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Thread: (late) Monday Moment - Feeling Accomplished

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    blog (late) Monday Moment - Feeling Accomplished

    I have officially completed my first official photography job! I had the awesome opportunity to shoot the press/rehearsal/production shots for my friend's new show "Lyric is Waiting" and it feels incredible.

    The sucky part? I totally screwed up my back. Not from the shoot, probably from picking up a piece of paper or something. I really have no idea. I just know that I woke up fine that day and a few hours later, spine was all sorts of crooked.

    So when I wasn't taking photos or working on them, I was laying in bed watching crappy movies...hence my lack of presence around here lately. Good news though, I appear to be standing straight now and the pain is gone.

    However, no matter how crappy I felt physically, nothing beat how amazing I felt to have completed my first photo assignment. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Y'know, it's like I say "Oooh, being a photographer would be awesome" but there's always a small voice back there like "yeah right, as if that'll happen."

    Well, that voice can leave now...cause it totally happened. I can now comfortably say with confidence that yes, I am a photographer. A newbie no doubt, but a photog none the less.

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    Post Re: (late) Monday Moment - Feeling Accomplished

    That must be an awesome feeling.
    Sending good, healing vibes to your back.

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    Re: (late) Monday Moment - Feeling Accomplished

    Congratulations! I love how the shots came out! Also relieved your back is finally settling down.
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