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Thread: Who Killed Stuart?

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    Post Who Killed Stuart?

    This may be an exercise in futility, but let's build it and see if anybody comes.

    We know that Opal, Krystal and Aidan were together at the gate of the Chandler estate when the shot sounded.

    We are told that Adam and Annie and Emma were together in the attic, but we have only Annie's word, because Adam doesn't really remember. JR claims to have encountered Annie before the shot, but to be passed out at the time of the murder.

    Zach, Kendall, Ryan, Liza were all on the estate and claim not to have done it, but had access to gun or had guns and have no alibi. Tad came out onto the terrace immediately after the shot was fired and picked up a gun there but, thanks to his pal Jesse blasting him in the head, he has no memory of whether he shot Adam or saw someone else shoot Adam.

    David, Scott, JR, Little Adam, Colby were also on the estate, but no one seems to be questioning them too closely about the murder yet.

    Jake and Angie were at the hospital, and Jessie was traveling from the hospital to the Chandler estate. We don't know the location of Nurse Hot-to-Trot, who was supposed to give David his alibi. We don't know where Marissa and Amanda were, even though they had no particular reason to kill Adam.

    We know that Krystal and JR both tried to shoot Adam, but couldn't. Kendall claims to have tripped over someone or something, that may have been the murderer hiding out in the bushes on the estate. Liza went to the dead body, recognized it as Stuart wearing Adam's jacket, and retrieved her letters from the jacket pocket before hiding in the tunnels. Adam is starting to get back his memories of that night and may yet have more clues as to what happened.

    Popular theories advanced on other boards:
    1) Nurse Hot-to-Trot did it, after Adam fired her
    2) Little Adam (or one of the kids) did it -- there were guns everywhere and he may not have realized it was a real one
    3) Someone the viewer does not know was on the estate did it (maybe someone returning from the past)
    4) David Hayward did it
    5) Tad saw who did it, but is repressing the memory because it is someone close to him
    6) Adam did it, in a confused drug haze

    So, what's your theory?

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    Re: Who Killed Stuart?

    My vote would be to please have David be the killer, anything to get rid of him! My fear is they're gonna cop out with Tad like they did with Dr. Madden. I also like the theory of the nurse, but I'm hoping David.

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    Re: Who Killed Stuart?

    Now someone has posted a rumor on the other board that Annie did it, and Ryan suspects her. Adam claims that he and Emma were with her when the shot was fired.

    If she did kill Stuart:
    -Why would she have been trying to kill Adam?
    -Was Adam so drugged he got the time sequence confused?
    -Or does Adam *know* she killed Stuart and this is the only way he could see to trap her and make her pay?

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    Re: Who Killed Stuart?

    If you saw today's show it certainly looks like Annie did it, but then again they say he was shot from the terrace so I don't know. I know they'll never do it but I'd love it if David did it!
    If you remember, Adam was actually unconcious in the beginning when he and Annie were in hiding, so he was really out of it, he had no idea of the timetable. I think maybe she was trying to kill Adam so he wouldn't stop her from taking Emma.

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    Re: Who Killed Stuart?

    I'm wondering if Emma found a gun and shot Stuart, not knowing what she was doing -- and Annie has been covering for Emma? That Annie took Emma to hide, and ran into the disoriented Adam and realized he would make the perfect alibi for she and Emma. For a while, it seemed Annie had given up on getting Emma back -- then she reversed that after the murder. (The girl w/the ponytail and the gun could have been Emma's self-portrait.)

    On another board, someone suggested that it was really Erica. We know she has no alibi, and I think she was at the Chandler mansion. But she liked Stuart. I'm not sure she would be this cool about his death or about Kendall going to prison in her place.

    I could see David doing it, but so far the evidence is pretty slim against him.

    There is also the question: who killed the doctor that invented the faulty heart valve? Was it the same person that killed Stuart?

    WHERE IS MARIAN? I've never heard of a murder trial going foreward without the widow wanting to be involved. We know she was out of town on business, so she has an alibi. But I would think she would be all over Jesse for info, and maybe even hiring Tad to investigate.


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