"Over the strong objection of federal safety officials, a quiet movement to lower the legal drinking age to 18 is taking root as advocates argue that teenagers who are allowed to vote and fight for their country should also be able to enjoy a beer or two.
The proposal, which is the subject of a national petition drive by the National Youth Rights Association, has been studied in a handful of states in recent years, including Florida, Wisconsin, Vermont and Missouri, where supporters are pushing a ballot initiative."

I guess there is a point to be made about statute drinking ages and where 18 year olds who are in the military are sent to combat regions, but can't buy a beer back home....and how is that right to deny them legal drinking status.

IMHO, if it's sanctioned ok by the govt. to be an adult to pick up arms and fight, risking literally life and limb, then all adult status should be granted.

Times and issues change. When adult status, legal age, was an issue during my younger years it was about lowering the voting age. At that time draftee's could be sent to Vietnam, but they had no rights to vote in elections unless they were 21.