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Thread: I really wish that Gwen

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    Re: I really wish that Gwen

    yes she is a pain in the neck. She will never change. She needs to get a life.

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    Re: I really wish that Gwen

    and i wish theresa would stop making stupid choices and listen to her mother's advice. so many of theresa's problems stems from her lack of ability to say the truth. she and ethan deserve each other. gwen can do better than ethan.

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    Yup Theresa has made some bad decisions on telling Ethan about LE. Theresa tried to tell Ethan and he freaked out. The thing is until the tabloid is exposed and Ethan finds out what Gwen really is he is never going to understand why Theresa didn't tell him immediately. Tho I don't agree with her not telling Ethan right away I can understand that she didn't want another child robbed from her again. But this whole not telling him due to blackmail was stupid. She could have explained to Ethan quietly and they could have kept it a secret between the two of them until Luis was freed.


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