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Thread: Walter Cronkite is dead

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    Post Walter Cronkite is dead

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    Re: Walter Cronkite is dead

    He probably needed to report all the Michael Jackson updates in Heaven. Good news, and good night.

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    Post Re: Walter Cronkite is dead

    Uncle Walter.
    He was in our living room,
    every evening,
    chronicling the events of
    our lives.
    I don't think anyone will ever have a higher
    place in the history of broadcast journalism,
    than Walter Cronkite.
    Peace Uncle Walter.
    Good life to you, in The Summerlands.

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    Re: Walter Cronkite is dead

    Ditto, mtj. I realized while listening to all the remembrances this weekend, that he pretty much narrated my coming of age. He retired in 81 which was the year Jake was born. I was 12 when Kennedy was assassinated and remember his reports that week very clearly. Oh, and we had a small brush with him, one year when we went to visit M's brother, who lives on Martha's Vineyard, we got to stay in Walter's guest house. I'm sure he never knew we were there (wasn't on the island at the time) but we played on his lawn and hung out on his dock for the weekend.
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