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Thread: HOH competition update

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    Post HOH competition update

    jordan fell about 10:30. kevin and natalie started dealing. natalie agreed to throw it, figuring that she had the better chance at beating jordan in the second round. as soon as jordan came back from showering and changing clothes, natalie "fell" (about 10:55). (they waited until she came out so she could witness it.)

    kevin wins round 1. round 2 should happen tomorrow, so round 3 can be live on the show on thurs.

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    Re: HOH competition update

    Jordan is such a weakling. I wanted to root for her but just cant. She doesnt deserve to be the winner

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    Re: HOH competition update

    I do feel like Jordan isn't giving it her all and it really does expose her game. Without Jeff, she really can't or just not doing much. I mean, don't just give away the game, fight like hell.

    It looks like Kevin and Natalie will be the final 2 unless Jordan dreams up some strength and does a complete 180. I would be shocked!!! Shocked I tell you!!

    But, if NatRat and Kevin are in the final 2, I can't see anyone giving it to Nat. I mean no one. I would love see Nat get absolutely zero votes.


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