Coffee Tables
Coffee tables are not a traditional piece of living room furniture. Even though you can find traditional and even Victorian style coffee tables, they are not authentic to those bygone eras. Contemporary coffee tables were designed later when the piece had become an integral part of the modern living room. Adding a coffee table with distinct style to your living space can both answer the need for purpose and the desire for artful living. The coffee table is an extension of our social selves. It allows us to feed ourselves, our guests and our space with a artful approach that encompasses purpose, utility and beauty.
Contemporary Coffee Tables
The functionality of contemporary coffee tables in intrinsic to their design. They exist as a practical piece of furniture but the contemporary style means they also perform as artwork in your space. Whether you choose a set or individual pieces, contemporary coffee tables bring a sophisticated modern mode of expression to your home. They can either accentuate other contemporary furnishings or they can hold their own as a singular statement of style in a more traditional setting. Use them as a conversation piece, use them as a display of art, or use them to compliment larger contemporary pieces in your home - these tables will delight on all levels.
Modern Coffee Tables
Modern coffee tables are somewhat of an oxymoron in that the coffee table never was a real part of old fashioned furnishing. It is quite a modern piece of furniture that developed as society moved to entertain on a less formal level in their homes. The modern coffee tables that grew from the contemporary furniture movement combined the artistic form of function and usability that was demanded of the style. Modern coffee tables can either boost the energy level of your less artistic furnishings or accent other contemporary styles in your space while providing the ever necessary function of coffee tables