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Thread: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

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    Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    i hope you continue soon!

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    Post One of my favs!

    But then again I have always loved your writing and I think my comments show that!

    I look forward to this one as I do Believe and Anna Begins.....theres just something about them.....but this one...this one is just....powerful and i love that about it! I love the emotion you have in every scene, every line...pulls me in and makes me want it to continue reading but there isn't anything until the next time!

    I so loved these last scenes....the sorrow..the wanting to completely forgive but the idea of doing so can scare the crap out of you but once one shows you everything you could lose, you try everything to reach out and grip that one more chance...and you give that off so well in that last chapter....

    until the next post....

    D (had to go and change my name to post on these boards....i so don't feel like me without the name "passions57" attached )

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    Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    Hey Shae, guess who's loving it?

    Superb! I have loved this story the moment you put it on the Fanfic boards for the first time, and I'm ready for it! Love bringing Katherine into the story: Sheridan has always needed a mother.

    Post more soon! I'm HOOKED!

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    Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    Awwwww! I am so glad that you went back to this one. I adore it and as you know, everything about your writing! I would love to bring you in to teach my classes about emotion and intensity in writing. Can I hire you? Hehehe

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    Post Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    Hope you guys still remember this one.

    So, so sorry for the long wait for new chapters.


    Sheridan whirled around at the gentle, hesitant touch of a hand on her arm.

    Fancy’s blue eyes were soft with kindness. Over her shoulder, Hank’s brown eyes mirrored her expression. “It’s time to go.”

    Stepping around Fancy, Hank held out his arm and nodded to the carry-on Sheridan shouldered. “I’ll take that. It’s the least I can do since you ladies so graciously invited me along on your trip.”

    Through the red haze of her sadness, a tiny smile tugged at the corners of Sheridan’s mouth at Fancy’s disbelieving eye roll; Hank had all but invited himself. “Thanks, Hank,” she murmured, letting him take the bag.

    “For you, Beautiful?” Hank lifted Sheridan’s chin with his fingers, offering her an encouraging smile. “Anything.” Pressing a kiss to her hair when she surprised him with a hug, he met Fancy’s wide blue gaze over her shoulder and raised his brows. Hank let the bag slide from his arm and wrapped his arms tight around Sheridan. “You think I’m kidding?” he squeezed her shoulder in emphasis. “Use me. Abuse me. I’ll like it,” he winked, causing her to laugh and Fancy to roll her eyes again as she handed the bag back to him with a barely perceptible nod.

    “Just remember,” Fancy warned, threading her arms through Sheridan’s arm and gently pulling her from Hank’s embrace toward the gate, “you asked for it. Right, Aunt Sheridan?”

    “Right.” The light of gratitude shone in Sheridan’s tearful blue eyes as Hank hurried to fall into step beside them, and Fancy filled her ears with excited chatter about cute little purses and to-die-for shoes. When she would have looked back, Hank’s firm hand at the small of her back gave her strength even as her feet betrayed her and refused to move forward.

    “What’s that saying?” His brown eyes were still kind but filled with an iron will that brooked no argument. “How does it go again? If you love someone…”

    With a determined step forward, Sheridan finished for him, her voice but a faint whisper.

    “Set them free.”



    Snow blanketed the miles that stretched from Harmony to the small airport, and blue lights flickered across Luis’s stoic face. Sirens wailed as well, but Luis couldn’t hear them over the roar of his own heartbeat.

    Despite the flashing blue lights and frequent honking of his horn, the owners of the vehicles crowding the roadway in front of him seemed unmoved, or simply too harried, to heed any attention to his efforts at passing them by. They spared him nary a glance until he pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, the jeep bouncing across the rougher terrain and underneath a traffic light just before it changed to green.

    Snowflakes dotted his windshield, chased away by frantic wipers, and Luis cursed under his breath as traffic again stalled to a standstill before the airport exit. A plane roared overhead, and the feeling of dread that had taken hold with Katherine’s parting words tightened its fist-hold on Luis’s gut, causing him to tap impatiently at his horn once again. “Come on,” he bit out when the only response was traffic moving in a slow crawl ahead of him. The minutes seemed interminable to him before the airport, with its tall glass windows and warm yellow lights glowing through the thick snowfall, loomed in front of him.

    The jeep squealed to a stop, and Luis didn’t spare a second glance to the curious onlookers’ stares as he wheeled around them, his dark eyes frantically scanning his surroundings. Grabbing the arm of the first uniformed person he laid eyes upon, he blurted out the number burned into his memory with the bitter taste of his regrets.

    “I’m sorry, Sir,” the man answered, carefully extracting Luis’s hand from his arm, “but I can’t help you.”

    “What do you mean ‘you can’t help me’?” Luis fumbled through his pockets for his badge until he remembered Maria and the snowman and swore under his breath. “Look,” he took out his cell, flipping it open and skimming his phone book until the number to Sam’s cell phone came into view, “Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. I’m with the Harmony P.D. The Police Chief can confirm it for you; I’ll let you talk to him. You *have* to help me.”

    “I can’t help you,” the man repeated calmly, unblinking in the face of Luis’s anger.

    “Sam? Sam, listen. I’m…yeah, I’m at the airport. I need you to…yeah,” Luis grabbed hold of the man’s arm once again when he made a move to leave. “I’m going to let you talk to him.” He thrust the phone at the man, dark eyes searching again, heart beating double time and stalling at each flash of blond that filled his vision. His heart stopped in his chest, though, when he heard the man’s voice beside him snap with impatience, and his world, in that moment, stood still.

    “I can’t help him because he’s too late!” In a softer voice he continued, sympathetic eyes focused on Luis’s stricken face. “I’m sorry.”

    Voice rough with disbelief, Luis shook his head. “No. That’s not possible. I can’t be too late. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “I’m sorry, Sir. Really I am.” He handed the cell phone back to Luis.

    Numbly, Luis closed the cell phone, unable to think about saying goodbye to Sam and frowned at the stranger so uncomfortable in the face of his misery. “There has to be a mistake…”

    “I’m afraid there’s no mistake, Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald. The Crane jet has already left the runway for New York. A few minutes earlier…” he trailed off, giving Luis’s shoulder an awkward pat.

    A few minutes earlier, Luis thought as he lowered his chin to his chest in disappointment, feeling emotion wrap tight fingers around his throat.

    Sheridan had left him and Marty and Harmony behind forever, taking his last chance with her.


    As always, thanks for reading!!!

    Feedback is love!

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    Post another one for the books!

    i haven't been here in awhile. . .life is getting busier with each passing moment. . .

    thought i would stop in today and look what I found some fun reading!!

    enjoyed it as always...i don't think i have ever NOT enjoyed reading one of your fics. . .this one along with BELIEVE and ANNA BEGINS are well ones that i enjoy beyond --- beyond what i do not are an amazing writing and pretty much the main reason why i keep poking my head into here...keep it up!!

    until the next time...


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    Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    I am so glad to see the new chapter of this story. Loved it!
    Poor Luis! And poor Sheridan! It is so sad that Luis believes that Sheridan has left Marty and him behind forever. Luis doesn't give up that easily so I am hoping that he will do whatever he has to in order to get the woman he loves back. LOL! Poor Sheridan! I hope they both come to their senses and realize that they can no longer live without each other.
    Enjoyed the comedy with Fancy's eye rolls and Hank as obnoxious as ever but sweet that he is trying his best to help Sheridan.

    Can't wait to read the next chapter to see how you make this happen..... I mean the Shuis reunion! LOL! I want my Shuis happy ending, you know!

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    Post Re: Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)

    Sniff, sniff.

    I've finally done it. Something I haven't managed to do in years.

    I've finished a fic.

    Celebrate with me, friends.


    I say finished, and that is technically true. There is an epilogue in the works for those interested (raise your hand if you are *wink, wink*).

    Thanks to all those who stayed with me this long; much love, and I'll tell you just how much soon (I've stayed up way past my bedtime on a work night to finish this up, lol).

    On to the fic.



    “I don’t understand,” Sheridan fretted, wringing her hands for lack of anything better to do. Save for a crumpled day-old copy of the Harmony Herald, the row of cushioned seats was empty. “It has to be here. This is the last place…”

    “Perhaps you should check the ladies’ room.”

    Sheridan heard the note of thinly disguised exasperation in the suggestion but responded with a tight smile anyway, “The ladies’ room was the second place I checked after…” She didn’t have to finish the rest of her sentence; they both knew the ladies’ restroom had been thoroughly looked over, a second destination following their current location—the first and last place searched. “It’s not there.” Sighing, she tried to keep her voice steady as she admitted what they both suspected, “Someone must have taken it.” She couldn’t meet the pair of puzzled pale eyes in front of her; to him, she knew, it was only a compact, and her behavior over its loss the foolishness of a woman’s whims. How could she explain that, to her, it was so much more?

    “The Crane family have always been respected patrons of this facility. Maybe we can work out some type of compensation. Was the item an antique? A family heirloom?”

    “I’m afraid its only value was sentimental.” The lump in her throat made even that statement difficult to compose. For the first time, Sheridan saw understanding flicker across the man’s bored countenance and felt pity in his gentle touch to still her restless hands.

    “There’s still the chance it could be found.”

    His awkward touch fell away, and Sheridan could only nod quietly as he continued to speak, even offering to give a description of the lost compact to his employees in the event that they made its unlikely discovery. She looked up sharply, however, with the mention of New York.

    “…New York has already departed. Unfortunately, with the worsening snowstorm, our next flight out has been delayed.”

    Sheridan found her eyes drawn to the tall windows that lined the small airport’s walls, belatedly noticing that the runway was all but obscured by thick sheets of white. The Crane private jet, carrying Fancy and Hank, was already gone, one of the last flights to leave before the weather conditions had deteriorated to the state they were currently in. Unconsciously, she wrapped her arms tight around herself, feeling a shiver run down her spine as she stared at the wintry wasteland. Absently, she asked, “How long?”

    “Pardon me?” Pale irises studied her profile in confusion.

    Shaking herself out of her reverie, Sheridan faced the man and offered him an apologetic smile that didn’t quite meet her eyes then clarified, “How long do you expect the delay to be?”

    Now it was his turn to apologize. “I’m afraid these matters are never predictable. It could be minutes, hours, possibly even days. Of course, you’re welcome to wait here, however long that may be. But if I might make a suggestion, there’s a lodge just down the road a piece that would be much more comfortable. I’d be happy to make the accommodations for you.”

    “No,” Sheridan answered softly. “No thank you. I think I’ll,” she broke off to study her surroundings and dwindling clusters of people and families in the same predicament as her, “just stay here if you don’t mind.”

    “I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble to arrange a car to take you home.”

    Inwardly, Sheridan winced, both at the knowledge that the offer had only been made to her because of her Crane name and the realization that she didn’t have a home here in Harmony, never really had. “I appreciate the kind offer, but that won’t be necessary.”

    “If you change your mind…”

    She watched him slowly be swallowed up by the remaining crowd before turning around, her fingers tightening around her purse strap in surprise when she ran straight into a solid wall of muscle and felt two strong hands close over her upper arms to steady her. Biting her lip in embarrassment, she blurted out an apology without looking up, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Moving to snatch her hand back from its warm resting place, she felt her capabilities of speech flee her when a large hand quickly covered hers, holding it still, and she realized she could feel the strong beat of the heart that lay beneath her palm. Swallowing hard, she felt her cheeks inexplicably flush with heat, and her own heart speed up within her chest in what felt like recognition. It couldn’t be, she chastised herself, shaking her head and closing her sore eyes against the frustrating tears she felt pricking. Wishful thinking, foolish dreams, damned heart, she told herself as she lifted her face and steeled herself to meet a stranger’s face, even as his familiar scent filled her senses and a traitorous sob escaped her lips. “I didn’t mean to crash into you. Again,” she laughingly cried when gentle thumbs captured her tears and the moist brown eyes she loved so sparkled back at her.

    “Guess I’m going to have to arrest you.”



    The stars were high in the midnight sky, shining down upon them like polished diamonds as Luis opened the jeep door and offered his hand.

    Multi-colored Christmas twinkle lights blinked cheerfully in welcome and a thin curl of smoke wafted from the chimney, but the house and night itself were quiet until silvery laughter spilled forth helplessly.

    Frowning at the absence of her fingers from his hand, Luis felt the stern expression melt away when he spied the source of her laughter.

    The children’s snowman stood proud in the reflection of the stars and twinkle lights, Harmony PD badge prominently displayed and Luis’s own police jacket draped across the spindly branches that made up its arms. Those features, along with the bark eyebrows, left minimal doubt as to the identity of the snowman.

    “It’s you,” Sheridan stated the obvious, smoothing a fingertip over the rough bark’s surface with a smile.

    Her blue eyes glittered at him in the darkness, and Luis felt his heart swell with painful, thankful tenderness that it wasn’t with tears this time. “Yeah, well,” the corners of his mouth quirked, undermining the grouchy tone he tried to affect when he said, “He’s the snowman me. He doesn’t need a jacket.” Carefully, he disrobed the snowman, settling the jacket instead over Sheridan’s shoulders and drawing her close until he felt her warm breath against his face. When she shivered, he slipped his arms around her beneath the jacket and pulled her against him. “Better?” he murmured against her hair.

    Pressing her cold nose into the crease of Luis’s neck, Sheridan nodded, letting him hold her and soaking in his bodily warmth. Seconds turned into minutes, and finally the urge to speak again grew too strong to ignore. “Did you mean it, Luis?” she asked in a small voice. “Really? When you asked me to stay?” Her eyes stayed focused on her hands when Luis held her at arms’ length, stubbornly refusing to meet his gaze even when he lifted her chin in one hand.

    Sighing, he tucked her hair behind her ear and spoke as sincerely as he could, “I meant it. Every word. Even the ones I wasn’t brave enough to say.” He smiled slightly when that comment earned him her unwavering attention, and her blue eyes searched his face for some hint, some clue as to what he could possibly mean. Taking a deep breath, he spelled it out for her and watched her eyes fill with crystal tears again, this time of the happy variety. “Marty loves you, Sheridan. I love you. How could I let you leave Harmony and take my heart with you?”

    Holding up a shaky hand to her mouth, Sheridan tried to lighten the intensity of the moment with laughter and teasing, “That’s corny, Luis.” She sought out his hand in her own, squeezing it gently before pulling him along.

    Luis fell into step behind her, a solid shield against the night’s chill, and whispered into her ear, “Come on, you know you loved it.” His eyes were laughing at her as he trapped her between his body and the front door, keys in hand.

    Fingers looping through his belt loops, Sheridan backed through the open door, red and blue and green twinkle lights reflecting in her azure irises as she stared up at him. “Only because I love you.”

    The air grew thick between them, and Luis struggled to catch his breath long after she’d left his sight, disappearing into the living room on silent feet. He found her standing before the Christmas tree, touching her fingertips to a homemade ornament he recognized as belonging to their son, and he was hit again with the enormity of the chance they were taking, allowing themselves to love again. “It won’t be easy,” he warned, taking her hand in his.

    “It never has been,” Sheridan whispered back, studying the contrast of their fingers. “Nothing worthwhile ever is.” She looked deep into his eyes, seeing for herself that he recognized the truth in her statement.

    “Everything else is just a pale imitation,” Luis agreed. He squeezed her hand before letting it go and delving into his jeans pocket. “I almost forgot.” He opened his hand, earning a gasp from her. “I found this.”

    Sheridan took the compact from his hands and looked at him with her heart in her eyes, her words taking on an added meaning that only Luis understood. “I thought I’d lost it forever.”

    “Not lost,” Luis told her. “Just misplaced.”

    “Misplaced.” Sheridan’s smile grew, along with her realization; bless Fancy and Hank. She was still smiling when she pressed a soft kiss against Luis’s stubble-roughened cheek.

    Their warm breath mingled in the nonexistent space between them when she pulled back, but though he ached to take her in his arms and give her a kiss of less innocent intent, Luis recognized she wasn’t ready. They weren’t ready. There’d be plenty of time for those kind of kisses later. He pressed his lips against her furrowed brow with a sigh and let them linger.

    “Luis?” Sheridan questioned as he cupped her elbow in one hand and lifted the fingers of the other to her mouth to shush her.

    “Marty won’t mind an early Christmas present.” Luis grinned at her, gently pulling her away from the looming shadow of the Christmas tree and down the hallway toward the bedroom where their son slept with his cousins.

    “It’s late. Let him sleep.”

    The half-hearted protest was belied with an anticipation she couldn’t hide, and the expression was so reminiscent of their son, Luis realized he’d only been kidding himself when he’d claimed his last chances dried up and gone; for her, for Marty, there was no obstacle not worth taking on.

    Sheridan hesitated at the doorway, breath pent in until Luis tangled their fingers together and pulled her over the threshold.

    In the stillness of the night, a child’s joyous cries filled the air.

    “Mama! You’re home!”


    As always, thanks for reading!!!

    Let me know if there are any glaring mistakes; I wanted to get this up tonight and may have overlooked a few things.

    Hope I didn't pour on the schmaltz (sp?) too thick.


    I thought it was the least you guys deserved after all the angst. And it goes without saying that feedback is love (and you have to raise your hand if you're interested in that epilogue)!


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