Monroe Dinning Room

It is six oíclock in the evening. Maria Monroe is sitting at the dinning room table; having supper with her sons.

Maria: So how was school today?

Adam: Great, I got an A on my Geography test, and I hit a home run at PE.

Maria: Thatís wonderful sweetie, Iím so proud of you.

Adam: Coach Kaufman said I was so good, that I should try out for the team. When is dad coming home? I want him to help me with my catching.

Maria looked over to her eldest son Kevin, and gave him a look.

Kevin: Why donít we go to the park and Iíll throw the ball around for awhile.

Adam: Okay, Iíll go get my glove.

Adam: Quickly leapt out of his seat; but was stopped by his mother.

Maria: Is your homework done?

Adam: almost, Iíll do it when I get back. I promise. I only have 20 math problems left.

Maria: No, you finish up those problems and then you can go out.

Adam: Okay.

Adam left the table and went upstairs to his room. Kevin finished eating his mashed potatoes and then went upstairs. Maria sat at the empty table for a while.

Pilarís House

Pilar arrives home from the grocery store 10 minutes after Martin and Palomaís argument.

Pilar: Paloma, can you help me the groceries?

Paloma: Sure.

Paloma quickly bolted out the door and towards to the car to get the shopping bags. She wished the trip would have taken longer; but she was back inside in less than 3 minutes. Pilar notices the tension between Paloma and Martin; but chose to remain silent.

Pilar: I just saw Theresa in her room. How did she get that bruise on her cheek?

Paloma: Oh, I did that. I had to knock her out, it was the only way I could get the handcuffs off.

Pilar: Handcuffs, what are youÖ Donít tell me this about Ethan again.

Paloma: What else would it be? Fancy told me that Gwen and Ethan were visiting and Theresa handcuffed herself to the Crane Jet, just when they were about to leave.

Pilar shook her head in disappointment.

Pilar: Would you like to stay for dinner? Iím making spaghetti with meatballs.

Paloma: Iím sorry I canít, Iím going to have dinner with Fancy.

Seascape Restaurant

Fancy and Paloma are sitting at a table drinking water and waiting for their dinner to arrive. Paloma angrily tells Fancy all about Martin and Katherine.

Fancy: So are you going to tell Pilar?

Paloma: I donít know. I should. That way she can finally divorce the bastard.

Fancy: Pilar takes her marriage vows seriously.

Paloma: Fancy, he has been cheating on her for the past 20 plus years. If thatís not enough, he is still seeing that whore. Iím sorry I donít mean to offend you. I know Katherine is your grandmother.

Fancy: None taken. I must have been hard seeing her and your father..


Fancy: Okay, why donít we talk about something else?

Paloma: Fine. I spoke with Kevin and Adam last week.

Fancy: How are they doing?

Paloma: Pretty good. They canít wait until school ends.

Fancy: Iím sure they canít. Itís hard to believe they are in middle school. Do you think Kevin has a girlfriend?

Paloma: Heís too young for that.

Fancy laughs softly.

Paloma: What?

Fancy: Nothing, I was just thinking about the time you snuck into the boysí locker room and fooled around with not one, but two guys. You were 13 at the time, the same age Kevin is now.

Paloma: Letís hope he doesnít decide to follow my example.

Paloma and Fancy laugh; while they reminisce about their school days.