I have a confession to make, over the last few days I started and caught myself up with HBO's True Blood. This is not a review of the show but I do have to say that my initial expectations were far exceeded. It really is a wonderful show with a fantastic plot.

What I wanted to share with you is this making of the opening title sequence. Anyone who has seen the show knows it's a pretty intense opening. Very dark, great music...really sets the tone.

FYI...this is probably considered NSFW...

CL Feature: DK's True Blood - The Making Of from Creative League Team on Vimeo.

A truly hand-made sequence for one of the most watched dramatic series in HBO's history. The final edit contains over 65 shots comprised of original documentary, studio, tabletop photography and found footage. 6 separate shoots took place in Louisiana, Seattle, Chicago on 7 different still, film, and video cameras. 3 new babies were born at DK between award and delivery. No divorces. 1 Bolex passed peacefully in the night.
And for those of you who haven't seen the actual opening sequence...

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