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Deacon and Amber are all set to say "I do" this week when Daniel rushes in and brings the ceremony to an abrupt halt.

"Amber is shocked to see Daniel," says Adrienne Frantz. "She has no idea what's going on or what he's doing there."

It's all set in motion when Daniel tries convincing Amber to marry him instead of the sleazy Mr. Sharpe. "Amber wants to marry Daniel more than anyone, hands down," insists Frantz. "But she knows she can't. If she does, Deacon is going to send Daniel to jail. Deacon has evidence that can put him away forever, and Amber won't risk Daniel losing his life. She's being selfless because she loves Daniel so much."

Before Amber can give Daniel an answer, Deacon shows up. He once again tells Amber that unless she marries him, he will make Ryder recant his statement and Daniel will become the sole suspect for Ray Elkin's murder. "Daniel is like, 'We'll find a way around this. I love you and I want to be with you,'" recounts Frantz. "But Amber knows she can't marry Daniel. This is heartbreaking for her, but she says no. She can't let Daniel throw away his life for her."

Amber takes off with Deacon, who informs her that they'll be saying "I do" the next day. Meanwhile, Daniel orchestrates things so that he gets arrested, goes to jail and can talk to Ryder. Daniel forced Ryder to tell him what he knows about Terroni, but before he can find out who really set him up, guards rush in and break them up.

Later, Amber arrives at the jail to bail Daniel out and tell him to get on with his life. Explains Frantz, "It's one of the hardest things she's ever had to do, but Amber tells Daniel he needs to move on."

Amber goes back to Deacon and gets ready for their nuptials. The wedding dress? All black! "It's as if it's a funeral to her," admits Frantz with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Daniel is still determined to make sure the wedding doesn't happen. After telling Kevin everything that Ryder revealed to him, Daniel rushes off to stop the ceremony. "Amber starts walking down the aisle toward Deacon," says Frantz. "She's trying to make herself numb and go through with it, because there's nothing else she can do. It's a lost cause at this point."

That's when Daniel comes busting in. "Amber tells Daniel he has to leave, that he's ruining everything," notes Frantz. "But Daniel says he knows what Deacon really wanted all this time and it wasn't Amber. It's a key -- a key to Terrible Tom's safe deposit box. Amber doesn't know what's going on or what the key is, but for some reason, when Deacon hears Daniel has this key, he stops the wedding and goes off to talk to Daniel alone."

Is Amber hopeful that she might not have to go through with the wedding? "No!" insists Frantz, swearing that Amber believes her fate is sealed with Deacon. "Amber thinks this is trouble, this is bad, that there's no hope. Not once does she think this could be anything good."