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Thread: NFL Michael Vick and dog fighting ring..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeganG View Post
    I only knew because I've been following this story. In this case I'm glad its about the money and the Falcons are trying to reclaim the cash. I will say it has shown there are some groups out there that showed their true agenda. Though they were small, there were some playing the race card saying he got off worse than a white player would have. I'm glad the broader media didn't pick that up. Why anyone could be involved with that kind of brutality is beyond me.
    I agree and one thing that was brought out (media wise) is that dogfighting is more widespread than I thought it was. Definately not a race issue as to what sentence Vick or someone else might receive on a similar thing. If anything, it may because the majority of people in this country have some kind of pet and are horrified that dogs/animals might be used in gambling blood sports. That and what opinion the judge may have had...might have been the deciding issue. I dunno, but...

    it's good to bring things like this out. I saw a report soon after this came out with Michael Vick's situation that (I think in NY state) dozens (maybe a hundred!) cats and many kittens (some still had umbilical cords) were rescued by local authorities from a ring of dogfighters who used the cats/kittens...thrusting them at in-training dogs to get them excited, then letting them kill the felines and taste blood.

    Good news was that when the news got was reported that so many came adopt these rescued felines.

    One more state just recenty (last 3 or 4 years) banned cockfighting and was an issue placed on the state ballot. I can't tell you how many editorials in the paper. etc. were from those supported cockfighting...some even said it was a family sport they enjoyed and raised birds for.

    Sheesh! Get the kids into baseball, soccer, etc! ARG!!!!

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    Re: NFL Michael Vick and dog fighting ring..

    Yikes.......Just when you thought we were actually a civilized people, eh? Makes you wonder just how "civilized" we really are after all.


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