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While penning a screenplay about Katherine Chancellor's life, Nina has been trying (in vain) to acquire information about Cane's past. "He's been so evasive," notes Tricia Cast. "It's also been hard for Nina to accept that this person has just stepped into Phillip's place and everyone loves him. They're kind of forgetting about the guy who they all thought was Phillip and that's a little hard for her to take."

Cane becomes upset by Nina's investigation and calls on Katherine to intervene on his behalf. Meanwhile, Paul uncovers a bombshell while looking into Cane's best: Violet Montgomery, the woman who Kay supposedly gave Cane to after she kidnapped him as a newborn, wasn't even in Genoa City when he was born! "Red alert!" declares Cast. "Violet was the basis of Cane's whole story. Although Nina still can't prove anything, she knows something is fishy. It still doesn't add up for her because Cane hasn't taken money from anyone, so this just opens up even more questions for her."

Immediately, Nina takes this information to Kay, whose reaction is unexpected. "She basically tells Nina to back off from Cane," explains Cast. "Kay has a lot of faith in him because he's this wonderful man who's so loving and sweet. She doesn't want to let go of that."

In the middle of Nina and Kay's argument, Jill shows up and defends Cane, as well. "Kay remains sort of neutral," says Cast. "She's weighing both sides of the argument and being level-headed. Jill, on the other hand, is on a rampage, but what else is new?"

Nina changes her tactics. "She tells Jill and Kay that Phillip IV has been showing signs of Huntington's disease, so his father's DNA has to be tested, which means they have to dig the old boy up," chuckles Cast. "Nina is Phillip's widow, so she doesn't really need Jill's approval. Nina is just letting her know out of respect and kindness."

Jill points out that Nina's plan to exhume the body is unnecessary because Phillip was already exhumed and tested after Kay remembered the baby switch. Enterprising Nina calls the lab and gets surprising news. "The lab doesn't have any records of Phillip's DNA results," Cast reveals. "She also finds out that the doctor who handled the DNA test was fired. So Nina decides to take matters into her own hands..."