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Thread: Victoria and JT Cheat!

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    Post Victoria and JT Cheat!

    got this from daytime royalty

    This week, the tension between Victor and JT reaches a boiling point as Victoria canoodles with Deacon and JT ends up in a passionate lip lock with none other than Colleen!

    "Although they've been fighting about Colleen being removed from the Newman board and Victor, what Victoria's really upset about is underlying," explains Amelia Heinle. "It's more about JT going to Colleen's aid and not telling her about it. There's a little jealousy there."

    JT tells Victoria that he believes Victor is the reason Mary Jane came to town. "Even though Victoria knows her father pretty well, she doesn't want to hear that from her own husband," says Heinle.

    Victoria storms off and JT stays at the bar for a drink. Colleen approaches him and goes in for a ksis, noting how good things were when they were together. Meanwhile, Victoria bumps into Deacon at the GCAC and he invites her to his room. "Victoria is so mad at JT that in a moment of stupidity, she bonds with Deacon over art. She slips up a little bit," admits Heinle. "They start kissing and making out. Things are getting pretty heated when someone knocks on the door."

    Victoria hides in the bathroom while Deacon opens the door to find a distraught Amber. When Victoria emerges from the bathroom, "she realizes she made a mistake," admits Heinle. "She feels really bad and tells Deacon she has to go."

    JT experiences guilt of his own after kissing Colleen, unaware that the P.I. tailing Colleen has taken photos of the steamy lip-lock.

    Later, JT and Victoria discuss their issues. "Victoria asks JT to stay off the subject of her father; that it's a sore spot for her," explains Heinle. "But neither of them mentions kissing another person and they don't intend to. They make up and decide they are going to work things out."

    However, after Victor's P.I. presents him with the pictures of JT and Colleen, he calls for Victoria and shows her the photos. "Victoria's pretty mad," says Heinle. It's interesting, because she knows she did the same thing. She just didn't get caught. So there's some guilt there."

    Then, "she confronts Colleen with the photos," notes Heinle. "Victoria wants to wring Colleen's neck. She wants to wring JT's neck, too!"

    Colleen tells Victoria that they only kissed and nothing more, but Victoria doesn't believe it. Victoria thinks it could've been a full-fledged affair. In the back of her mind, Victoria realizes they may have been carrying this on behind her back for a while. Says Heinle, "She really believes JT and Colleen are having an affair."

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    Re: Victoria and JT Cheat!

    Well, that works for me. JT and Victoria had to be the most boring couple on the show.

    I just wish they'd let her grow up and stop trying to be Daddy's little girl. It's really getting sickening.

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    Re: Victoria and JT Cheat!

    I agree JT and Victoria are boring...I've was a fan of JT and Colleen back in the day


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