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Thread: Y&R: Spoilers & Previews; Week of 8/24

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    Post Y&R: Spoilers & Previews; Week of 8/24

    got this from daytime royalty


    Phyllis is wary of Sharon.

    Paul gets into trouble.

    Ashley and Adam team up.

    Lily has a realization about Cane.

    National Enquirer

    Phyllis is suspicious of Sharon

    Mary Jane (Patty) takes Paul as her hostage

    Lily finally realizes that she can't trust Cane

    Will Billy sign his divorce papers ending his marriage to Chloe?

    Romance In Port Charles Spoilers
    Via E-Mail/Yahoo

    MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2009
    Y&R --
    LAURA SALTMAN appears as Reporter Sonia Wells. In real life,
    SALTMAN is an Access Hollywood correspondent. SALTMAN appears as a
    relentless reporter from the NATIONAL INQUISITOR who shares a few choice
    words with Nick and Phyllis on August 24.


    Phyllis remains suspicious about Sharon.

    Mary Jane (who is really Patty Williams) makes plans to grab Paul as her hostage.

    Lilydecides that she was wrong to ever trust Cane.

    When Billy and Chloe meet with a mediator about their divorce settlement, Billy balks when it is time to sign the final papers. Billy claims that he needs to have more questions answered before he can sign.

    When Billy meets with Mac later, and admits to Mac that he just was just was not prepared to sign the divorce papers, Mac hits the roof. After arguing with Mac, Billy heads for Jimmy's Bar. After working at getting sloshed for a while, Billy finally signs the divorce papers - but remains uncertain about the wisdom of his action.

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    Re: Y&R: Spoilers & Previews; Week of 8/24

    Thanks for the spoilers.


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