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Jill, Lilly and The Chancellors are in for the shock of their lives when Phillip III turns out to be alive and returns to Genoa City.

Cane assumes he's in the clear when the DNA test that Nina demanded comes back and "proves" he's Phillip III, after he used the frozen blood of "Langley's" that he had stored in a freezer. The relief Cane is feeling ends up be shattered pretty quickly when Nina and Paul learn from the lab that the blood sample that was provided had previously been frozen. After learning the news from the lab Nina heads over to the Chancellor Estate to confront Cane about where he got the blood, that's when Cane admits that he really isn't Phillip III.

Thom Bierdz (Phillip III) sets up the scene by saying "Everybody is accusing Cane because he lied about his blood" and "Nina is like, "Where is Phillip?!?". That's when the real Phillip III makes his enterance and basically says "Cane didn't do it. I did it."

Katherine collapses from shock and ends up being rushed to the hospital, where Olivia makes the diagnosis which is that Katherine has had a stroke. At the same time the two men are filling everyone in on how Phillip/Langley met Cane back in Australia when he was a street kid and hired him to act as his impostor."Phillip owns a bar in Australia and he met Cane there 5 years ago." explains Bierdz. "Phillip felt bad for the family he left behind and wanted to do something for them so they would have Phillip again."

After the identity results are revealed that's when Cane comes clean about another shocker. He admits to Billy and Chloe that he used the real Phillips blood when the paternity test for Cordelia was done and that he always knew that he wasn't the father and that Billy was.

Cane has no luck getting the Chancellors or Lilly who are all stunned to understand his story, and Lilly who is heartbroken returns her wedding ring. Phillip is also having trouble of his own when it comes to family and getting them to understand his side of things. "Kay is mad at Phillip, but he decides to face the truth." notes Bierdz. "He says this to Nina before he says it to Jill and Kay. Nina says, "What does that mean face your truth?"

That brings about the question of why Phillip decided to come how now, when he knew it may cause more problems for his family. "Phillip likes Cane and doesn't want him to get into trouble," says Bierdz, who teases that Phillip has another secret that's even more surprising that's yet to be revealed. "But Phillip has got to work things out and so do I. Phillip and I have merged so much and I'm really looking forward to [playing it]."