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Victoria and J.T.'s wobbly marriage takes another hit this week when she tells him that she cheated on him with Deacon.

The confession comes when the two of them are arguing about a missing Colleen, who's been taken hostage by Patty, and J.T. again blames Victor for bringing Patty to Genoa City. J.T. accuses Victoria of not caring about Colleen being gone. "Victor just ends up telling him the truth about having sex with Deacon," explains Amelia Heinle. "The thing is, she does care about Colleen, even though she's angry with her for going after J.T. But she is worried about the situation and realizes it's important that she be found."

So why tell J.T. the truth in that particular moment? "Because she's feeling guilty and Victoria just wants to get it out," notes Heinle. "J.T.'s angry and upset, but they can't even talk about it. he has to deal with finding Colleen first."

Later, Victoria begins to worry that J.T. is right about her father -- but is it too late for their marriage to be saved?