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Last week, Nick was stunned when Sharon confirmed that he's the father of her unborn child. He intended to share the news with his wife before she left for Switzerland, but ultimately decided to wait until she returns from her journey. This week, Sharon tells Nick they should keep the paternity a secret -- forever!

"She just wants to carry on with her own life now," shrugs Sharon Case. "In her mind, Nick and Sharon are going to have a baby -- just not together. She's all set to raise this baby on her own."

Is Sharon worried about ruining Nick's marriage to Phyllis? "Sharon doesn't care about Phyllis's feelings," scoffs Case. "That's the least of what she's worried about. She is concerned about Summer and how this might affect her because she is Nick's child. Sharon is not emotionally involved with what's going on in Phyllis's life. But she does care about Nick and wants to keep things uncomplicated."

Nick doesn't like the idea of keeping the paternity a secret, and he wants to be there for Summer. "He loves his family and he wants to protect his loved ones," explains Joshua Morrow. "His family has always been very important to him, and he's always been a good dad to Cassie, Noah and Summer. But he is a confused guy. His one downfall is women, and it's not even that it's multiple women. So you can't call him a player."

That said, Nick informs Sharon that he's not going to deny his own child, no matter how difficult the truth might be for Phyllis. "He doesn't want to hurt anyone," sighs Morrow. "He's just trying to do what he thinks is right in a sticky situation. There isn't an easy way out."