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    Post Ahoy Ms. Mates!!

    Does my greeting sound a bit as though I'm at sea....been at sea.....thinking about the sea.....wishing I was at sea? Sadly, I haven't even been near a big body of water, but it's such a hot day here I'm thinking even a dash through the sprinklers may make me feel as though I'm on a cruise. Been a while since I've been here due to our traveling and company come a'callin'. Right now, the last batch has left and we're left with only the distant roar of zillions of motorcycles. Yes, it's that time of the year.....the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Some interesting looking characters out & about.

    I think I'll now visit some of your post and see what's been happening in my absence. Lots of excitement I'm hoping!

    Ta ta! TT

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    Re: Ahoy Ms. Mates!!

    HOT HOT HOT here. We had temps of 103 today. Broke a record. Tomorrow the same. Can't remember when we last had rain. I do clean off the deck with the water hose, I think to just play in the water. I'll be glad to see winter get here so I can complain about being cold. LOL.

    I was thinking about the motorcycle rally in your area.
    It probably gets bigger every year. I think that would be a good time to go on vacation too. The Sturgis Rally was even mentioned on my soap As the World Turns.

    Well nite nite, 5am comes early!!!!

    Have a great day!

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    I completely understand CJ. I've spent more than a few days handwatering just so I could drizzle the hose over my head and other body parts. We've broke all sorts of heat records here for the months of June and July and I think August will probably make all proceeding records explode in flames as hot as it's been so far. If I were able to enjoy my gardens it would make it worthwhile, but since the heat has ruthlessly caused the sturdiest of blooms to retreat, I can only sneer and hiss at the heat.

    The Rally was mentioned on a soap? How funny! That must have been a weird storyline. I can happily say the rally is over and we can once again head into town without fear of risking our lives on the interstate. You'd have to find yourself surrounded by thousands of bikes to appreciate why we stay home during rally week.....which has actually extended into about 2 weeks. Good thing 'cause I'm out of my primary breakfast comfort food. Cheddar bagels. Yum!

    Ta ta! Kay

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    Post Hot!!!!?

    Blimey - it's cold and wet and blowin' up a hoolie here! I live on the mainland across from the Isle of Wight where it is currently 'Cowes Week' (big sailing fest)The storms have been so bad that the racing yachts (along our south coast) had to pull into any harbour they could find! Maybe your weather is coming my way? Lol!
    Stay cool ladies!
    Liz x

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    Post Re: Hot!!!!?

    I love the expression "Blimey," Liz. Is that a curse word or just like a mild 'Aha'? Hey, I think we saw something about Isle of Wight on one of our travel channels. Kewl! Well, you get all kinds of boating activities around you. Do you go watch many? Although, it seems like you mentioned something before about a race that was postponed or cancelled because of the weather. Do they just get scheduled but never completed? LOL! I was looking at some of the pictures you e-mailed me once just the other day. Really makes me want to go traveling, it does. Been bouncing around anywhere else lately?

    I did have a chat with the heat-master to head your way but leave the hail, tornado's and masses of locust behind. Good luck!


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