sheridan retorted, her lips trembling under the weight of her falseness as she tried to smile at him. Blue eyes closed to hide her breaking heart from his searching eyes, she pressed her lips against the corner of Luis’s mouth, frozen in the foreign expression of unexpected concern. Her arms slid free from his neck, criss-crossing across her abdomen in preparation of ridding herself of the tee-shirt and baring her body to him, and she smiled a brittle smile at him, her façade cracking slightly when she felt the impediment of his hand on hers.

    “Sheridan, I…” Luis began, only to be interrupted by a distant noise. His hand fell away as the noise sounded closer, and his dark eyes darted to her bureau, looking for his discarded weapon. “Hold that thought,” he said, holding out a cautionary hand. “I’m just going to check out this noise, and I’ll be right back. Stay here. All right? Sheridan? Sheridan?” Luis whipped his head back around to extract her paltry promise to cooperate with him. “Sheridan?” he repeated, horrified to find her gone, the space she’d so recently occupied beside him disconcertingly empty. “Sheridan,” he hissed, the nagging noise forgotten, as his eyes swept frantically over his surroundings, “Sheridan, where are you? Where are you? Sheridan,” he gasped in relief when a feminine hand closed over his shoulder from behind. “I knew you were…Mama,” Luis blinked as he looked up into his mother’s worried dark eyes. “What…who…where’s Sheridan?” He could hear his heart pounding in his eardrums and feel his breath escaping him in panicked pants as he searched the room for Sheridan, frowning when he found the room strangely dark.

    “Mijo,” Pilar looked away guiltily. “You were sleeping, and she wanted to go to dinner at the Main House. Mr. Crane is throwing a small party, and Sheridan’s been so cooped up…She assured me Crane security would look after her, and you looked so peaceful sleeping, we, I didn’t want to wake you.”

    Luis cupped his palm around his mother’s cheek and gave her a brief hug. “It’s all right, Mama. I’m not angry with you. Sheridan’s the one that deserves…” he trailed off, not wanting to rant to his mother about his infuriating charge. “She knows better.” Luis’s breath caught in his throat at seeing Sheridan’s discarded bikini atop the pile of clothes in the laundry basket his mother had all but forgotten on the floor beside the bed, the details of his dream still lingering in his mind’s eye. Coughing uncomfortably, Luis rose from the bed, and noticed, for the first time, the elegant evening wear littered across every available surface. “How long has she been gone?”

    “Not yet an hour, Mijo,” Pilar answered, following Luis as he stalked into the cottage’s cozy living room.

    “What’s this?” Luis questioned, indicating the garment bag resting across the back of the sofa. “Mama?” he raised a brow at her as he started to unzip the bag and draw out the white men’s dress shirt.

    “It’s a formal party,” Pilar wrung her hands. “Sheridan wanted you to have something suitable to wear if you decided to attend the party.”

    “Decided?” Luis scoffed as he hurriedly donned the crisp white shirt, leaving it unbuttoned as he picked up the garment bag and carried it in the direction of Sheridan’s bathroom. “She left me no other choice.”

    “Mijo,” Pilar placated from the doorway of Sheridan’s bedroom, the sliver of light spilling from the cracked bathroom door illuminating her solemn features. “I’m sure Sheridan’s fine. Ethan and Gwen and Ivy are there keeping an eye out for her. She’s surrounded by people,” Pilar reminded him as he stepped from the cavern of the bathroom and approached her, his untied bow tie hanging forlornly around his shoulders. “I’m sure she’s perfectly safe,” she spoke encouraging words as she patted his cheek comfortingly, his bow tie tied and straight. “Don’t give her a hard time, Luis,” Pilar pleaded, averting her eyes as her son tucked his gun in the waistband of his pants. “Luis,” she called out as he strode confidently and eagerly toward the door, “just…”

    Luis opened the door with his eyes still locked on his mother’s face, the indulgent smile on his lips freezing as the terrifying shrill of an approaching ambulance’s keening sirens pierced the otherwise still night air.

    “Luis,” Pilar looked to her son with frightened eyes.

    “No, Mama. I’m going to give her hell,” Luis choked out, his own brown eyes wild as he sprinted out the door, not bothering to wait for his mother to catch up.

    The damned brat never listened.

    He prayed the cost wasn’t her life.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    am really enjoying this i hope u continue soon

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    This is too good Shae.
    More to come? It is incredibly cute.


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