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With Ashley's mental state continuing to deteroirate this week, Jack takes drastic measures to save her. Peter Bergman elaborates on the difficult decision.

WEEKLY: Billy and Jack decide that they need to get through to Ashley. What do they do?

BERGMAN: They go to the ranch. They decide to storm the castle and bring Ashley out by force, but it kind of falls apart.

WEEKLY: They have the perfect excuse to be there, don't they?

BERGMAN: It's the anniversary of John's death. When Billy brings it up, the look on Ashley's face just knocks the wind out of Jack. Ashley, who remembers everyone's birthday and everyone's anniversary, does not remember the death of her father. This is giant. Jack knows there's something really wrong.

WEEKLY: Do Billy and Jack make any headway?

BERGMAN: They do. They start to get through to Ashley, but then she sees Sabrina right behind them in the room. Jack can sense something is wrong. He asks, "What's going on? Is there someone else in the room?" Ashley knows what that sounds like. She says, "You think I'm crazy. You think I'm seeing things." Then all hell breaks loose.

WEEKLY: Ashley throws Billy and Jack out of the house!

BERGMAN: At the door, Billy says, "Wait. We can't give up just like that." But Jack hasn't given up. he just has to figure out what the right thing to do is. Jack realizes they are going to have to go to considerable lengths here. Then he gets a visit from his father -- or his conscience.

WEEKLY: What happens when he and John chat?

BERGMAN: Jack's real struggle is that he's the head of the family now. John tries to let him know that. He tells Jack he has to decide what the right thing to do is and do it. No one is going to tell him what to do. No one is going to lay it out for him. John says, "You're the head of the family. You know what the right thing to do is. You have to look out for Ashley." So Jack decides to do just that.

WEEKLY: Is this a turning point for Jack?

BERGMAN: It is. It's the passing of a torch. Jack is reluctant to take that particular torch from his father. He tells his father, "I am and always will be in your shadow." John says, "No. You're the head of the family now." For the first time, Jack starts to embrace that role.

WEEKLY: And with that role comes a very tough choice for Jack.

BERGMAN: Jack realizes he doesn't have a lot of options, and decides to file a petition to have Ashley committed. There's nothing else he can do. Ashley refuses to come back to the Abbott house. She refuses to see a psychiatrist. Victor refuses to let her out of the house. And something is really wrong. Ashley is acting bizarrely.

WEEKLY: Is Jack at all worried about Victor's wrath when he finds out what he's done?

BERGMAN: Not in the least. Jack doesn't care about that, and Billy probably cares less than Jack does at this point. Jack has to do what's best for his sister. That's his driving force. He sees his sister fammily apart. This is not Ashley. Jack is pretty desperate to do something about this.