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Thread: Barry Blew It On This One

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    No- I said before that I think they BOTH over-reacted. Gates over-reacted initially... and then Crowley only added to the fiasco.
    I think he arrested Gates not because he thought Gates was really a threat to anyone but because he wanted to show Gates who was "boss".
    You don't think a more predent thing to do in that situation would have been to just say "sorry for the mistake" and walk away? The way I see it- Crowley only played into this whole race thing by taking it to the next level.

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    Post Re: Barry Blew It On This One

    predent = prudent!

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    The officer had nothing to apologize for.
    He responded to a legitimate call on his radio about a possible break in.
    When the officer arrived on the scene,
    Gates went all,
    "Oh great, Whitey is here to arrest me."
    Screaming, tirading, attempting to call the chief of police.
    For what?
    Because a police officer responded to a legitimate radio alert?
    Gates is serving no purpose for better racial relations by going all hot headed in a situation like this.
    Think of how this situation could have served the purpose of better racial relations, if Gates had just acted like an adult and provided the proper
    Oh, but then it would have gotten no media attention.
    Just watch Gates use this to further his hopeless propaganda that
    "the white man hates the black man, no matter what."
    What a waste of intelligence Gates is.
    Still pissing and moaning about things that happened twenty years ago.
    May he have a restless night's sleep,
    in which he is visited by the spirits of Martin Luther King,
    Rosa Parks,
    and Nelson Mandela.
    All of those spirits knew how to see what was wrong,
    and make it right,
    in a peaceable fashion.

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    Nice, mtj... and I can't argue with your premise that if Gates had just stayed quiet- nothing would have happened!
    I'm just trying to see both sides.
    And I still think that a 150 lb., 5'7", 58 year old disabled man with a cane was no threat to anyone at that time.

    On the plus side- at least this thread has gotten to 7 pages! LOL

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    Reines, I keep making a point that you seem to not hear.
    Gates was not arrested for being a "threat" to anyone.
    He was arrested for "disorderly conduct".
    Did you not read the definitions of that charge,
    previously posted in this thread?
    Without benefit of alcohol,
    as far as I have read on this,
    Gates was acting as looney as a drunk...
    rambling and tirade-ing about something THAT WAS NOT HAPPENING.
    "Uncle Tom" did not come to arrest this tiny, yet loud, black man.
    A police officer responded to a call of an attempted break in.
    And for doing his duty, as a law enforcement official,
    that police officer endured a vile and ugly tirade that he did not deserve.
    Gates was as disorderly as disorderly gets.
    None of this would have happened if Gates was living in the present,
    instead of still considering himself a "victim".
    My ancestors are Irish.
    They were discriminated against big time when they landed in this country.
    As in, signs in storefront windows that read "No Irish Need Apply".
    If I come home from a trip,
    and can't find my keys,
    and am seen by a neighbor who doesn't recognize me as "the homeowner"...
    do I get to act like an insane person, living in past prejudice,
    when a Protestant police officer comes to investigate?
    I think not.
    Again, Gates,
    and everyone like him,
    who tirades about things,
    instead of trying to change them,
    serves no purpose for racial relations.
    Care to go for page eight?
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    Yes! And I do get your point about disorderly behavior- but how is yelling disorderly behavior? And really, isn't that all Gates was doing?
    If a man can't yell in his own house... where can he? LOL
    As far as your comparison with how the Irish were treated? That's like comparing oranges and apples... isn't it? I mean... were the Irish routinely lynched for just looking at a white woman? I don't think discrimination from nationality is quite the same as discrimination from skin color.
    And how do you know that Gates only tirades about things and doesn't try to change them? After all... considering the position he's reached... he must have done something constructive in his life!

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    Trust me when I tell you that if someone is bitching, moaning, screaming and otherwise acting the asshole in my home...
    or theirs,
    disorderly conduct applies.
    Reines, why are you so whole-heartedly in support of this man?
    He was clearly wrong in his behavior.
    He set black/white relations back a million miles by doing what he did.
    Graceful behavior on his part would have been the better path to take.
    And yet you continue to take his side.
    I really don't get it.
    Tell me the innocent black man who was beaten unjustly by white police officers is right.
    I will agree with you on that.
    I can't listen to this black man, who has enjoyed most of the privileges that many white people don't enjoy,
    (Harvard Professor)
    bitching and moaning about what was clearly just a misunderstanding.
    I promise I won't serve you up a big plate of crow when
    Gates is on every talk show he can get money from,
    whining about his "unjust behavior".
    We'll have some pie and coffee, okay?

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    Then all I have to say is when the Italian side of my family gets together we would all have to be arrested for disorderly conduct. We pretty much do all of that in one conversation. The only reason this was disorderly was because he was dealing with a police officer...if he had been yelling at someone in his own home... nothing would have happened...

    I agree w/ reines Gates was out of line...but the police officer took it too far... they are trained to deal w/ unruly people and I can't imagine that they always arrest everyone who mouths off at them.

    I'm a big believer in respecting police officers but they are human and they aren't always right and they also aren't always good people or good officers.

    In this case, I think two people who were having a bad day met up and thus a bad outcome.


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