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    Cool Levon Helm - Electric Dirt

    Levon Helm
    Electric Dirt

    4 out of 5 stars
    Reviewed for Coffeerooms by Mike Jefferson

    Levon Helm is a survivor, an American icon. He grew up dirt poor on his daddy's farm in Arkansas, sustained by his love for blues and traditional music, and went on to become a member or The Band, one of music's most unique and respected groups. The Band featured three ill-fated lead singers: crooner/keyboardist Richard Manuel, whose expressive, wounded voice mirrored his troubled psyche; hiccupping bassist Rick Danko, the happy-go-lucky party boy, and drummer Mark Lavon "Levon" Helm, whose roguish drawl stamped many of the group's signature songs. Manuel was devoured by his demons - driven to suicide, Danko's abused body wore out, and Levon seemed ready to meet his maker when he contracted throat cancer.

    Not only did Levon defeat the disease, he defied predictions he'd never sing again. Rising like a southern fried Lazarus, Levon resurrected his dormant solo career with 2007's Grammy Award winning "Dirt Farmer," an album in which he revisited his Arkansas roots through a collection of traditional country and blues.

    In a tribute to his rural roots and as a way to honor one of his mentors, Muddy Waters, Levon has titled his second comeback album "Electric Dirt." Muddy once put out an album called "Electric Mud" (he didn't like it and called it "Electric S**t") but the pyschadelasized version of classic blues tunes introduced Muddy to a new generation of fans. "Electric Dirt" is bound to do the same for Levon, who many know as the dude with the cool Southern drawl in Tommy Lee Jones' movies rather than the man who held the beat for The Band. It's his best solo effort since his debut, "Levon Helm and the RCO All Stars" thirty-two years ago.


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    Post Levon Helm Electric Dirt

    Which do you prefer? i think acoustic has its place but for some songs that requires it, and electric does also. they might be the same named guitar but they are entirely in different style,.


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