Pilar's House

Martin and Katherine pulled away from each other and saw Paloma standing in front of the doorway.

Martin: Paloma, we were just...

Paloma: You were just cheating on her your wife. Again.

Katherine: I'd better go.

Katherine walks towards the backdoor. She looks back at Martin before leaving.

Paloma: Bye Katherine.

Martin tries to explain what just happened.

Martin: Paloma, what you just saw. Well there is a lot you don't understand. Katherine and I...

Paloma: You spent so many years together and fell in love. Blah, blah, blah; I've heard it all before. But the bottom line is: You cheated on your wife. Since you are still married, you are still cheating on her.

Martin: It's not that simple. I do love your mother, but I love Katherine as well.

Paloma: I could care less about you and Katherine Crane. Growing up, I hated Pilar. I hated her for sending me away and never visiting. But, I now realize that she wanted to give me a better life.

Martin: It was my fault your mother sent you to live with you aunt. If I had been here, you life would have been different.

Paloma: Finally we are in agreement. It took me a long time, but I've forgiven Pilar. I haven't forgiven you. I don't blame you for the bad decisions I've made in the past. I do blame you for taking away the life I could have had. I don't feel that motherly bond to Pilar that Theresa feels. I have 4, well now it's down to 2 siblings that I hardly know. That is what I blame you for.

Martin: I'm sorry for what I did. But you have to understand that I had to protect my children from Alistair.

Paloma: The big bad Alistair Crane. Another thing I am tired of hearing. I know he is evil. You knew back then and you still left. You say that you were protecting you family; all you did was throw them to the wolves.

Hotchkiss Mansion

Rebecca is in the living room watching the news.

"Charges have been brought against another person in the Harmony hospital suit. The hospital has still made no statement regarding the death of sixteen-year-old Emily Brennan earlier this summer. Brennan died after a blood transfusion due to her hospital records listing the wrong blood type in her file. Her family has filed a wrongful death suit against Harmony Hospital where she was born. Shortly after her birth, a paternity test was performed and claimed her as type A blood. In actuality, she was B type, and due to the wrong information in her chart died after receiving an A blood transfusion after a car accident. The family has reason to believe that Thomas Drake, a hospital employee working there, somehow tampered with her test results as an infant. Drake was fired back in 2002, but no word yet on why he was let go from his job. He was arrested two days ago."

Rebecca got up and immediately went for the phone.

Rebecca: I need to talk you it's an emergency. Meet me by the docks in 30 minutes.

Pier 84

Rebecca is looking around impatiently. A man wearing green scrubs approaches.

Man: Sorry I'm late, I got tied up at work.

Rebecca: I just saw on the news that Dr. Drake was arrested.

Man: I know what you are going to ask me.

Rebecca: Peter, I have a right to know. Drake was one of the doctors that help deliver my baby. I need to know why he was fired.

Peter struggles with Rebecca's demand, but gives in.

Peter: One of the nurses saw Drake tampering with some blood work. I wish I had called the police. If I had, Emily Brennan would still be alive.