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A Closer Look -- Mac

An emergency with Kay brings Mac and Billy together this week, as Mac finally comes to her senses about the depth of her feelings for her first love. Clementine Ford discusses the turn of events.

WEEKLY: Mac is hit with another bombshell about her bad boy ex, while things are heating up between them in this suite at the GCAC. What happens?

FORD: Chloe comes in and says that Sharon's getting her paternity test. She says something along the lines of, "I thought you would want to know if you were going to be a dad." It's devastating for Mac to think that this is the kind of person Billy's become. Mac takes off. Even though Mac gives other people a hard time for running, she's a runner.

WEEKLY: Later, Mac goes back to the suite to pick up something she left behind, finds Chloe there, and they end up having a chat. What can you share about their discussion?

FORD: Chloe tells Mac she loves Billy as he is. She knows all his faults and has been there, and Mac hasn't been there. Chloe says that Mac loves Billy for who she wants to make him. For Mac it's more she loves Billy for who he was. It's not that she wants to change him. It's that she genuinely knows Billy is a good person -- that he's in there. Even though Billy is embroiled in all of this mess with Sharon, Mac's sure that good person is still in there.

WEEKLY: Later, Billy goes to see Mac to tell her he's done trying to push them back together. How does she react?

FORD: Mac definitely does not want him to be done. I'm not trying to say anything has been calculated, because I don't think it's that. But in that moment, it really hits Mac. She's thinking, "Please, no. Please don't stop."

WEEKLY: As Billy is saying goodbye to Mac, Murphy calls out to get help for Kay, and she's rushed to the hospital. What happens?

FORD: Mac sees that Billy is genuinely scared and concerned about Kay. She sees the pain he's in.

WEEKLY: How does this reaction affect Mac?

FORD: When Billy said that he was done pushing the two of them together, it was the first little clue he still is the person Mac thinks he is. This is the second clue. Billy's right there, together with Mac and focused on Kay.

WEEKLY: Mac gets word that Kay is going to be fine and goes to share the news with Billy, who's in the chapel. She overhears him asking God to make sure Mac has a good life without him. What happens next?

FORD: Mac falls apart a little bit. She's touched and moved and happy. The best way I can describe this is with that expression that's very overused: If you love someone, set them free. That's what Billy is doing. Mac sees that Billy is letting her go because he loves her.

WEEKLY: It propels Mac to tells Billy how she really feels. What does she say?

FORD: Mac tells Billy not to be embarrassed she overheard what he said. It's important that she did, because that's what let her know the man she fell in love with is still there. She tells Billy that everybody makes mistakes, and she wants to be with him.

WEEKLY: Mac and Billy fall into a passionate kiss and reunite, which should make fans happy. (Um... no.)

FORD: Hopefully! Mac absolutely thinks she and Billy can make things work. She also knows they live in a small town and need to keep their reunion quiet. They need to figure things out, just the two of them, before letting everybody else in.