Computer desks
Spending lots of time at a desk is just a fact of modern living and working. Your computer desk had better be something you are comfortable with or you will be frustrated and irritated, even if just subconsciously. If you like your desk and chair then you can be more effective and efficient with what you are doing. Many people try to make their work environment as comfortable as possible, and understandably so. But the desk itself is fundamental to your satisfaction. So feel free to set out those desk toys, plants, and a few pictures from home, but be especially sure to tend to the computer desk itself, or you will never be as happy as you could. Since a computer desk is so important, it is worth taking a look at some of the different types and configurations available to you.
First, let's start with something just a little odd, the standing computer desk. This is a style that I am very tempted by. It is constructed to be tall so that the user can stand while working. This has the obvious advantage of keeping the user more active and fit. It also has the obvious downside of forcing the user to stand. Sort of a double whammy situation. People who use this sort of desk report greater productivity and energy after a break-in period that allows their bodies to adjust to being vertical for longer periods of time than they might otherwise be used to.
Second, there are traditional sit down desks that are designed to be used in a corner. A corner computer desk has several advantages. They free up floor space in your work environment and allow for other interior design possibilities that otherwise would not be available. Like traditional designs, these have many options for storage both in drawers and above on shelves. Some have keyboard slides and built in file folder storage. Whether you prefer wood, metal or glass, a corner computer desk can be a great option.
Solid oak furniture seems to be a hot favorite for many Ė although oak is often associated with high prices this isnít always true. There are many retailers out there (usually online) which have fantastic prices for really high quality oak which for a computer desk will mean it will last a life time!