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    got this from Daytime Royalty

    This week Cane's world comes crashing down when the truth about how he's been impersonating Phillip comes out and he looses Kay, Jill and Lily in the process.

    "The shame Cane carries over all this is great" admits Daniel Goddard (Cane). "He's left with a massive amount of guilt and remorse, knowing he's hurt Lily, Jill and Kay. Yet he's grateful that the truth has finally come out, after carrying this around for so long."

    The truth finally comes out after everyone sees that the real Phillip is alive, the shock of the revelation causes Katherine to collapse and she ends up being rushed to the hospital. Cane attempts to reveal the truth about his life to Lily, Neil, Billy, Chloe and Esther who have remained behind.

    "Cane explains that he was in Australia when he bumped into Phillip, a.k.a. Langley in a bar" recounts Goddard. "They from a friendship. Phillip learned that Cane's mother died, he never knew his father and he grew up on the streets. Phillip told Cane if he wanted a family, there was one back in Genoa City that needed to be healed; his family, who thought he was dead. Phillip ave Cane the [vials of] blood and said, "Here's the plan. Go do this." Cane always wanted a family, so that's why he came to Genoa City."

    The telling of events doesn't go over well with the crowd. "No," admits Goddard with a laugh. "It's going to take time. It didn't come from a place where there was some sort of Machiavellian manipulation."

    When Cane begs Lily to hear him out and tells her that he's always loved her, Neil warns Cane that there will be major problems if he ever touches Lily or come to Neil's door again. No one will give Cane time of day even though he has a lot of things he needs to say.

    Billy has it out with Cane, after Neil and Lily leave. Cane then heads to the hospital to confront Phillip about why he returned to Genoa City, then he tries to talk to Kay and Jill. "Nina won't let Cane into Kay's room, but Kay says to let him in." says Goddard. "Murphy and Jill are there. Face to face, Cane just wants to say he's sorry. Jill won't acknowledge him. Murphy tells Cane to leave but he's got nowhere to go. He's lost everybody."

    When Cane arrives back to the home he and Lily shared she confronts him about all of his lies, especially over choosing his secret when it came to Chloe and baby Cordelia's paternity.

    "it's a big Agatha Christie moment," promises Goddard. "Cane says he didn't choose the secret over her. He knew if he'd told her the truth, he would have lost her, and he was doing everything he could to keep her; because he loves her."

    That's when Neil shows up, puts a stop to Cane's declarations of love and throws him against a wall. "Lily leaves, but before she goes, she gives Cane back her wedding ring and tells him they're done. That's without a doubt the worst thing for Cane," cringes Goddard. "Lily's the one person he could always go to for solace. Now, she's no longer there. It's the beginning of the end for Cane."

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    Awww Poor Cane... NOT


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