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Chloe playing matchmaker for Mac and Chance backfires this week when Mac tells her that she and Billy are together. For Elizabeth Hendrickson, that means more heartbreak for her lovelorn character.

WEEKLY: Chloe pushes Mac over the edge when she tries to set up and Restless Style layout around Mac and Chance, so Mac reveals she's with Billy?

HENDRICKSON: For the first time, Mac actually stands up to Chloe and tells her exactly how it is. She matter-of-factly says, "You lost. I won. Get over it."

WEEKLY: Does it catch Chloe off guard?

HENDRICKSON: Well, that's not normally the way Mac approaches things. It's more the way Chloe approaches things. Mac pulls the rug out from underneath Chloe when she throws that at her. Chloe's hurt and there are a slew of emotions going on inside her, but she isn't going to reveal everything to Mac. Chloe wants to have the upper hand, so she remains composed. They're also in the coffeehouse, so she isn't going to throw a fit or start a fight. But she does tell Mac exactly what she thinks.

WEEKLY: Which is...?

HENDRICKSON: Chloe tries to divert the situation, divert the side of her that's hurt, by turning it around on Mac. Chance walks in and Chloe calls Mac out on being a homewrecker and a slut. She throws out her little snide remarks and gets her digs in.

WEEKLY: Later, Billy and Chloe discuss divorce. Is Chloe really up for that?

HENDRICKSON: Cloe doesn't have a choice. She's tried so many ways to mend the situation between her and Billy. Her main concern now is Delia. She wants the best for her child. Chloe offers Billy the option of having full custody of their daughter. It's another way for Chloe to get a rise out of Billy and see how he reacts. Billy thinks it's absolutely absurd. He knows how much Chloe loves Delia and that she's a good mother. No matter what's going on between them, he would never want to take Delia away from Chloe. He says they're adults and they can work through this. Chloe's like, "Okay, fine. We'll do it your way."

WEEKLY: Then Chance arrives, sees how down and out Chloe is, and asks her out on a date. Right?

HENDRICKSON: I don't think Chloe's ready to get into a relationship with Chance right away, but what girl doesn't want a nice, handsome man taking her out to dinner after she's been dumped? Let's be honest here. Everyone likes a little Band-Aid to bring up their self-esteem. That's the Chloe way.