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This week, both SOD and SOW have articles on the Mary Jane story. The following writeup is a combination of both.

Mary Jane Revealed: It's Patty!

This week, Mary Jane is caught, but it's not by Jack or Paul. The one person to figure it all out is Father Todd, Paul and Mary Jane's older brother.

Paul is rejected by Nikki and Mary Jane sees him drinking at Jimmy's bar (where she's been hiding out). She has an incredible urge to reach out to her brother, but she ultimately resists. "The scenes between her and Paul are always kind of heartbreaking," sighs Stacy Haiduk. "She has so much she wants to say to him because he's her brother, but she knows she can't say anything because then she'll be found out. It's a very lonely place for her to be."

Later, Mary Jane drops by the church to confess her laundry list of sins. What she doesn't realize is that she's sharing her confession with Todd. After hearing Mary Jane speak for a couple minutes, the priest realizes it's Patty on the other side of the curtain. However, she bolts before he gets a chance to confront his troubled sister. "You figure the secret's going to come out eventually," chuckles Haiduk. "Usually it's a situation where one person finds out then it snowballs from there."

Meanwhile, Victor is still offering a large reward for whoever captures Mary Jane. After she confesses at the church, Mary Jane runs into Gloria and Jeffrey, who share some food with her. Mary Jane concocts a lie about running from her abusive husband. Eager to get the reward money, Gloria and Jeffrey invite her to stay with them at their penthouse. However, Mary Jane doesn't buy their charity. When the two of them leave to get her more food, Mary Jane disappears. (Mary Jane has asked Mac if she can stay in the back room of the bar again.)

Later, Mary Jane phones Victor and tells him she wants a million dollars to keep quiet about him bringing her to town. "If Jeff and Gloria were going to get the million, why shouldn't she?" poses Haiduk. "It makes total sense to her." Victor sternly warns her that she's going to pay for what she's done to his family.

"I don't think Mary Jane's afraid of Victor," shrugs Haiduk. "She's at the end of her repe and ready to do whatever she has to save herself."

Mary Jane retaliates at Victor by sneaking onto the Newman grounds, where she places a note in JT's pocket that suggests he should ask Victor about Mary Jane. "Mary Jane wants people to know that Victor's a part of this," insists Haiduk. "It's not just her. He's the one who put Mary Jane into this picture. And she's trying to screw with Victor a little bit, too."