Introduction and Chapter 1

This a Paloma fanfic. Feeling guilty over her parents broken marriage, Paloma visits her parents house in Mexico in order to escape her problems. While there she discovers a secret that will change her life and her relationship with them. BTW her parents are the people that raised her, aunt maria and her husband.

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Paloma sat on a park bench watching the children play. Being there gave her a sense of peace. The past ten years have been one long emotional roller coaster. When she found out her father was alive, she had no reaction. Dead or alive, either way she didn’t care. One would just need to look at Paloma’s life, and see why she felt this way.

In Mexico she lived in a huge house, almost as big as the Crane Mansion. When she was 6 her aunt married an American businessman; Steven Monroe. After 7 months past they have a little girl; which they named Isabella Maria Monroe. Paloma took to her little cousin right away.

Tragedy struck only two later. Isabella got a high fever and was hospitalized. Blood test showed she had acute leukemia. Despite, all the treatment she was receiving, Isabella past away, 1 year later; she was 3 years old. Steven and Maria never felt more helpless in their lives. Paloma took it especially hard. She remembers changing Isabella’s dipper and feeding her.

After Isabella’s death, Steven enrolled Paloma in a boarding school in Scotland. Maria was against this from the start. She claimed that Paloma was too young to be away from home. But, Steven said it would be a great opportunity for her. Paloma had no objections to going away to school. In fact, she couldn’t wait to leave. There were too many memories of Isabella there. Holy Cross Academy was the school that rich parents sent their rich kids. The first year Paloma was there, was difficult. Steven and Maria only came to visit a total of three times. She didn’t stay at the school for very long. When she was 13 she was caught making out with an older boy in the broom closet. Paloma was swiftly kicked out of school.

While back home, Paloma isolated herself from everyone. In the four years she had been away, Steven and Maria had to little boys, Kevin and Adam. Two years later at the age of 15, Paloma got pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby died during childbirth. That was the final breaking point for Paloma. She got hooked on painkillers soon after.

Paloma sat on the bench reflecting on the past, leaving out the painful memories. Her cell phone interrupted her train of thought. It was Noah calling.

“Hello…………. Oh god! I’ll be there right away.”

Chapter 1

Paloma arrives at the Crane Mansion just in time to see her sister Theresa, handcuffed on top of the Crane Jet. She could hear her lunatic ranting from the car.

“Ethan, this is fate. We are meant to be”

Fancy greets her as she makes her way to plane. Noah, Rebecca, Gwen, and Ethan are also there.

Fancy: Paloma, thank god you’re here. She won’t come down and we don’t want to get the police involved.

Paloma: I’ll see what I can do.

Rebecca: Why doesn’t the pilot just take off?

Noah: She’ll be killed.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Paloma climbs on the jet and works on getting the handcuffs off; while having to listen to Theresa as she goes on and about Ethan.

Theresa: You see how scared Gwen is, she knows the truth. Ethan and I are meant to be together. Hey, that hurts my wrist.

Paloma: Well you’re hurting my ears. What do you want me to do? I have to get these cuffs off you. You are lucky no one has called the cops. Why don’t you make this easier and tell me where the key is?

Theresa: I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

Paloma: Then you leave me no choice.

Paloma punches Theresa, thus knocking her out. A tiny key falls from her pocket. Paloma unlocks the handcuffs and brings Theresa down. Ethan and Gwen get on the jet and it takes off.

Paloma puts Theresa in the car and drives off.

Pilar’s House

Theresa is lying on her bed still unconscious. Paloma walks into the kitchen to get some water and sees Martin and Katherine making out.

Paloma: So much for honoring your wedding vows.

Martin and Katherine look up and see Paloma standing by the door.