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This week, Billy gets an earful about Victor and his schemes and decides to confront good ol' Mr. Mustache right in front of Ashley.

"I don't think Billy's interested in Ashley or anybody seeing the light," says Billy Miller. "He just wants to take on Victor."

Things are instigated by Cane when he informs Billy that the only reason Jill made him head honcho at Jabot is because Victor forced her to. "That's a major blow from a mother Billy thinks has never been there for him," admits Miller. "To find out she was manipulating him, and on top if it, trusted his fake brother with the information."

Then there's Victor's involvement. "So far, all this man has done is manipulate Billy," notes Miller. "As things unfold, Billy finds out there's more to it than he realizes. He's starting to think that maybe Jack is right: The Mustache is an evil son of a bitch."

Things get even more heated when Billy runs into Colleen and she tells him everything that happened at Jimmy's bar and how Victor is trying to get her booted from the Newman Board for it. Billy offers to help Colleen. "Colleen got caught flashing her ta-ta's in a bar," sighs Miller. "The whole thing sounds sneaky, like someone set her up."

Later, Colleen and Billy meet with Victoria and JT and Victoria tells Colleen she should resign from the Newman Board. Billy tells Colleen that she should issue a public apology, but Victoria refuses to budge. "Billy's angry and amused at what hypocrites these people are," says Miller. "Every once in a while, Billy has a saving grace outside of himself. You don't mess with his little cousin. Billy has had enough of being screwed over and doesn't want everyone else around him being screwed over, either."

Billy rushes off to confront Jill about the real reason she appointed him CEO of Jabot. "Jill's matter-of-fact about it," says Miller, admitting Billy feels "betrayed and disgusted" to learn he was a pawn in Victor's plan to get back at Jack. "He comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want a damn thing more from Jill."

From there, Billy heads over to Newman Enterprises where he rudely interrupts the board meeting, fully intending to expose the "real" Victor as Ashley looks on confused. "Billy's in the lion's den now," notes Miller. "He wants to confront Victor about his dirty dealings with him and Colleen. He wants satisfaction. Billy's not quite sure who his opponent is really, although he's heard stories about the legend of Victor Newman. But he's ready to duke it out. We'll see whose bark is worse than his bite."