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Lily's battle with cancer leaves her unable to bear children this week, and Cane rushes to her side to console her. Christel Khalil Hensley discusses the bittersweet turn of events.
WEEKLY: This is such a heavy storyline. What were your thoughts when you first found out about it?
HENSLEY: Maria and I had a meeting in her office and she told me about it. I was thrilled. I like these kinds of stories. When Lily had chlamydia years ago, I got to do all these public service announcements about Internet predator awareness and things like that. Now I'm getting to do all these PSA's about cancer awareness. It's really nice to do something that can actually help people instead of playing the same old love triangles. I love it. It's actually fun for me.
WEEKLY: Lily wakes up post-surgery and learns the doctors had to perform a hysterectomy. How is the horrible news relayed to her?
HENSLEY: When Lily wakes up, Neil tells her that the doctors were able to harvest her eggs, but she doesn't even hear him. She's so out of it. All she hears is that they had to remove more than the tumor. So Lily knows then and there that she had a hysterectomy and she's devastated. She's crying. She can't believe this is happening. She can't ever have children, and that was so important to her.
WEEKLY: Lily asks Devon to bring Cane to her. What happens?
HENSLEY: Lily starts waking up again. She's still kind of fuzzy. Devon asks if she's okay. He tells Lily to tell him what she wants. He'll bring her anything she needs. She says, "Cane." Devon tells Tyra and Neil. Tyra is the one who calls Cane.
WEEKLY: Before Cane arrives, the minister who married them stops by to see her.
HENSLEY: He comes by to check on Lily. He tells her not to worry, that everything will be okay, and mentions that she has her husband. Lily tells him they're not together anymore.
WEEKLY: The minister compels Lily to trust in the love she and Cane have for one another. Is that a turning point for Lily?
HENSLEY: It confirms what she was already thinking: that being in the situation of having cancer made everything else seem so insignificant.
WEEKLY: Then Cane arrives. What is that scene like?
HENSLEY: Lily's happy that he's there. He tells her the doctor harvested a few of her eggs during surgery. Lily gets happy. It's a little ray of hope.
WEEKLY: Cane promises to stay by Lily's side for as long as she wants him there. How does Lily respond?
HENSLEY: She's happy about it. She wants to be with Cane and he's relieved. Lily's been through a difficult situation and she wants to be comforted by someone she loves. Even though she hasn't forgotten what went down with Philip and that whole thing, it's almost like that's not important right now.
WEEKLY: Has this whole tragedy made her realize the magnitude of her feelings for Cane?
HENSLEY: Lily already knew how deep her love for Cane is. All of this made her go, "Okay, I don't care what he's done. He's still my husband, and I need him right now."