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Fall Preview

- Sharon faces very extreme consequences. Machinations from those around her will turn her into a very different character, someone much stronger. When the truth is revealed about why she's made the decisions she has made, she will be seen in an entirely different light. It will cost her emotionally and physically, and her love interests will be altered dramatically -- perhaps a new one or an old/new one.

- Mary Jane continues to unravel and she becomes more and more dangerous as we head into the fall. Her actions will escalate and it all leads back to the epic feud and rivalry between Jack Abbott and Victor Newman.

- Gloria and Jeff outdo themselves as they find a new way to win their fortune back. They will be involved in a multitude of stories as they get swept up in a convergence of events. Numerous stories will interconnect.

- The viewers will see Adam struggle with his conscience as he tries to juggle his dark side and his light side. He takes these terrible actions, but he's not a complete sociopath and what he's done will begin to bother him. Internal strife. He is out to hurt Victor as much as possible, but at the same time he craves his approval and yearns for his love.

- Chloe uses Chance to make Billy jealous. However, she soon realizes that her plan isn't working... because she actually begins to fall for Chance.