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Thread: One last try?

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    Unhappy One last try?

    Hello! I'm new to this board so apologies if I say anything stupid I've just finished watching all six seasons of Crossing Jordan and I can't believe that there will be no more. The finale wasn't even a finale! There are so many loose ends left untied.
    Anyway, I read that Silverman was leaving NBC so I was wondering if now might be a good time to push for the return of CJ? NBC know they need to put on good shows to get the ratings up plus if people are still asking for CJ to return after two years then it shows them that there is a decent fanbase of diehard fans. It's worth a shot, no?
    I know I'll survive without this show but right now they feel like family and I don't want to never see them again, if that makes sense?

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    Well, I'm in the process of writing to NBC and it would be cool if others would too. If we can show them that CJ still has a fanbase then there's always a chance they might bring it back.

    Does anyone have contact info for Tim Kring?


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