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    Post Jury House

    I have a question about the Jury house, there are always 7 people in the jury house so that the final vote is not tie. Not that Chima is out, she won't be in the jury house. that means that only 6 people will be in the jury houses for the final vote.
    Are they going to bring back a player to make the jury house 7 again?
    How will a tie vote possibly be broken?
    Or do you think that may, there will final three (instead of two) so the vote will be odd numbers again.

    Any thoughts.

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    Re: Jury House

    they can't bring any of the first 4 HGs back because they have been out in the world and know things that the other jurors won't know.

    I think TPTB only have 2 realistic options. one is the option you listed (final 3 instead of final 2), but I can't see them doing that.

    the option I would like to see is america's choice for chima's vote. make america the tie breaker!!! they kind of went there when america's player, eric, voted for us.

    the only way it would even be an issue is if it came down to a tie. it usually has a pretty clear winner, so I don't think it will be a problem, but you never know.

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    Re: Jury House

    I'm sure they'll figure something out. They need to have a back up plan in case of a tie. There's no way to bring back a previous house guest. Doing a final three is iffy. I like your America's Vote idea.

    You're right though, they usually have a clear winner but you never know.
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    Post Jury House

    pics and vids of the house... but so far no sign of the HGs will it be today, or wednesday, as ive heard?


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