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Thread: I'm Shocked about the Finale! Britain's Got Talent:

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    Wow...just saw on the news that Susan Boyle Lost! I'm shocked! She sounded beautiful in her last performance, but maybe she was done in by all the hype and attention. She wasnt even beaten by the young boy who had a good voice...she was beaten by some dance group. I'm sure someone will offer Susan a recording contract...she will be like Paul Potts, a previous winner of the Britain Talent show.
    But, I feel badly for her.

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    I was shocked, too!! She has the voice of an angel.

    Looked as if she had some kind of breakdown after the show and was checked in to a hospital of some sort.

    I recall Piece saying that Susan suffered a problem at birth with being oxygen deprived which she was considered "slow" and was teased early on in her years.

    If that's true, and it kinda looks like the case... it's no wonder that all the media attention with the show might be a bit more than what she can handle.

    I wish her all the best. She's a true talent, but might be one for the media to back off of and let her find her own way... with careful and protective help.


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