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-Mary Jane goes to extremes.

-Nick gets suprising news.

-Ashley has a hallucination.

National Enquirer Spoilers

Mary Jane goes to extremes to make Jack hers;

Ashley suffers an unnerving hallucination;

Nikki starts to have feelings of uncertainty as her wedding day nears.

Soap Central Tidbits
(New 7/25)

Mary Jane goes to outrageous lengths to reunite with Jack

Nick is shocked by a revelation

Ashley is freaked out by another vision

Nikki wonders if marrying Paul is the right thing to do

Nick and Phyllis's renewal ceremony begins

Nikki grapples with shocking circumstances

Nikki and Paul's happiness is crushed

The Newmans are devastated by an unexpected death

Isolated and outcast, Cane fights to re-establish himself as a good guy

Deacon continues to play the Little Eric card

Deacon demonstrates that he's not the same low rent schemer he used to be