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    4 foot fence around the backyard is a joke to these outlaws! They hop over, destroy the trees and shrubs ("deer-proof" ones as well) and leave their calling card as an insult to injury. Who out there has a viable solution?

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    Re: Deer in Suburbia

    Help me here. I'm at the end of my rope. I planted to Kwanza Cherry trees and they're striped to the theight of the tallest in the herd! I plantes a maple and the same thing happened. Flowers-forget it. They even eat the geraniums and marigolds!!! Help or I'm paving the yard and painting it green!

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    Question Re: Deer in Suburbia

    Here in suburban St Louis some areas have ninja deer killers dressed in camo come in at night with bow and arrows to arrow down the deer and haul off the remains before some of the sensitive types see them...

    The thing is that mother nature abors a vacuum and if we keep destroying their habitat and leave wheeled vehicles as their only major predator why are we surprised when they eat our shrubbery? They were there first...

    I have a home at Lake of the Ozarks and have never seen as many deer in that rural area as I have seen in St Louis.

    "If you build it; they WILL come..."


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