Chapter 4

Upper East Side
Gwen and Ethan’s home

Gwen is in the patio feeding Jane. Rebecca lets herself in.

Rebecca: Morning.

Gwen: Morning. I didn’t know you were coming.

Rebecca: Well I was in the city and I thought I’d stop by for a visit.

Rebecca sits down in a chair across from Gwen.

Rebecca: So, when are you going to file charges against charges against the little slut?

Gwen: Mother, don’t start.

Rebecca: You saw what happened yesterday. She won’t give up until she has Ethan.

Gwen: Theresa is not a threat to me or Ethan. We live miles away. The only people that know our address are you, daddy, Fox, Fancy and Paloma. And they haven’t told Theresa anything.

Rebecca: Let’s hope it stays that way.

Gwen: Relax mother, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Rebecca: We’ll see.

Paloma’s apartment

In her one bedroom apartment, Paloma sits in the living room talking on the phone.

Paloma: Okay, I love you too bye.

The sound of the doorbell causes Paloma to jump up. Through the door, they could hear Pilar’s voice.

Pilar: Paloma, are you there?

Paloma: Coming.

Paloma: So, what brings you here?

Pilar: I thought you’d like some lunch. It’s only leftovers.

Paloma: Thank you. Would you like to stay?

Pilar: I wish I could, but I have to get to the church. Your father and I are going to renew our vows. It will be in about a month. I’d like it if you could go.

Paloma: There’s something you need to know. Last night, while you were at the store, I saw Martin and Katherine kissing.

Pilar: Oh.

Paloma: I’m sorry to drop this on you now, but I thought you should know.

Pilar: Don’t be, I’m glad you told me. Well I should get going, I’ve got some errands to run

Paloma sits downt on her couch, wondering if she did the right thing.

The Monroe Estate

Maria and Steven are having breakfast.

Maria: I spoke with Paloma earlier.

Steven: How is she?

Maria: She seemed okay, considering.

Steven: Did she mention it?

Maria: No, I think she’d rather forget.

Steven: I don’t blame her, it’s hard what she went through.

Maria: Yeah, and we are to blame.

Steven: We’ve been over this. We did what we thought was best.

Maria: How can you say that? We made her believe that her believe that her baby had died.