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This week, Nikki is overcome by her lingering feelings for Victor and tells Paul she can't marry him.

"There's a lot of turmoil about Victor, and he makes it clear Nikki's doing her relationship with Paul a disservice by going into their marriage with so many doubts," explains Doug Davidson. "In her heart of hearts, Nikki finally realizes that as much as she loves Paul, Victor is right."

As her wedding day approaches, Nikki tries to convince herself that she's ready to make a life with Paul. "Paul's aware of Nikki's doubts to some degree, but now to the degree they escalate to," concedes Davidson. "He knows the fact that she has decided to move on is a big step. Marrying somebody else is an even bigger step. But Paul doesn't think Nikki's not going to go through with the ewdding."

Later, Lauren is worried when she hears Paul describing Victor as the great love of Nikki's life. "That's part of the reality of it," admits Davidson. "Paul knows what the story is. He doesn't think it's possible to re-create the life Nikki had with Victor, but he does think he and Nikki can be happy and grow old together. He doesn't need the title of 'love of her life.' He loves Nikki, she loves him."

As the big day draws near, Nikki bumps into Victor, who is suspicious she doesn't love Paul the way he loves her. Then, Victoria asks Nikki if she's having doubts. Nikki's second thoughts are quelled for a moment when she talks to Jack, who reminds her that the loves she has with Paul is pure and unconditional. Nikki recalls all the difficult times with Victor and tells herself she's making the right decision. That is, until Paul surprises her with a present.

"It's a gold pendant of an ice cream cone, to remind her of how they met," recounds Davidson. "Paul saw Nikki at a pool. she looked so hot in her polka-dot bikini that he bought her an ice cream cone so he could come over and talk to he. Oddly enough, that sweet gesture makes the seeds of doubt in Nikki's mind grow. She can see how totally committed Paul is to their life together. You can't really enter into a relationship if you're not 100 percent committed on the eve of the wedding," notes Davidson.

Regardless, Nikki informs Paul that she's ready to say "I Do" tomorrow and goes through with the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately for Nikki, her doubt continues to grow.

"Paul tells Nikki that he understands what a big step this is for her," explains Davidson. "He wants her to know he appreciates it so much. Nikki realizes she isn't as far along in all these things as Paul thinks she is, and tells him she can't go through with the wedding."

Nikki's announcement stuns Paul. "He wasn't expecting it," says Davidson. "But he can see she's tormented and confused, and he doesn't want Nikki to go ahead with this wedding if she indeed has these doubts. Nikki decides to go away for a while to think things through, but she doesn't think her doubts are going to go away. Paul's hoping this can be worked out, that their relationship is worth working through this."