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Amber goes to Deacon this week for help in securing Daniel's freedom even though Daniel dumped her for cheating him him with Sharpe. Amber pretends to have real feelings for Deacon so that she can get into his room and search for the evidence that would clear Daniel, but the plan goes awry when Deacon figures out her scheme. Later, Deacon reveals to Amber what she will have to do in order to get what she wants: marry him!

"It's interesting that Deacon's come on to this show as this bad guy because he wasn't really written as one on B&B," notes Sean Kanan. "It's been different to play him that way and to learn how he's become involved in the whole art world and the Terroni painting."

Why does Deacon want Amber? "I do think that Deacon and Amber have a very strong connection," explains Kanan. "I think they have a kindred spirit thing going on. They're cut from the same cloth. They've both dealt with a lot in their lives and have done what they had to get ahead. That said, I'm playing it where Deacon does absolutely care about Amber. However, she's also a means to an end with this whole deal with Daniel and the Terroni. He's not worried about Daniel at all," Kanan continues. "In his mind, Daniel's just a kid. Deacon has asked Amber if Daniel will accept her for who she is, but with Deacon she'll never have to fake it. He thinks that she's putting on a show and playing the 'good girl' for Deacon's benefit."

Amber turns down the proposal. Meanwhile, Michael tells Daniel not to handle Deacon by himself, but Daniel is determined to prove his innocence. When Amber tries to help him, Daniel tells her to leave him alone. Later, Amber accepts Deacon's proposal, provided he makes sure that Daniel is free and clear... but will she regret it?

"Deacon's a tough customer," acknowledges Kanan. "He doesn't respect many people. He's someone you need to watch your step around