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Thread: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

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    Post Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 1

    Blue eyes gazed out a tiny window. Fluffy, white clouds dotted the horizon. The vast, unending ocean stretched for miles and miles beneath. Pink lips twisted into a wry smile. She could almost imagine.she was among the angels.

    "Ms. Crane? Ms. Crane?"

    Agent Freeman's blue eyes flitted over her tired, pretty features. This whole had taken a lot out of her already. And it was far from over.


    "We'll be landing soon. Do you need me to go over the details again?"

    She lay back against the headrest wearily. "I don't want to hire a bodyguard. I don't want this.person intruding on my privacy. Every minute. Every hour. Every day," she sighed.

    Freeman snapped his briefcase shut with an answering sigh. "It's for."

    "I know. I know," she interrupted. "My own protection. If I hadn't been so foolish in the first place."

    "Ms. Crane."

    "Please fasten your seat belts. We'll be arriving in Boston shortly," the bubbly brunette advised.

    "Thank you." Her name tag read Sandy. ".Sandy."

    " maybe Jean-Luc didn't have this flashing neon sign on his forehead that said 'drug-dealing bastard.' But I shouldn't have been so willing to marry a man that from all accounts was a first-class, low-life creep," she whispered in shame. "What does that say about me? What kind of person am I?"

    "Your fiance.former fiance." Hal paused. Former? Less than a week ago the man had been blown to kingdom come. With his mistress. Ms. Crane was lucky. " You are a very lucky woman. If the drug cartel hadn't mistaken."

    "Go on. Say it. You don't have to walk on eggshells around me. There's a bounty out on my head. Jean-Luc's lies and cheating are the least of my worries right now. It's not the first time I've been played for a fool." But it will be the last, she vowed silently.

    Freeman rubbed his eyes tiredly. "As I was are a very lucky woman. But there's no guarantee you'll be as lucky the next time. Be assured, Ms. Crane. The drug cartel will not rest until it is certain you no longer pose a threat to its livelihood."


    Freeman anticipated her retort. They'd talked this thing to death during the inhumanely long flight. The woman beside him was as stubborn as a mule. "Ms. Crane! I've had enough of this. You will hire a bodyguard if your life means anything to you at all."

    She turned to stare out the window once more. Her jaw set in determination. Arms crossed defensively. She resisted the overwhelming urge to argue back. She could be a real bitch when she wanted to. It was no use. She'd say yes. For now. And as soon as it looked like the drug cartel had forgotten her very more bodyguard. Simple as that. "Okay. You win. Happy?"

    Freeman shook his head. Too easy. But asking for anything more was like pulling teeth. And that had never been a favorite past time of his. "Good. I knew you'd come around."

    Icy blue eyes stared through him. "So sure of yourself, Agent Freeman."

    You're a smartass. But you're not stupid. "You're an intelligent woman, Ms. Crane. I knew in the end you'd make the right decision," he said smugly. If you hadn't.I would have drug you kicking and screaming out of this airport. "We're here," he said. Releasing his safety belt. "Here. Let me help you."

    She rolled her eyes and grabbed her bag herself. "I'm intelligent AND independent," she almost growled.

    Freeman closed his eyes and groaned as she shouldered past him. "Ms. Crane! Ms. Crane!" he snapped impatiently. "I thought I made it clear.until I deliver you to the safety of your own home, you don't leave my sight."

    "Fine!" she spat. Jerking her elbow from his grasp. Her angry blue eyes searched the terminal. Where was he? Father promised.

    "Aunt Sheridan! Over here!"

    She was really a stunning woman when she smiled, Freeman realized. Her whole face lit up with happiness.

    "Ethan! I'm so happy to see you," she cried. Flinging her arms around his neck.

    "Mr. Crane?" he inquired with an outstretched hand.

    The young man's handshake was firm. "Thank you for bringing her home. I've already taken care of the arrangements we discussed over the phone. The Harmony Police Department promised to send their best man. He should be waiting for us back at the cottage."

    "Arrangements! What arrangements? Ethan.I thought I could trust you."

    "You can, Aunt Sheridan. With your life. That's why I hired the best man for the job. I can't be too careful when it comes to you."

    The indignation died down, and her blue eyes melted. So, Freeman thought. The nephew was the soft spot in the prickly demeanor. And an ally. He hefted her bags into his arms. "Sorry to interrupt the family reunion."

    "I'm sorry," Ethan apologized. "Charles is waiting for us, Aunt Sheridan. Are you ready to go home?"

    "Ready as I'll ever be," she muttered.

    He wondered what that was supposed to mean. But then again.with family like the Cranes, he didn't have to think too hard. "Show me the way."

    The trip to Harmony from Boston was-thankfully-not as long and mind-numbing as the flight. But.Ms. Crane was putting forth her best effort to convince the young nephew that a bodyguard was pure folly.

    Ethan didn't buy it. "I'm sorry, Aunt Sheridan. But I'm going to have to side with Agent Freeman and the FBI on this one."

    Needless to say.he didn't know which was worse. The stubborn, argumentative woman who always had an answer. Or the sulky Ice Princess.

    The gates to the Crane Mansion loomed ahead.

    No warm welcome home. Only a formal greeting from the security guard.


    Ethan patted her hand gently. "Grandfather had important business to attend to."

    She looked all the world like a sad little girl at that moment.

    He wondered if maybe this face was the true face of Sheridan Crane he was seeing.

    "But he said he couldn't wait to see you at dinner tonight. You are coming, aren't you Aunt Sheridan?"

    "I.I don't know, Ethan. It's been a very long week. The flight was especially draining," she stated. Casting a pointed glare his way. "Maybe I'll see him tomorrow."

    He didn't stand a chance, and he obviously knew it. "Then I'll see you first thing in the morning," he smiled. Giving her an affectionate kiss on the cheek. "You don't mind."

    "No. Go ahead. Don't worry about me. I need to go sleep off some of this jet lag anyway," she laughed lightly. "Maybe I can get rid of my shadow," she said in a stage whisper.

    Ethan chuckled. "Don't let her give you a hard time, Agent Freeman." He grinned at her playful slap on the arm. "And you.behave."

    "Yes, Sir," she saluted him. Her blue eyes twinkling mischievously.

    "Are you going to heed his advice?"

    "What do you think?" she said slyly.

    He stepped out of the limosine and held the door open for her. "I didn't think so. Ms. Crane.this is where we part ways."

    "I'm going to miss you so much," she deadpanned.

    "Really?" he shot back with an arched brow. "I can stay if you wish." He had to laugh at the look of pure horror written across her face. "On second thought.I want to hang on to my sanity as long as I can. It's a plus in this business."

    "Funny," she said as snottily as she possibly could. "Look.will you just.LEAVE!"

    "It'll be my pleasure. But first.I have to check out Harmony's finest and see if he measures up."

    She flung the front door to the cottage open and stomped inside. "Where is he? I'm dead on my feet. I'm sick of staring at you. Tell me, Agent Freeman. Do you ever smile? Are you always this pleasant?"

    Me? he thought incredulously. Who was being the ultimate brat here? You're no walk in the park yourself. "All the time," he grinned. Mainly to irritate the hell out of her. Because he could.

    "UGH!" she threw her arms up in the air. "Get out! Get out now!" she yelled. So loudly the window panes rattled. "I'm sure I'll be fine. Now...I'm going to take a long, hot shower and then I'm going to crawl into bed and not roll over until tomorrow morning."

    "Are you sure, Ms. Crane?"


    Freeman crashed through the bedroom door. Gun drawn and ready. "Ms. Crane! Ms. Crane! Are you hurt?" His faded blue eyes searched the dimly lit bedroom for her figure as his free hand searched for a light switch.

    Light flooded the room in the next instant.

    And he couldn't help the smile that stole over his lips.

    "Who the hell are you?" Sheridan Crane spat venomously. Clutching her unbuttoned silk blouse to her chest.

    He knew the answer before a word was spoken.

    "Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Your bodyguard," he stated. Making no effort to conceal his amusement. Or his admiration as his dark brown eyes roved her figure.. "You must be Ms. Crane. Don't be so shy. We ARE going to be living together."

    If looks could kill...

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 2

    "YOU are my bodyguard?" she eyed him suspiciously.

    "Do YOU have a problem with that?" Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald smirked. His dark eyes gleaming.

    Freeman held a hand to his brow. Great. He was toying with her. They were off to such a wonderful beginning. "Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald.have you been briefed on the situation and its particulars?"

    Lopez-Fitzgerald cast a quick glance at Sheridan. His eyes drifting from her face lower. "They didn't tell me everything," he said dryly.

    She glared back at him and pulled her blouse together. "Didn't your mother ever teach you it's not polite to stare?" she said angrily. Turning on her heels and vacating the room.

    "How did you survive the flight from Paris?"

    Freeman chuckled. "Ms. Crane's a handful, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald. That's why I want you to always be on your toes. She's very resourceful. Don't let her out of your sight for even two seconds. That's all it takes," he finished soberly.

    "She gave you the slip?" Lopez-Fitzgerald said in an amused voice.

    "On more than one occasion," Freeman nodded his head.

    "I'll keep that in mind," he said as they walked back into the living room.

    He reached inside his jacket and withdrew a card. "Here. This is the number to my cell. If anything goes wrong.anything at all."

    "Thank you, Agent Freeman. I'll make full use of it."

    The men shook hands, and Luis watched as the limosine crawled away.

    "Thank you, Agent Freeman," a voice mocked from behind him. Directly behind him. She had her arms crossed defensively across her chest, and her chin was set in determination.

    "Let's get a few things straight here," he said in an authoritative voice.

    Her blue eyes narrowed.

    He could see her visibly bristling at his words. His tone of voice. "Like it or not, you're stuck with me. I'm stuck with you. I think it's in our best interests to learn to get along with each other."

    "Our best interests? It's not in my best interests to be stuck with you. With any bodyguard for that matter."

    His jaw clenched. "Oh," he said. A black brow arched. "But it IS in your best interests to be dead?"

    "I didn't say that," she huffed. "Tell me something, Officer. Do you value your privacy?"

    "In this case privacy will have to take a back seat to your safety."

    She pushed a lock of blond hair from her eyes and tried another tactic. "What about your friends? Family? Girlfriend?" He wasn't wearing a ring. "I'm sure we can work something out. So you don't have to completely neglect her. You don't have to be my babysitter."

    His laughter filled the cozy living room. "My friends and family support me, Ms. Crane. They know I can keep you alive until the drug cartel is caught."

    Her blue eyes flashed at him. Nothing was working. He had an answer for everything. "But your girlfriend?"

    He stepped in closer. Invading her personal space. "I don't have one. And if I did.she'd understand that I was only doing my job."

    "Would she?" she challenged. "She wouldn't get the least bit jealous?" Okay, Sheridan. Where did THAT come from? Open mouth. Insert foot. Maybe he didn't notice.

    He grinned at her. "Are you saying YOU would be jealous?"

    "Of course not," she rolled her eyes. "You're not exactly God's gift to women," she said snidely. "Arrogance is not an attractive trait."

    "So that's why you're still unattached," he shot back. Grinning at her open- mouthed expression of shock.

    "I think it's time YOU got a few things straight here," she growled. "My personal life is none of your damn business."

    "Au contraire," he whispered. Leaning in so close he could feel her breath on his face. "This assignment, I'm afraid, is up close and personal."

    "Really, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald?" she said in a husky voice. Her pink lips curling up in a smile. "Just how up close and personal?" she whispered in his ear. "Dammit! What the hell do you think you're doing?" she grit out between clenched teeth when he grabbed her upper arms and hauled her up against him.

    "This assignment is my job. I take my work very seriously. This.little game is not going to work. You're not going to seduce me out of my job, Ms. Crane."

    Her blue eyes glittered with rage. "Seduce you! Do you honestly think I would sleep with the likes of you?" she spat. His hands were burning a hole through the thin silk of her shirt. She rubbed her arms roughly when he let go abruptly. His handsome face dark with anger.

    "I know you're used to snapping your fingers and getting exactly what you want," Luis said in a low voice. "But I don't work that way. I'm not going to go away just because you want me to. I'm sticking around. And I won't put up with your rich bitch, high and mighty attitude. Get dressed. Your father's expecting you."

    "No man tells me what to do," she snapped. "I'm going because I want to," she hugged her sides.

    Her bedroom door slammed shut behind her.

    Luis dropped to the sofa. Groaning. "Damn Cranes," he muttered. "Daddy's spoiled princess." He pulled his cell phone from his jeans pocket and punched in the familiar digits. "Hey Marty.let me talk to the Chief. He isn't there. No. That's okay. Yeah. The pictures don't do her justice."

    Sheridan leaned against the door frame. Listening attentively. A self- satisfied smirk on her lips.

    "I've never met a more self-centered BRAT," he said. Sneaking a look in her direction. His brown eyes twinkled at her.

    She stomped over to where he sat and yanked the phone from his hand. Stabbing at the OFF button. "Jerk," she growled.

    He chuckled and stuffed the cell phone back in his pocket. "Are you ready?" he asked. Raking his eyes over her svelte figure. Clad in a low-cut, body- hugging white tank and a pair of snug black pants. "Nice outfit. I thought you Cranes went for a more sophisticated 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' style."

    She shoved past him with an icy glare.

    "Guess not," he muttered under his breath as he jogged to catch up with her. "Stay close," he said. Grabbing her by the arm. "Are you forgetting there's a price out on your head?"

    She shrugged his hand off her arm. "No," she said snottily. "But I hardly think these criminal masterminds," she rolled her eyes, "would make it past Crane security. Besides.Father hates it when I'm late."

    "Oh.I get it. You can't let Daddy down, huh?" he sneered. "Everything has to be perfect because you're Daddy's little girl."

    She looked stricken.

    He began to wonder if maybe he shouldn't have.

    "Ethan!" she waved. A smile gracing her lips again.

    His eyes narrowed, and he gripped her firmly by the elbow.

    "Get your hands off of me, Officer. Before I." she hissed. "Ethan! I'm so glad you're here," she jerked her elbow from his hand and threw her arms around the young man's neck.

    "You must be Aunt Sheridan's bodyguard. I'm Ethan Crane."

    Luis shook the hand he offered. "Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald."

    "Lopez-Fitzgerald?" Ethan's blue eyes showed recognition. "Are you."

    "Ms. Crane! Ms. Crane!" Luis yelled as Sheridan disappeared inside. "Where does she think she's going?"

    Ethan laughed beside him. "She's not going to make it easy on you, Luis. She doesn't want a bodyguard. But I'm glad she has one. Take care of her. She's very important to me," Ethan said earnestly.

    Luis saw the caring in the younger man's blue eyes. "I won't let anything happen to her. But you're right. She's definitely NOT going to make it easy," he sighed as Ethan led him through a door, and he stepped into the Crane Mansion. He was sure his family's entire house would fit inside this room alone.

    "Hello, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald."

    Luis turned around slowly. Coming face to face with an elegant older man. Dressed to the nines in an expensive suit and giving him a disapproving look.

    Sheridan stood behind him. "Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald.this is my father."

    "Alistair Crane," Luis breathed. His dark eyes taking in every detail of the man in front of him. He wanted to commit the face of the man who was the cause of his father's disappearance to memory.

    "I want to thank you, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald, for looking after my daughter. She's very precious to me," he said coolly.

    Luis had the distinct impression the bastard was lying through his teeth. And Sheridan was eating it up. Looking up at her father adoringly. "I'm just doing my job, Mr. Crane."

    "Will you be joining us for dinner?"


    "No, Father. Luis won't be joining us for dinner," Sheridan answered for him. Daring him to pick a fight with her in front of the Almighty Alistair Crane.

    What the hell, Luis thought. They'd have to go through the old snake first, and he was sure Alistair had his own head well-protected. "I'll be in the kitchen. Send for me when you're ready to leave," he told Sheridan.

    She ignored him. Taking her father's arm and walking toward the grand dining room. "Father.I missed you at the airport today."

    "My dear sweet know I had very important business to attend to. I thought you understood."

    "Yes, Father. I understand."

    "Good," Alistair patted her arm. "Ethan? Is your mother still feeling unwell?"

    "She has a terrible headache, Grandfather. She sends her regrets that she can't make it to dinner and welcome you back home, Aunt Sheridan."

    Luis shook his head. Business! He stuffed his hands in his pockets and roamed the halls. In search of the kitchen.

    "Luis! Mijo? What are you doing here?"

    "Mama," he hugged her tight. "This is the new job I told you about."

    "You're Miss Sheridan's bodyguard? Mijo.I'm so relieved. I know you won't let any harm come to her."

    Luis slipped an arm around his mother's waist. "I won't, Mama. I promise. Now.I'm starved. Where's that kitchen?"

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 3

    Luis stood at a distance. His arms crossed across his chest. Watching Alistair Crane interact with his “precious” daughter.

    “Sheridan, dear…I know you’ve had a great disappointment lately. But you really should be more careful who you choose to consort with,” he said. Voice dripping with disdain.

    “Yes, Father. But…”

    “How do you think this makes us look?” he continued. Walking around his desk and lowering himself into the high-backed leather chair.

    “I didn’t know he was…”

    “Us Cranes. Involved in a drug scandal?” He removed a cigar from a drawer at his right, and Sheridan’s brother…Julian Crane…appeared at his side to light it.

    “Grandfather,” Ethan interjected. “Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh? How could Aunt Sheridan have known Jean-Luc was such scum?”

    “Ethan,” Sheridan said softly. Placing a restraining hand on his arm. “You’re right, Father. My taste in men is atrocious,” she lowered her head.

    Luis couldn’t believe the transformation. This meek woman wasn’t the spitfire from the cottage.

    Alistair Crane smiled at his daughter. “I’m glad you see things my way.”

    “Yes, Father. I’m sorry for being such an embarrassment to you.”

    “Aunt Sheridan,” Ethan protested. “You could never be an embarrassment. You’re one of us. We love you. No matter what.”

    Luis narrowed his eyes and studied the Crane mogul’s reaction to those words.

    To his surprise, Alistair rose to his feet and opened his arms. “Ethan is right, dear Sheridan. We love you.”

    Julian looked skeptical in the background, Luis thought.

    “Oh, Daddy,” Sheridan cried. Clinging to him. “I love you, too.”

    Alistair’s cool blue eyes looked through him, and he turned to receive Sheridan’s kiss on the cheek. “Sheridan…I have a present for you.”

    Sheridan’s blue eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas Day. “A present for me?”

    The drawer slid open slowly, and Alistair withdrew a tiny crystal container. “Your favorite perfume,” he smiled.

    Perfume? What was so special about perfume, Luis wondered.

    But Sheridan took the present from his hands like it was a treasure. “Thank you, Daddy.”

    “That’s not all,” Alistair revealed. Picking up a key from his desk. “I hope it’s to your liking.”

    Sheridan’s eyes grew round, and her mouth fell open as her father dropped the key in her open palm.

    “I know you prefer to drive yourself instead of taking the limosine. So I took the liberty of choosing a car for you.”

    “Aunt Sheridan,” Ethan spoke like an excited schoolboy. “You’ll love it. It’s a red convertible. With leather interior…”

    “Why don’t you take it for a test drive?” Alistair suggested.

    The smile on Sheridan’s face vanished the moment Luis spoke up.

    “I’m sorry, Mr. Crane. But that is impossible. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that your daughter’s safety is the most important thing. And I don’t think it’s very wise for her to leave the confines of the Crane property.”

    “How dare you!” Sheridan bristled.

    “How dare I? I’m your bodyguard,” he said calmly. “And it’s my duty to keep you safe. It’s the job I’m being paid to do. And going out into the open air is like an advertisement that you want to be killed.”

    “He’s right, Aunt Sheridan,” Ethan conceded.

    Sheridan’s chin jutted out stubbornly, and she glared at him with icy blue eyes.

    “Sheridan,” Alistair spoke. “Heed Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald’s instructions. For me,” he implored.

    Luis watched. Amazed. Alistair’s words…they hypnotized her. And all resistance fled from her countenance.

    “Yes, Father.”

    “Now go along, dear. I have important business to attend to. Business you shouldn’t concern yourself with. Don’t give the kind Officer here a hard time. Cooperate,” he said. Picking up the receiver of the phone and pressing a number.

    Just like that, they were dismissed.

    The library’s doors shut behind them, and Ethan hugged Sheridan goodbye. “I’d walk you to your cottage, but I think Luis can handle it,” he smiled.

    White-hot anger emanated from her in waves, and Luis wasn’t entirely happy when they left the relative sanctuary of the Mansion behind.

    They slipped in and out of the shadows as they trudged to the cottage in silence.

    He gripped her elbow firmly as the door swung open, and the lights flickered on.

    She rolled her eyes. “Who’s going to get me, Officer? The Bogeyman?” she sneered. Jerking her elbow free and stalking inside.

    He followed her. Barring her entry into her bedroom.

    “What the hell is it this time? I’m exhausted! Will you just leave me alone long enough to get ready for bed?”

    He held a finger to his lips, but she didn’t notice. Or maybe she just ignored him.

    “Oh my god! I can’t believe you! I suppose you have to check under the bed and in the closet for monsters. Well…that’s it. I’ve had enough. Move out of my way, Officer,” she shoved past him. Resting the key and the perfume atop the smooth wood of the armoire. And pulling a flimsy nightgown from its drawers. “I’m going to bed now. Do your damn security check,” she muttered. Toeing her shoes off.

    His black eyes glittered. She was infuriating. That’s what she was. And he had the irresistible impulse to wrap his hands around her slender neck and squeeze.

    “Officer,” she huffed. “Fine,” she snapped when he didn’t bend to her will and exit the room. Her fingers unzipped the side zipper of her pants, and the black material pooled at her feet. Her white shirt fell from her shoulders.

    He turned around. Loosening the buttons at his neck. A sudden wave of heat passing through his veins. The blood pounded in his ears, and he could hardly breathe when he realized he could still see her. In the reflection of the mirror.

    Blood-red lace lingerie molded to her form. And his eyes traced the curve of her spine as her fingers unsnapped her bra. She eased the straps down her arms and…

    His breath stuck in his throat when her blue eyes met his gaze in the mirror. And for an instant he could swear he saw desire flair up in their depths. Desire that matched his own. His fists clenched at his side, and he forced himself to break their intense stare. “Uh…I’m finished here. Do you have any extra sheets…a pillow I can use?” He heard the soft whisper of silk as she moved across the room.

    “They’re in the closet outside. Let me get them for you,” she said softly.

    “I can get them,” he told her. Breathing in sharply when his hand brushed against hers. “I’m sorry,” he apologized when she snatched her hand back. Like it had been burned.

    “I can get them, Officer,” she insisted. “I hope you don’t mind the couch. It’s a little small,” she said. For no reason at all really.

    The tension in the cramped hall made it hard to breathe.

    So he did the only thing he could do…

    Sheridan exhaled a sigh of relief once he disappeared into the living room. And twisted the knob on the closet door. Emerging seconds later. Arms laden with sheets and a pillow. "I hope these are…” Oh god. The shirt was gone. And the jeans fit his body like a glove, and she just knew she was instants away from spontaneously combusting.

    “What?” he smirked. Rubbing his arms briskly. “You hope they’re what?”

    Sheridan raised smoldering blue eyes up to his face, and she quickly looked away. “I hope these are okay,” she rushed. Setting the bundle down on the edge of the sofa and stepping back. Putting some distance between them and wrapping her arms around her chest self-consciously. “They’re all I have.”

    “They’re fine,” he assured her. “Ms. Crane? Is something the matter?”

    “Uh…huh?” she murmured distractedly. “What do you mean?”

    Luis stuck his thumbs in the waistband of his jeans and leaned against the arm of the sofa. “I don’t know. You seem…kind of…quiet,” he grinned. His brown eyes sparkling at her teasingly. “I can’t figure you out.”

    She lifted curious blue eyes to him.

    “In the span of a few hours, you’ve went from bitchy to weak to…”

    “Stop wasting your time,” she spat in irritation. Turning on her heel. “You aren’t going to be around long enough to find out.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure of that if I were you,” he called after her.

    The door slammed, and he heard the lock click into place.

    She was a mystery to him. Like a puzzle that’s pieces didn’t make any sense on it’s own. He wanted to find out what made her tick, he thought. And that realization made him curse under his breath. “Dammit, Luis. You can’t let her get to you this way. She’s just a job. Just a job,” he repeated. Feeling somewhat better. But at the back of his mind…

    It just wasn’t true.

    There was NO escape.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 4

    Long limbs sprawled at odd angles. A pale yellow sheet bunched at his waist. He tossed and turned restlessly. One bronzed hand shoved through black hair, and brown eyes popped open to survey his surroundings once more.

    This wasn’t the home of a Crane.

    Midnight sky was slowly giving way to morning as the sun’s rays painted the horizon outside in pale pastels.

    Last night was the most restless night of his life.

    And it had little to do with the fact that he was responsible for a human life. A human life steeped in fame. Fortune.

    He closed his eyes as the sudden, unbidden image of her smooth, naked skin assaulted him. The ridges of her spine like pearls. The whisper of silk as she moved.

    She was beautiful.

    A woman with many, many layers.


    She was untouchable, he told himself. Sitting up with a groan and swinging his legs over the edge of the sofa.

    Bare feet padded across the living room.

    The door to her bedroom was slightly ajar.

    Sometime during the night she had unlocked it, he realized with a slight smile.

    He pushed the door forward gently. Holding his breath as it creaked on its hinges.

    Unable to breathe at all at the vision he encountered.

    Her face was lax in sleep. Peaceful. Her chest rose and fell gently with each breathe she took. Her short blond hair curled around her face.

    She was the picture of innonence.

    But then…it just went to show…appearances COULD be deceiving.

    Sheridan Crane was no angel. Hellion was a description more fitting.

    He pulled the door shut behind him after quickly inspecting the room and walked into the kitchen.

    Cupboard doors banged shut, and coffee mugs clattered against the tile countertop as he searched for a law enforcer’s staple. Coffee.


    The coffee percorlated, and it’s rich aroma wafted through the kitchen as he scanned the refrigerator’s interior.

    He knew he shouldn’t be surprised to find it fully stocked, but he couldn’t help it. Things were SO different this side of the Harmony ‘railroad’ tracks.

    He whistled a cheery tune under his breath as he cracked eggs into a bowl, and bacon sizzled in a pan on the stove.

    “Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald!”

    Luis winced as her shrill scream ricocheted off the walls of the cottage.

    “I’ll have you know, you woke me from a perfectly wonderful dream. You didn’t waste any time making yourself at home, Off…” All thoughts flew out of her brain as she rounded the corner, and she stared slack-jawed at his…physique.

    Luis turned around with a wicked gleam in his dark eyes. “Are you hungry, Ms. Crane?” he asked. Shifting his attention back to scrambling the eggs in the pan.

    Sheridan’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips unconsciously. “I…I…” she stammered. How were words possible at this moment? He was standing before her. Cooking. In nothing save a pair of black boxers. She had a weakness for black boxers.

    “Yes or no?” Luis queried. Spooning a heap of eggs into a plate to his right.

    Sheridan had difficulty tearing her eyes away. She couldn’t possibly speak.

    Luis fought the urge to laugh when he turned around to find her staring. “Here. I fixed you a plate anyway. How do you take your coffee?”

    “Black,” she sighed. “No,” she rushed. “I’m sorry,” she said. Flustered as hell. “With sugar. Lots of sugar.”

    “I’m afraid I don’t know where the sugar is. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.”

    She moved toward him slowly.

    It was almost as if she were afraid to be close to him, Luis thought.

    “Uh…I’m not sure where it is,” she said. Averting her blue gaze and fixing it on a point on the wall.

    He filled her coffee mug with the steaming liquid as she ransacked the cabinets for sugar.

    “I found it, but I can’t…I can’t…reach it,” she huffed frustratedly.

    Luis swallowed hard. His dark eyes fixated on the slip of silk riding up her long tanned legs as she raised on tiptoe stretching an arm out to the top shelf. He cleared his throat uncomfortably and crossed the room to stand beside her in two or three long strides. “I’ll get it.”

    She sucked in a deep breath as his arm reached past her. Fleetingly brushing against her breast, and her cheeks instantly flamed with heat. “Thank you,” she murmured when he handed the sugar over to her.

    After a few awkward seconds of staring at each other, Luis broke their gaze. “The food’s getting cold.”

    She crossed her arms across her chest self-consciously as she seated herself opposite him and hesitantly picked up a fork.

    “Aren’t you going to eat?” he asked.

    She took a dainty bite of eggs between her teeth, and he rolled his eyes.

    “At that rate, you’ll still be chewing on breakfast come dinner.”

    “Haha,” she muttered. “Why Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald…I didn’t know you were a stand-up comedian.”

    The bitch comes out to play early, he thought silently. “Loosen up,” he said instead. “I’m not going to bite. And I’m certainly not going to attack. I’m responsible for your safety. Remember?”

    She picked up the pitcher of orange juice and poured a small glass. Lifting it to her lips and sipping. “How can I forget? When you keep reminding me? What’s in this for you, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald? A hefty raise?”

    Anger flared within him, and his jaw clenched. “Money doesn’t make me operate. Pride in my job does. I’m not doing this for the money, Ms. Crane. Although…I think anyone who spends more than a few days with YOU deserves some sort of medal.”

    She slammed her glass down on the table in rage. Her blue eyes dangerously dark.

    He grinned.

    She was seething.

    And he realized…he LOVED getting her all worked up.

    “Oh really?” she bit out. “I don’t see people lined up outside to see you. If you’re such a popular guy, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald, tell me. Where are they?”

    He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms about his bare chest. Brown eyes glittering with amusement as she seemed to forget any other retort begging release from her tongue, and those blue eyes turned dark with something else. “Then you’d have a little competition. But don’t worry,” he uncrossed his arms. “I think you could take them. I think you’re stronger than you look. And being a Crane…I’m sure you know how to fight dirty. I mean, it’s something Daddy taught you way back when, isn’t it?”

    “Go to hell,” she spat. Throwing her napkin at him and stalking out of the kitchen with angry strides.

    What a view.

    He didn’t even jump this time when her bedroom door slammed. It was something he’d already come to expect.

    The dishes clattered as he gathered them up and placed them in the sink.

    He twisted the tap, and warm water rushed out as he squirted dish detergent into the sink. He gulped down the last of his coffee and set the mug in the soapy water. Dipping the rag down and beginning to methodically wash and dry the pots and plates and glasses.

    A muffled noise from the direction of Sheridan’s bedroom put him on alert, and he dropped the towel on the kitchen counter before easing along the edge of the kitchen wall. Gun in hand. Ready.

    But it was the ear-splitting scream that made his heart race and his steps quicken.

    And he crashed through the bedroom door. To a sight that made his jaw drop.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 5

    “Sheridan! Sheridan! Are you okay?”

    Her blond hair was slicked back, and water dripped from her body. Her very naked body. She stood there in shock for a moment. Mouth gaping open. Blue eyes enormous. “Of course, I’m okay,” she spat. Tugging at the comforter from her bed. “Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald…Officer…LUIS!” she yelled.

    It was his spoken name that did it.

    His dark eyes blinked, and he lowered the weapon in his hands. “What happened?”

    She glared at him. Yanking more fiercely at the comforter. “Ugh!” she huffed. “At least have the decency to turn around. Why the hell did you come bursting in here in the first place?”

    “I’m sorry. What was I supposed to do? I hear the woman in the next room from me. Screaming bloody murder. BLOODY MURDER,” he emphasized. “The woman I am assigned to protect from a ruthless drug cartel who will stop at nothing to eliminate her from the picture…”

    “Sure, sure,” she interrupted him. “I’m sure you’re sorry,” she said sarcastically.

    He had his back turned, but he could see her rolling those blue eyes of hers.

    “It’s my…”

    “I know. Your job. I’ve heard this lecture how many times before in the last 24 hours? Hmm. That would be…a thousand times! And I’m sick and damn tired of it!”

    He spun on his heels and said hotly, “Not this again. You, Ms. Crane, sound like a broken record.”

    The floral comforter dwarfed her form.

    He had to fight the urge to laugh. Not for a moment did he think she wouldn’t kick his ass. Let her try, he thought silently. He bet he could have her begging him for…..mercy. Forgiveness. His brown eyes lingered lazily on a bead of water that clung to the hollow of her throat just so.

    “Broken record! I’ll show you broken…”

    He let her rant. Shaking his head to clear it of the images that assaulted him. Him shutting her up with a kiss. A long, deep, wet, passionate kiss. Dark against light.

    As they moved together in unison…He stifled a groan when she stepped nearer. God. This was insanity. Not even two days, and he wanted…

    The perfect bead of water traveled slowly. To the valley between her breasts.

    Her blue eyes glittered. A devious sparkle in them. “What is it, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald?” she purred. “Cat got your tongue?” she questioned. Her own pink tongue darting out to moisten her lips.

    He swallowed hard as her soft body brushed against his.

    She trailed her manicured nails up his forearm.

    And he shivered under her touch.

    She gasped as his own hand grabbed hers and pulled her up against his hard chest.

    Her lungs burning. Feeling as if they would burst as she held her breath.

    “As much as I’m enjoying this little…seduction of yours,” he said in a low whisper. “It has to end,” he growled. Shoving her from his grasp. “NOW! Get some clothes on.”

    She clutched the comforter to her shoulders. “I can’t.”

    He rolled his eyes at her words. Jaw set in anger.

    “What’s the matter, Officer? Can’t take a little temptation?” she laughed wickedly. “You’re no fun at all,” she grumbled.

    “Well…you’re no walk in the park, either,” he muttered under his breath.

    She couldn’t tell what he said. But she had her suspicions. None of them good. How was she going to survive much more of this? Cooped up in this tiny cottage. Alone. With him and only him.

    It was exhausting.

    The air between them hummed with electricity.

    This…attraction she felt for him…it was like a live wire.

    “You never told me what happened,” he said. Breaking the heavy silence.

    “What?” she asked dumbly. She was so busy thinking up solutions to this unexpected problem, she didn’t hear his question.

    He picked his gun back up from her armoire. Testing its weight in his hands. “Well…something must have frightened you. What was it? What on earth happened?”

    She blushed furiously in embarrassment as she ducked her head. “It was nothing,” she said softly.

    “Nothing! Ms. Crane…I get it,” he smirked. “This is all part of your little plan.”

    “Oh, I HAVE to hear this,” Sheridan tapped her foot impatiently. “WHAT plan, pray tell, is that?”

    “My! Aren’t we forgetful?” Luis crossed his arms. “I thought…and I’m using your exact words here, you wouldn’t sleep ‘with the likes of me’?”

    Anger flared up in her blue eyes.

    “Well? Did you change your mind?” he teased.

    “Well what, Officer? You’re so smart, Einstein. You tell me,” she said.

    His deep brown eyes darkened as he studied her. So intently.

    It was unnerving. Like he was staring straight into her soul. As if he knew all her secrets. All her hopes and dreams.


    No. This was…this was…“This is absolutely ridiculous!” she cried.

    Luis grinned. “What’s so ridiculous about wanting me?” That did it. She was steaming now. RED-HOT.

    “Wanting you? WANTING YOU?! Why on God’s green earth would I want you? Really, Officer. There are so many reasons. Number one I don’t even know you.”

    “Come on. You can’t say that,” he smirked devilishly. “After all…I’ve seen you naked,” he said in a low, appreciative voice. “You’re quite the little exhibitionist.”

    “Me? What about you? At least I had a good excuse. I was in the middle of taking my shower when this enormous ta…I just got out of the shower. Why are you prancing around like you’re…Adonis or something? Too sexy for your shirt, Officer?” Sheridan! You did NOT just say that!

    Luis’s teeth gleamed white against his dark skin when he smiled. “You think I’m sexy, Ms. Crane?” he waggled his eyebrows. “Why thank you.”

    “Ugh!” she flailed her arms about in frustration. “Why do you always twist everything I say around? Not EVERYTHING is an innuendo. Do you take pleasure in aggravating me? Are you enjoying making my life miserable? Why couldn’t I get a nice, ugly, mute bodyguard that can’t give me orders?” she grumbled.

    He chuckled. “Uh…Ms. Crane. I’d be a little more careful if I were you.”

    She caught the comforter just before it slipped. Then stomped off toward the open bathroom door. Pausing just outside. “I’m going to finish my shower now.”

    The smile on his face faltered somewhat as she visibly paled. “What is it?” he hissed. Creeping up behind her.

    “N-Nothing,” she stammered.

    His shoulder brushed against her arm as he leaned forward to do an inspection of his own, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. “Dammit! Would you stop that?”

    “What?” he asked innocently.

    Or maybe NOT so innocently, she thought to herself. Touching me, she wanted to scream. “Sneaking up on me and trying to cop a feel,” she muttered. Backing up against the doorframe.

    His eyes twinkled as he said, "I’m more straightforward than that, Ms. Crane. If I wanted to touch you,” he whispered. Raising a hand to her cheek. “I would just do it.”

    Her gaze darted back and forth between his lips and his eyes. Do something Sheridan. Do something before you make a complete fool of yourself and… “There’s a tarantula in my shower,” she blurted.

    And the look on his face…

    She could die from the mortification.

    His lips twisted upward on their own volition, and he removed his hand from her cheek. “A tarantula? You nearly gave me a heart attack over a tarantula?”

    Her cheeks burned hot as she stared at her feet. “It’s huge,” she shuddered. “I reached for the shampoo, and it was just…there.”

    He laughed. Cute. She was embarrassed as hell.

    “Don’t laugh. It was huge and hairy and it stared at me with these awful beady eyes,” she pouted. “Kill it,” she whined. Eyes wide with fright.

    And blue as the ocean, his brain supplied. He was drowning. Mesmerized.

    “Please,” she begged. “I can’t…Luis,” she cried. Hanging back nervously. “Just kill it.”

    He pushed down his amusement and sauntered into the bathroom. “Where is this…monstrosity?”

    Sheridan was so terrified she didn’t recognize the teasing quality of his tone. Maybe she just didn’t care. “In the shower, you idi…”

    “Hey!” Luis held up his hands defensively. “No need for name calling. Simple question. What’s so hard about a simple answer?”

    “Moron,” she muttered under her breath.

    “Smartass,” he shot back triumphantly.

    She shot daggers at him.

    “Do you want me to kill the tarantula or not?” he sighed.

    She swallowed her pride. “Yes,” she whispered. “It’s in there,” she pointed with a shaky finger.

    Luis’s hand grasped the edge of the shower curtain, and slowly he pulled it back.

    “Luis!” she groaned. “Hurry up and kill the damn thing!”

    He flung the shower curtain back and…

    She bit her lip. Hands covering her eyes.

    “A tarantula?” Luis gasped for breath in between belly laughs. “You call THAT,” he pointed to the rather puny spider perched atop a shiny bottle of shampoo, “huge?”

    “It is. I mean…it was. Shut up,” she huffed.

    He snickered as he picked the spider up by one long leg. “A Daddy Long- Legs,” he shook his head. He opened the small bathroom window and dropped it outside. “Satisfied now?”

    “No,” she grumbled.

    He whirled back around to face her.

    “You’re still here. G-E-T O-U-T!” she yelled. Shoving him out the bathroom door.

    He grinned when it slammed shut in his face. He couldn’t resist. “I bet you LOVED ‘Charlotte’s Web’.”

    “Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnyyyyyyy,” she shouted brattily.

    “I try.”

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 6

    Luis cursed under his breath as he hurried to catch up with her.

    She'd emerged from her luxurious (what the hell else had she been doing in there for 30 minutes?) shower clad in a shimmering lavendar sundress that swirled around her slender ankles with every step. Pale purple-painted toes peeked from the edge of simple white sandles.

    The smile on his face grew wider as his dark eyes traveled upward. She wore minimal makeup, and for a moment, he just admired her beauty. Until...

    "Are you going to gawk at me all day, Officer? So pathetic," she muttered under her breath as she turned on her heel and stalked out the front door of the cottage before Luis could gather his wits about him enough to try and stop her.

    Luis groaned at the devilish twinkle in her blue eyes as she practically sprinted across the gardens separating the cottage from the Mansion. "You're supposed to clear ALL outings with me," he growled. Cutting her off before she could go inside.

    "Oh really?" she mused. "Does that go for EVERYTHING? There ARE some things a woman would rather keep...private. Or would you like rather violate that and shatter the mystique?"

    His brown eyes rolled of their own accord. "What mystique?"

    She ignored him. Jabbing a manicured forefinger into his chest. "What's the matter, Officer? Disappointed I didn't reward you for your heroics this morning by letting you watch? Learn to live with the disappointment...fantasies are the closest you're ever going to get to the real thing," she smirked.

    "Are you sure about that?" he couldn't resist asking. Advancing on her and invading her personal space.

    Sheridan's blue eyes flashed angrily at him as the Mansion's brick walls bit into her back. He was standing so damn close she couldn't formulate a proper thought. She held up a hand to his chest to push him away. He was TOO close, she realized. Blinking rapidly as his handsome face loomed in front of hers. What the...Handsome?

    "Am I making you nervous?" he whispered.

    "No," she lied through her teeth. Her senses were going haywire on her with just the slightest contact from him.

    "You're not a very good liar," he told her. His voice dripping with amusement. "Are you sure you're okay, Ms. Crane?" he asked her with gleaming dark eyes as his fingers trailed the length of the delicate gold chain at her throat.

    She almost stopped breathing as his fingers dipped into her cleavage to retrieve the locket attached to the chain. Her blue eyes were transfixed on his long fingers as they fumbled with the tiny latch holding the locket shut.

    Luis studied the photograph nestled inside with curious eyes.

    A vaguely familiar woman. Holding a tiny blond-curled child close. As if she were a treasure. The child's blue eyes...

    He knew those eyes...

    The locket lay in the palm of his hand as he leveled his gaze on her again. "You," he said simply.

    Those damn blue eyes were pulling him in.

    His heart gave a tiny lurch as her fingers brushed against his, and she self-consciously averted her eyes from his intense stare. "Your mother?"

    The pale gold settled against her throat once more and the locket once again disappeared.

    He tensed as he heard movement behind them.

    The melancholy look in her blue eyes was quickly replaced with one of irritation as he raised a finger to her lips to keep her quiet, and she fumed silently as his hand went to the gun tucked in the waist of his pants.

    A firm hand on his shoulder had him whirling on his heels.

    Ethan Crane's blue eyes widened in fright when he felt the barrel of the gun pressed against his ribs.

    "You idiot!" Sheridan lambasted. "What are you trying to do?" From the looks of things...Ethan was about to piss in his preppy chinos. "Put that horrid thing away. If you weren't so jumpy..."

    Luis scowled at her out of the corner of his eyes while he tucked his weapon back inside his pants. Apologies flowing forth from his lips. "...just doing my job."

    Ethan's jaw worked futilely as he tried to think up a response.

    Sheridan crossed her arms about her chest defensively as she glared back at Luis. "See what've you done, Officer? You've scared my poor nephew into a complete stupor."

    Ethan's cheeks burned brightly.

    "Sheridan, Darling," a feminine voice interjected. "Like the man said...he was only doing his job."

    Luis's dark eyes appraised the two women interacted as they embraced in greeting.

    Slightly formal, but there was genuine affection present.

    Sheridan kissed Ivy's cool cheek as she dropped her arms to her side. "Ivy," she breathed. "Are you feeling better? Ethan told us about your headache..."

    Ivy waved her off. "Nonsense, Darling. There was NO headache. I just didn't think I could stand to look at your lovely brother's face one second longer than necessary," she said with a saccharine smile on her lips. "I thought we could enjoy a nice picnic lunch together at the gazebo, though. We have a lot of catching up to do. Why not enjoy this beautiful weather we're having here in Harmony while it lasts?"

    "THAT sounds like the best idea I've heard all day," Sheridan smiled brightly. Looping her arm through Ivy's with a fleeting glance in his direction. "Unless..."

    "Sheridan, Darling," Ivy smiled broadly. "Your bodyguard is more than welcome to join us."

    The brilliant smile on her face dimmed somewhat. resembled more of a grimace as he graciously accepted the older woman's offer with a pleasant smile. "Thank you. I'd really appreciate that."

    Ethan chuckled when his aunt couldn't resist her childish impulses and stuck her tongue out at the man beside him.

    "Damn brat," Luis grumbled under his breath as he watched the two women disappear around the corner. He made no effort to apologize when he remembered Ethan's presence. "Is she always so..."

    "Stubborn?" Ethan supplied. "Luis," he grinned. "You haven't seen anything yet."

    Luis raised his eyes skyward. "God grant me the patience..." To not kill her with my bare hands, he added silently.

    Lunch was rather...interesting.

    When he could relax enough to drop his guard and enjoy it. He was pleasantly surprised to find there was more than met the eye when it came his spoiled charge. More than once he had to stop himself from inflicting a little torture himself. He had the most insane urge to hum "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" under his breath several times.

    She was intelligent, witty, and really quite pleasant.

    To people other than him.

    Her desire to give to others, especially children, seemed very genuine.

    He was, he admitted grudgingly to himself, rather impressed, and he told her so.

    Her snide response... "Flattery will get you NOWHERE, Officer. You can't order
    me around like some...some...child!" She wasn't going to let him fool her. She knew he was being anything BUT nice.

    Ivy hid her smile behind her teacup.

    Ethan laughed openly in her face.

    Earning himself a slap on the arm. "Oh shut up!"

    Ivy's blue green eyes sparkled at her son and her sister-in-law as Sheridan rolled her blue eyes at Ethan and apologized for `attacking' him. Those two were more like siblings than anything else. "Finding everything in the cottage okay, Luis? Sheridan is more than welcome to stay in the Mansion, but she insisted..."

    "Ivy," Sheridan shook her head. Interrupting her. "We've been through this. You know there are bad mem...I just feel more comfortable in the cottage. I enjoy my privacy."

    "But the cottage must be awfully cramped...surely you'd enjoy more space...and protection..."

    Luis watched. His dark eyes never leaving her hands as they twisted the napkin nervously.

    "Mother," Ethan said pointedly. "If Aunt Sheridan wants to stay in the cottage, she can stay in the cottage. Luis is there to protect her..."

    "...the nightmares," Ivy continued.

    His gaze snapped to her face. Her pale face.

    Her blue eyes...they were haunted. By some memory he couldn't see, couldn't know.

    "Mother," Ethan warned.

    Sheridan's fists clenched painfully. Her nails digging into her palms as she coiled the napkin tighter still. "I'll be...I'm fine, Ivy."

    "She's safe with me," Luis said. Effectively ending the uncomfortable but intriguing discussion as he stilled Sheridan's anxious hands with his own. Enjoying the brief flicker of gratitude across her face.

    "Of course," Ivy apologized hastily. "Sheridan, Darling...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..."

    A small smile graced Sheridan's pink lips again as she accepted the sentiment. "No need. It's forgotten..."

    "So Aunt Sheridan," Ethan grinned. "I never knew your favorite book was Charlotte's Web. You and Luis must be getting along famously then."

    Luis groaned and inwardly cringed. Thanks a million, Crane.

    The truce was fun while it lasted. All of five seconds.

    "Famously," Sheridan answered. Through clenched teeth.

    Not helping me out at all, Luis thought as he met her furious stare.

    And it wasn't even noon yet.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 7

    For every step forward taken, there were two steps back. Always, Luis thought as he heaved a heavy sigh. The “Charlotte’s Web” incident was the least of his worries now. She was effectively driving him insane. Alternating between civility and downright brattiness/bitchiness.

    “It’s been two weeks. Two weeks already, and NOTHING has happened. NOTHING! Why do you insist on keeping me cooped up in this place, on these grounds, when it doesn’t appear that I’m in any danger? Come on, Luis,” she whined.

    He arched a brow at her use of his name. Officer, Moron…he was used to. But his name? Okay. She was pulling out the big guns.

    “No. No, I am NOT taking you off of these grounds until I hear word from Freeman himself,” he told her.

    The pout disappeared, replaced by a rather menacing black scowl.

    Or at least it would have been menacing to someone else. To him? Oh, he was really shaking in his boots.

    Sheridan Crane was many things. Many things that confused and irritated the hell out of him.

    But menacing?

    The mere thought was ridiculous.

    This one’s bark was most definitely worse than her bite.

    But still…

    No one ever said she wasn’t a hell-raiser.

    And he might just be tempted to, borrowing her words, “Chew off his own foot,” if he had to be witness to another temper tantrum.

    “How about a nice long walk?”

    Interest flared in her blue eyes for about a second before they were rolling at him. “Gee. I appreciate the offer, but no thanks.”

    He threw his hands up in the air. “Okay. Fine. But remember…you had your chance.”

    She watched him as he walked over to the sofa and plopped down in an ungraceful heap. She wanted to scream, yell, slap that damn smirk off his face that he tried, unsuccessfully, to hide behind yesterday’s edition of the Harmony Herald.


    She was going stir-crazy. So crazy, in fact, she was tempted to steal those cuffs of his and make sure he wouldn’t ever refuse her anything ever again.


    Forgetting the fact that it wasn’t the same old nightmares being in this town, so close to Father and Julian, and the Mansion, usually induced keeping her up at ungodly hours of the night, she wasn’t dirty-minded.


    To be fair, the first dream had been pretty tame. A few stolen kisses.

    Nothing to blush about.

    Last night’s dream, though…

    Oh God…she had to get out of this cottage now, or…

    “Look. I’m sorry. Okay? Satisfied now, or would you like me to beg?”

    Luis’s dark eyes glittered at her, and he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. Oh, the images that simple little question evoked. And the embarrassed flush of her cheeks. “Hmm…I’ll have to think about that one…”

    “You are so disgusting!” she snarled. Stomping over to him and yanking the newspaper from his hands, rolling it up, and threatening him with it if he said another word.

    “I’m so scared,” he teased. “Get over it, Princess. You served that one up on a silver platter.”

    He chuckled as she attacked him with her ‘deadly weapon.’

    Infuriating her all the more.

    But the day was just beginning.

    He thought she was going to rip his head off when he grabbed her by the wrist and tugged, landing her in his lap.

    “Let go of me,” she growled. Twisting and squirming in the struggle and making them both infinitely more UNCOMFORTABLE.

    “If you…dammit. Be still,” he commanded. Slamming his eyes shut as he tried to quell his unbidden responses to her closeness. The scent of her perfume, the blueness of her eyes, just the feel of her. So close. And alive. He couldn’t stop himself as his fingers loosened from her wrist, and his hand trailed up her bare arm. Skimming her shoulder before coming to rest at the nape of her neck.

    Goosebumps pebbled Sheridan’s skin, and her breath quickened at the touch of his fingers as they played with the blond curls. “Luis…” she whispered. Bracing her hand on his chest as she gathered the strength to speak. She was having a little difficulty thinking at the moment.

    Bit of an understatement really. She was having a hard time not melting into a puddle of mush at the moment.

    The look in his eyes…

    It was almost frightening in its intensity.

    She was barely breathing as the features of his face swam out of focus, looming closer inch by inch…

    Panic swelled within her.

    Control. She was losing control. She couldn’t let that happen.

    She shoved hard his chest. “Luis! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

    Luis blinked, and he shook his head.

    Anything to clear it of the dangerous notions that were threatening to take his brain hostage.

    He’d never been more thankful to hear a phone ring in his life than when the shrill noise shattered the awkward silence.

    “Ethan…No. I’m okay…Out of breath? Don’t be ridiculous…Really?…That sounds wonderful, but I have to clear it with my prison warden first…Wait just a minute…”

    Luis stared at the phone she held out to him.

    She pulled back when his fingers brushed hers, almost sending the phone crashing to the floor.

    Luis listened absently to the younger man’s voice as he presented his case. But his eyes were glued on her.

    Watching her every move, breath…

    Sheridan turned her back to him. Uncomfortable with his scrutiny.

    This HAD to stop, and staying cooped up in this cottage all day was NOT going to help matters there.

    “…Yes, Ethan. That DOES sound like a good idea…We’ll be there…Thanks,” he finished. Hanging up.

    She whirled around, blue eyes confused.

    “Well,” he shooed her with his hands. “What are you waiting for? Me to change my mind? We don’t have all day. Go.”

    A genuine smile lit up her face, making her eyes sparkle a dazzling blue, and for a moment, he thought she was going to say thank you.

    But the day was only starting, right?

    And a girl couldn’t ruin her image.

    She’d thank him later.

    If she didn’t kill him first.

    Luis shook his head as he heard the bedroom door slam behind her. Couldn’t let a crack show up in the Crane armor. It just wouldn’t be suitable.

    He grabbed his duffel bag from the closet and began rifling through it.

    She was crazy if she thought he wasn’t going to be right there. By her side. For every minute.

    Thanks probably wouldn’t be forthcoming later, either, but it’d all be worth it to get out of this damn cottage before he did something monumentally stupid.

    Thanks be damned, he thought with a grin, as he finally found what he was looking for.

    It WAS particularly hot today in the town of Harmony.

    He could use a good swim.

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    Re: Angel (Sheridan and Luis)

    Chapter 8

    “Aunt Sheridan,” Ethan smiled, laying the courtroom potboiler in his hands down on the chaise as he rose to his feet. “So glad to see you,” he told her as he wrapped his arms around her in greeting.

    The scowl on Sheridan’s lips disappeared as soon as she saw the haphazardly placed smudges of sunscreen dotting her nephew’s cheeks. “Is that the latest look?” she teased as she looped her arm in his. Effectively ignoring Luis’s very presence beside her.

    Luis shook his head at her. If she weren’t such a child, she’d be a grade- A bitch. As it were, she was the biggest brat he’d ever met. “Forgetting something?” he jogged up beside the pair.

    Her blue eyes glittered at him as she snatched HIS towel away. “So thoughtful of you,” she said with a saccharine smile.

    Ethan’s blue eyes twinkled at the little display.

    “My pleasure, your Highness,” Luis’s dark eyes were laughing as he lifted her hand to his lips.

    He hid his smile when Aunt Sheridan yanked her hand free just centimeters shy of Luis’s lips. “Glad you could join us, Luis,” he spoke up when the daggers shooting from her eyes reached fever-pitch intensity. “There should be something suitable in the pool house if you want to swim a few laps.”

    “Oh please. You can’t be serious. Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald…”

    “Thanks, Ethan,” Luis cut her off. Smirking as he watched her pleased smirk turn into something else entirely with his next words. “I brought my own. Do you think you can keep an eye on her? I turn my back for one second, and she’s into trouble again.”

    “Don’t I know…ahem. Yes. Yes, of course. Don’t take long,” Ethan said almost pleadingly as he found a good portion of the blond dynamo’s fury directed AT him.

    Luis ducked as a bottle of tanning lotion whizzed past his head.

    “…treats me just like a child. Ugh! I hate him. He’s like a damn fungus…”

    “Aunt Sheridan, he’s only doing his job. And you can be rather…”

    “And you, Buster. Who do you think you are? Taking his side?”

    Luis chuckled as he closed the pool house door to the image of Princess Crane physically ‘attacking’ her flesh and blood.

    Sheridan Crane was a hands-on kind of woman.

    “Honestly, Ethan. You could be a little more supportive. The man is driving me up the wall. One second longer in that ridiculously small cottage, and you’d be defending me in a capital murder case. He’s just so…” Words failed her as she unwrapped the cerulean sarong from her waist and slipped her feet out of her flip-flops.

    “So what?” a voice hissed against her ear, and Luis had to remind himself that his life and well-being might very well depend on his ability to keep his laughter at her reaction in-check at that precise moment.

    “Dammit!” she swore as she whirled around and put some distance in between them. “Would you make a little more noise next time? Are you trying to do the drug cartel’s job for them?” she asked snottily.

    “Don’t you think you’d be six feet under by now if that were the case?” his dark eyes gleamed devilishly at her as they openly admired her body. And the tiny blue bikini barely covering it. “You certainly don’t like to leave much to the imagination, do you?"

    Ethan backed slowly away. To his own remote corner of the pool. And promptly buried his nose back in his book.

    “You know what? I’m not even going to let you spoil my fun…”

    “Fine by me,” he shrugged his shoulders. Hands going to the hem of his tank top. “You can have that end of the pool,” he motioned to the shallow end. “I’ll take this end,” he grinned.

    “Hell no,” she growled as she shoved past him. “You take that end,” she ordered.

    “”Whatever you say,” he said pleasantly. Peeling the tank from his torso.

    “Bast…” Sheridan glanced back to shoot another glare his way and nearly choked on her own saliva.

    “Did you say something?” Luis cocked his head to the side as he dropped the towel around his waist to the ground below. “What was that, Ms. Crane?” he smirked.

    “Aunt Sher…”

    “Like what you see?” Luis teased mercilessly as she continued to stroll along in a daze. “Which is it? Cat got YOUR tongue, Ms. Crane? I watch where I was going…”

    Ethan flew from the chaise as soon as he heard the awful splash. “Aunt Sheridan! Are you okay?”

    Luis chuckled as her blond head broke the surface, and her arms flailed about as she sputtered and gasped for breath. “Need a hand?” he offered with a smile. There was a split-second where he realized he should have known better than to trust the little minx.

    Her hand slid into his too quickly. Her eyes sparkled too brightly. And her lips curved into a mischievous smile.

    Seconds later he was choking up chlorinated water and watching her tight little derriere as Ethan helped her climb out of the pool. “Okay. So you got me that time. It won’t happen again,” he promised. “It won’t happen again,” he laughed to himself as she strutted to the far end of the pool and took the towel her nephew held out. He’d return the favor. Soon. At first chance. In the meanwhile, he decided a few laps around the pool would do his tension-filled muscles good.

    Ethan shook his head as he listened to his aunt rant and rave about how much she despised Pilar’s son while her eyes kept peeking over the magazine she was pretending to read to watch him in the pool. He’d been accused of being obtuse sometimes, but he hardly thought the dumbest individual on the planet could miss the chemistry these two were fighting for all they were worth. It was exhausting just to observe.

    “Mr. Crane,” a maid appeared at his side, holding his cell phone. “You have an important phone call. It’s Ms. Hotchkiss…”

    “Take it, Ethan,” Sheridan nudged him.

    “Gwen…Yes…Yes, I understand….Let me just…” he held his hand over the receiver as he spoke to his aunt. “Aunt Sheridan…you wouldn’t mind if I cut our day together short, would you? Gwen needs me at the office. She wants my legal opinion on a few matters.”

    “Of course, I don’t mind. Ethan…go. You’re not going to disappoint me. I promise,” she smiled up at him. “You don’t have to worry about me. One babysitter is enough,” she said. Sending a pointed glare Luis’s way.

    “But Aunt Sheridan…”

    “Ethan,” she snapped impatiently. “For the last time…I’ll be fine!”

    Ethan’s lips quirked up at the corners. “It’s not you I’m worried about. I’m kind of afraid you’ll kill Luis while I’m gone, and I really will have to defend you on murder charges. I’m not THAT kind of attorney, Aunt Sheridan,” he teased.

    “Ethan,” she warned.

    “Keep yourself out of trouble,” he grinned as he lifted the phone back to his ear and ambled after the maid.

    Easier said than done, she thought silently as she watched the muscles of Luis’s broad back ripple and shift as he pulled himself out of the pool. And the way the droplets of water cascaded down his perfect bronzed skin.

    And the damn smirk on his face!

    “Alone at last.”

    “UGH!” she groaned as she flopped onto her stomach to make sure she didn’t have to look at his infuriating face any longer. “I hate you, you know that?”

    “Tell me how you really feel,” he grinned as he eased himself into the chaise opposite her.

    “Don’t even talk to me.”

    “Won’t be a problem if YOU’D just shut that mouth you SO love to shoot off,” he told her.

    “Don’t make me kill you,” she hissed as she grabbed her things and stomped to another chaise a few feet away.

    “All talk and no action,” he taunted her. “All talk and…oomph,” his mouth fell open when something hit him square in the face. He pulled his hand away, and…

    A tiny blue bikini top dangled from his index finger.

    “You were saying?” she smirked at him with glittering blue eyes.

    Maybe he should have just kept HIS damn mouth shut, he thought as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

    “I thought so,” she boasted triumphantly. “Now who’s speechless? Moron,” she muttered into the arm carelessly strewn above her head.

    Bitch, he thought.

    There was obviously NOTHING childlike about the half-naked woman just a few feet away from him.



    Maybe a swim wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had, after all.


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