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For weeks, a crazy Mary Jane has been hiding out at Jimmy's bar. Laughs Stacy Haiduk, "Poor Mary Jane. I'm feeling really bad for her because no one's taking care of her. She went from a beautiful suite at the GCAC to the potting shed to the back of a bar. Mac is trying to help out because she thinks Mary Jane is sweet and homeless."

Jack, who's depressed because he just found out that Nick is the father of Sharon's baby, is drinking his sorrows away with Billy when Mary Jane slips in. "She's in her homeless ensemble and is almost unrecognizable," notes Haiduk. She spies on them and overhears an interesting piece of information. "Jack tells Billy that it's over for good with Sharon," Haiduk explains. "That's magnificent news to Mary Jane. As usual, she's twisting everything in her mind so that it works for her. She hears this and thinks she has a chance with Jack again."

Mary Jane understands that Jack isn't simply going to fall back into bed with her, so she decides to give him a little push. "Mary Jane has all sorts of little miracles," smiles Haiduk. "This time, she has prescription medication in her pocket, so she slips a lovely pill in Jack's drink when he isn't looking and it dissolves."

Clueless, Jack gulps down the drink. "The drug starts to affect Jack pretty quickly, but Billy just assumes his brother is getting really, really drunk," says Haiduk. "Billy takes Jack home and Mary Jane follows them."

Billy sits Jack down in the family living room and takes off. Mary Jane sneaks in, but wants to become presentable before approaching him. "She goes upstairs to take a shower and finally gets clean," explains Haiduk. "Then she comes down the stairs wearing Sharon's robe. She also has her hair up in a towel, but when Jack sees her, he's so out of it that he thinks she's Sharon. It's dimly lit and he can't really see her clearly. Mary Jane doesn't say anything wither, so he won't figure out who he's really with."

Jack and Mary Jane then have sex. "They do it right there on the couch," laughs Haiduk. "She doesn't want to waste any time. She keeps thinking that if Jack just sees how much she loves him, then he'll finally understand and be in love with her. She's more than obsessed."

After the sex, Jack conks out and a very pleased Mary Jane slips out. When Jack later wakes up, he's still hazy and finds a handwritten message waiting for him. Strangely enough, it's held down by a cat's paw. "Mary Jane leaves him a little love note," says Haiduk. "It's so mushy. Something only Mary Jane could write."

Jack is horrified when he realizes who he really had sex with. Jack calls Paul to report that Mary Jane was in his home. The P.I. becomes more determined than ever to find the elusive Mary Jane.

Meanwhile, Ms. Benson goes back to Jimmy's and stuns Mac. "Mary Jane is really happy and acting the complete opposite of the needy person Mac knows," Haiduk explains. "Mary Jane has also brought something with her that really makes Mac believes that something could really be wrong with this woman." What is it?